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2002-12-23 02:52:48 PM  
That's great but I'll still take the Turbo thx
2002-12-23 04:21:17 PM  
911? This is an outrage! Everyone boycott this car!
2002-12-23 05:04:40 PM  
"Germany out of ideas: Old Nazi sponsored auto design re-hashed and sold to yuppies worldwide in '03. Slave Labor unavailable for comment."

2002-12-23 06:50:13 PM  
Unique rear wing designed by Manny, Moe,& Jack.
2002-12-23 07:32:34 PM  
Standard equipment on the '03 model, penis enhancement surgery (mandatory).
2002-12-23 07:32:36 PM  
Hmmmm..., didn't see it on Drew's Amazondotcom Christmas list.
2002-12-23 07:32:56 PM  
OMG teh 911

they r teh insensitive bastards!1!!!1!!1!1!1!!11!!1!11
2002-12-23 07:33:31 PM  
But...., if it's on Colene's list.....
2002-12-23 07:36:08 PM  
2002-12-23 07:37:13 PM  
Q. Will a car like this get me laid?
A. Yes!

2002-12-23 07:38:14 PM  
I see we have our first penis enhancement candidate...
2002-12-23 07:39:06 PM  
Color me apathetic.
2002-12-23 07:39:11 PM  
Porsche hasn't made a good car in like 20 years.
2002-12-23 07:39:24 PM  
Sounds like someone is just bitter that he can't afford one.

2002-12-23 07:40:02 PM  
2002-12-23 07:40:37 PM  
They suck.
2002-12-23 07:41:18 PM  
Oh, and who would that be FlameGirl?
2002-12-23 07:41:28 PM  
Nice. I'd still rather have one of these myself, though.
2002-12-23 07:41:32 PM  
Good. Now I can spend the gas money from my Jeep, to buy a hopped up Volkswagon.

Uhh, just kinda kidding.

My AWD Jeep doesnt do 150+, but, a little Porsche can't wade the waters, or rocks, my Jeep does.

To each his (or her) own.

(Totally PC automotive response)
2002-12-23 07:42:26 PM  
Actually I had Mr. Penis Enhancement in mind, but now that you mention it...there seems to be an awful lot of bitterness. Where is the love??
2002-12-23 07:42:43 PM  
Looks like a Honda. BOOO!

My Silverado's pullin' 350 HP and cost $90,000 less. Doesn't handle nearly as well but I can fill the back with beer and have a good ol' time.

I still like those boys over in Stuttgart though.
2002-12-23 07:42:43 PM  
Tee Hee Hee.
2002-12-23 07:43:05 PM  
BigFatty - WTF?
2002-12-23 07:43:10 PM  
LOL @ DrToast!
2002-12-23 07:43:46 PM  
What's there to love? It's an overpriced plastic Volkswagen that serves no purpose other than to epitomize middle management. Think Lumburgh.
2002-12-23 07:44:31 PM  
Time to retire.
2002-12-23 07:44:49 PM  
They are obviously calling this car the 911 to profit off of the terrorist attacks. I think what we need to ask Porsche is "Why do you hate America so much?"
2002-12-23 07:45:36 PM  
I think the terroist attacks occured on 9/11 because of the car. The Germans are the terrorists.
2002-12-23 07:45:38 PM  
Umm BigFatty I enjoy an Un Chien Andalou clip as much as the next weirdom but how does it relate to Porche?
2002-12-23 07:46:00 PM  
Wow they added a raised spoiler to the Boxter. WOOO WEEE!!
2002-12-23 07:46:26 PM  
Q: What's the difference between a Porsche and a Porcupine?

A: A Porcupine as the pricks on the outside.
2002-12-23 07:47:06 PM  
It may not be Boobies, but I can masturbate to that. That car is a penis enlarger!

2002-12-23 07:47:13 PM  
23 - How does anything in 'Un Chien Andalou' relate to anything?
2002-12-23 07:47:26 PM  
"weirdom" = weirdo.

Although weirdom kind of sounds like a particularly kinky strain of BDSM... hmmm.
2002-12-23 07:48:24 PM  

Point taken.
2002-12-23 07:49:09 PM  
Fugly wing, reminds me of the Eagle Talon (puke)

Rest of the car is great, I'd still save up the extra cash for the turbo model though.
2002-12-23 07:49:13 PM  
GT2 looks exactly like it and you guys look at it and think, OMG, NEW PORSHE DESIGN!!! LAIDAMUNDO!!!
2002-12-23 07:50:39 PM  
My ex girlfriend's sister just bought an early 90's Porsche.. she has some sort of infatuation them, but agrees they're girl cars.

Anyway, she didn't even bother checking to see if it ran.. just happily gave the guy a thousand bucks for it. It was kinda funny when she tried to start it and it didn't do anything. So we replaced the battery and got it started, but it had a blown head gasket so it wasn't doing too good. And on the ride home it leaked all the oil out and seized up the engine.

Volkswagen makes some damn fine cars.
2002-12-23 07:50:42 PM  
An elephant and an ant were walking through the savanah.
The elephant fell into a hole and couldn't get out.
the ant told him to stay there and he's be back with help.
The ant quickly returned with his Porsche and he hitched up the big elephant and pulled him out of the hole.

A few moments later, the ant fell into a hole and was stuck.
The elephant told him to stay put while he lowered his impressive unit into the hole.
The ant climbed out to safety.

You don't need a Porsche if you're hung like an elephant.
2002-12-23 07:51:31 PM  
That could have a lot to do with the previous owner(s), Tourney3p0
2002-12-23 07:51:55 PM  

I used to have a Porsche, but then my penis grew and I realized I didn't need one to get laid.
2002-12-23 07:52:01 PM  
I like Porche's.... prefferably a 930 slant nose turbo.... but that's me....

and if someone walked up to me and said "here, take my car", I don't think I'd complain.

2002-12-23 07:53:28 PM  
Flamegirl: Unless the previous owner took a knife and carved out the head gasket themselves, I doubt that. Also worth noting is that the car blue books for $1200 even in good shape. That's about $60,000 less than it went for less than years ago.
2002-12-23 07:54:13 PM  
Less than TEN, dammit.. TEN!
2002-12-23 07:56:25 PM  
My fave Porsche was the late 80s 928s4. Quiet as a mouse and fully automatic and could pull 5.0 second 0-60s.
2002-12-23 07:59:08 PM  
I disagree. It was 5.7 seconds. Not a huge deal, but .7 seconds is pretty substantial in the world of sports cars.
2002-12-23 07:59:54 PM  
I still think I'd rather have a new Z car, all things considered.
2002-12-23 08:00:10 PM  
The engine can propel the 911 GT3 from 0 to 60 miles per hour (about 0 to 100 kilometres per hour) in 4.3 seconds, from 0 to 100 mph (about 160 km/h) in 9.4 seconds , and has a peak speed of 190 mph (about 306 km/h).
welp, my dick's hard.

2002-12-23 08:00:25 PM  
Um, they have a new Porsche 911 every year. That's why they tell you what year it is when you buy the car.

Best pickup line (courtesy of CerebusUS):

"You have beautiful eyes. They are the same color as my Porsche."
2002-12-23 08:00:56 PM  
Cool cars like this are for the rich. Feh!
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