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(Some Caffeine Freak)   What soft-drink has the most caffeine? What does the caffeine molecule look like? Caffeine freak devotes page to caffeine (does Diet Mr. Pibb REALLY have more caffeine than Mountain Dew?)   ( divider line
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2002-12-23 6:40:47 PM  
What they need to do is mix beer and caffine. Of course I am sure there are laws against that.
2002-12-23 6:46:28 PM  
That molecule needs some double bonds between the oxygen and carbon, I mean the red balls and the green balls.

Blue is nitrogen, white is hydrogen.
2002-12-23 6:47:31 PM  
Come to think of it, all the carbons are short a bond, save the methyls (anyone else have any idea what I'm talking about?)
2002-12-23 9:11:10 PM  
Anybody get a chance to try that new Pibb Extra? Apparently it's replacing regular Pibb. I need a report.
2002-12-24 12:25:05 AM  
Its all about the Ale 8.
2002-12-24 12:34:08 AM  
doesnt bawls have 125?
2002-12-24 4:06:12 AM  
Way to go J0hn33y!!!

Ale 8 is the best caffeine buzz. It doesn't have the most, but I swear it hits your system harder and faster.

Big ups for Winchester Swamp Water
2002-12-24 11:28:56 AM  
Maveno, you could just buy a t-shirt. (
2002-12-24 1:50:33 PM  
No one has mentioned Amp. It is basically Mountain Dew with taurine, ginseng, guarana. If you ask me it is the best tasting "Energy Drink"

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