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(Yahoo)   Beer selling for as little as five cents in Germany. Demand for German exchange programs among Amercian college students on the rise   ( story.news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2002-12-22 10:20:51 PM  
i'm gonna be in germany in 3 days! if i die of alchohol poisoning, someone submit my obituary.
2002-12-23 12:31:15 AM  
Ricardomontalban, c'mon, let's get married, cash in on all the newlywed discounts for our honeymoon in Germany, and drink ourselves into content.
2002-12-23 01:17:41 AM  
i'm game. say, sometime today or tomorrow?
2002-12-23 03:28:59 AM  
Bullshiat.....bullshiat. I live here and i haven't seen beer that cheap anywhere. If it is true, it's not in any big grocery stores like the Real or the Lidl. Definitely not in bars!! Perhaps in the Penny Markt. But you'll have a good time regardless, i promise!!
2002-12-23 03:32:50 AM  
beer is awful. if you drink it, you deserve death.
2002-12-23 03:46:08 AM  
Those Amercians are a bunch of lousy drunks.
2002-12-23 03:53:38 AM  
American Sin tax, takes upwards of 75% of the cost. Good natural beer costs less than pop to make. Since taxes up the price, the companies need to up the cost themselves so they get a cut. Thats why the cheapest you see beer about is 75c/1$ per unit.

If there was no American Sin tax, you would see 5c beer in America too.
2002-12-23 04:01:28 AM  
man.. i was going to submit this story yesterday, but submitted one about the beer shortage making germans drink... that would have been so much better. fark doesn't know quality.
2002-12-23 04:15:23 AM  
It may be good beer, but it's warm. eww!

*gags and runs off looking for some Midori and a straw*
2002-12-23 05:03:12 AM  
Hmmmmmmm. beeeeeeeeeer.
2002-12-23 05:04:21 AM  
I'll settle for this bar by my house, Jake's. It's a real shiathole, but with 50c drafts, 3$ six packs of PBR (shudder), 5$ six packs of Honey Brown 24/7, it's suddenly not looking so bad...
2002-12-23 05:10:40 AM  
Here lies Ricardomontalbon, he stepped off the plane with two rolls of nickels in his clutched fists. He got really drunk and gained 50 lbs before he died of warm beer induced alcohol poisoning. We should all be so lucky. He leaves in his wake a destroyed fark community and frustrated SbB girls. Sleep well you farker.

And in other news France surrenders.
2002-12-23 07:29:56 AM  
I haven't seen any prices like that either. It's pretty cheap to begin with though. 1/2 litre from the grocery store goes for as little 40 euro-cents.
2002-12-23 08:13:13 AM  
The Germans are all unemployed, but at least they are happy.
2002-12-23 09:19:11 AM  
Just remember, the Germans are not all smiles und sunshine!
2002-12-23 09:58:18 AM  
WTF? I thought Germany was having a beer shortage?
2002-12-23 09:58:42 AM  
Oh, to be in the Fatherland.

I figure I could get by quite well with just three words: "Noch 'mal, bitte."
2002-12-23 10:11:34 AM  
a couple of addendums:
- only beer in cans is cheaper (and i personally don't like beer in cans)
- 5 cents? i've seen half-priced cans, that's about it
- when the cheap beer is sold out, it's over.

so get over here quick, best would be this year.
2002-12-23 10:15:27 AM  
5 cent beers? Be careful what you wish for, here was the nickel special for me in college:
[image from kh.rim.or.jp too old to be available]

Drunk for a dollar and bazooka shiats for a week.
2002-12-23 10:19:55 AM  
Good idea: Get Germans drunk before war breaks out.
2002-12-23 12:35:58 PM  

ALways go to the little donner kebap places run by turks and ukrainians. They always have cold, decent beer at $1 US less than the bars. If you can drink it warm, hit a Kaisers. You can buy it in bulk even cheaper.
2002-12-23 12:47:28 PM  
aHHHH, set gud
Drinks for EVERYVUN!!!
2002-12-23 01:20:22 PM  
I didn't know they had Natty Light in germany.
2002-12-23 01:31:15 PM  
He He! I'm goin to Germany next year as a foreign exchange student!
2002-12-23 05:07:41 PM  
that was beautiful.

thanks for the advice. i'm gonna take lots of pictures because i'm probably not going to remember any of it.
2002-12-23 06:29:52 PM  
Germany would be better without all the German people.
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