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(Gawker)   Sarah Palin's personal email hacked by Anonymous. Contains some pretty interesting revelations. Among others: who knew she was a Scientologist?   ( gawker.com) divider line
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2008-09-17 01:33:49 PM  
oh Anon, you've really done it this time
2008-09-17 01:35:39 PM  
2008-09-17 01:36:26 PM  
[This comment has been censored due to a copyright claim from Church of Scientology Intl.]

2008-09-17 01:36:33 PM  
Wow, insta-green.
2008-09-17 01:36:40 PM  
Ah the joy of the internet.
2008-09-17 01:36:42 PM  
Her password was probably hockymom
2008-09-17 01:36:53 PM  
The plot thickens...
2008-09-17 01:36:56 PM  
This is the best thing Anonymous has done since he wrote Beowulf.
2008-09-17 01:37:04 PM  
Anon delivers... period
2008-09-17 01:37:07 PM  
...and Jerome Bettis is from Detroit.
2008-09-17 01:37:23 PM  
I think Z knew.
2008-09-17 01:37:27 PM  
Failing Palin...

She learned to circumvent the law by using a Yahoo account, instead of a Gov't account. Who taught her that trick? Bush.

She is refusing to answer a subpoena. I'd like you are I to try and do that! Who taught her that? Bush.

Republicans are soooo classy.

Worst. VP Choice. Ever.
2008-09-17 01:37:34 PM  
This will not end well.
2008-09-17 01:38:03 PM  
[image from img155.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2008-09-17 01:38:09 PM  
Say hello to the Secret Service, boys.
2008-09-17 01:38:13 PM  
Anon delivers, hilarity ensues.
2008-09-17 01:38:22 PM  
Explains the crazy eyes look
2008-09-17 01:38:23 PM  

Chearl: Her password was probably hockymom

I'm betting it was lipstick.
2008-09-17 01:38:27 PM  
Hoo, doggy.
2008-09-17 01:38:35 PM  
secret service will be all over their asses now.
2008-09-17 01:38:47 PM  
I bet John McCain will lie about it too, well, because the only thing the past 3 weeks have shown is that McCain is a liar. He lies about everything.

Is John McCain talking? Then John McCain is lying!
2008-09-17 01:38:54 PM  
They're actally pretty dull. Mind you, it's not like I was expecting to see her submissions to Beaver Hunt or anything like that, but.
2008-09-17 01:39:04 PM  

JonnyBGoode: Say hello to the Secret Service, boys.

who will they say hello to?
2008-09-17 01:39:10 PM  

Malinki: Chearl: Her password was probably hockymom

I'm betting it was lipstick.

my money is on "dontyaknow"
2008-09-17 01:39:10 PM  
lol whut?
2008-09-17 01:39:24 PM  
Only anonymous could both be capable of doing this while at the same time be incompetent enough to not find the e-mails she is hiding from the investigators.
2008-09-17 01:39:29 PM  
let's send emails asking to cash a check from Nigeria then send back 80%. Then call Bristol on behalf of planned parenthood.
2008-09-17 01:39:33 PM  

Chearl: Her password was probably hockymom

I figured "lipstick".
2008-09-17 01:39:39 PM  
Is she a Scientological Pentacostal, or a Pentacostal Scientologist?

/These two sects have been at loggerheads for years now.
2008-09-17 01:39:45 PM  
This is still developing. /r9k/ is your best bet for keeping up with things.

Here is an excellent narrative of how the hack went down.

Someone just called Bristol's number and got an angry "STOP CALLING!" from the other end.
2008-09-17 01:39:51 PM  
Wait, a sitting member of a governing body knows how to use the internet to do more than spam people with annoying crap (thanks, Obama/DNC)? STOP THE PRESSES!
2008-09-17 01:39:56 PM  
gawker.comView Full Size

2008-09-17 01:39:59 PM  
w3bdevil.comView Full Size

2008-09-17 01:40:03 PM  
Those scamps.
2008-09-17 01:40:08 PM  
Disappointing. I was hoping for subject lines in the vein of Re: Operation Destroy America. Maybe she saves those for her Gmail mirror.
2008-09-17 01:40:14 PM  

JonnyBGoode: Say hello to the Secret Service, boys.

For every 1 you strike down, 5 will come into their place

Anon is unyielding, unforgiving, and cannot be killed.

Welcome to the digital revolution Palin!
2008-09-17 01:40:29 PM  
Damn you Malinki!
2008-09-17 01:40:33 PM  
I was there when Anon was called upon to try this. I didn't think anyone would actually do it.

I call shenanigans. Someone made a fake Palin account and "hacked" it.
2008-09-17 01:40:37 PM  
It's a shame that those were deleted by yahoo, if things are as the article says. There was a lot of information in there that would have done her in politically. Now she has a convenient 'out'.
2008-09-17 01:40:39 PM  
2008-09-17 01:40:46 PM  

JonnyBGoode: Say hello to the Secret Service, boys.

Not at all. The Secret Service has no jurisdiction of people who hack a Yahoo account. Now, if it would have been a gov't account, then the person would be in trouble.

But Palin wanted to skirt the law and NOT be held accountable for the lying and stealing and cheating she was doing from a Yahoo account.

And she has no recourse on this one from the gov't.


Failing Palin
2008-09-17 01:40:56 PM  
Now comes word that Anonymous, the fun-loving Internet gadflies based loosely around mostly lawless message board 4Chan, got a hold of the password to another Palin email account: gov*palin[nospam-﹫-backwards]o­o­ha­y*com. It all looks legit!

So there you go Palin haters, more proven facts to spread!
2008-09-17 01:41:00 PM  
well this aint right
2008-09-17 01:41:04 PM  
i335.photobucket.comView Full Size
2008-09-17 01:41:16 PM  
You mean it's not dum­b­w­hore[nospam-﹫-backwards]k­cidsrentrap­ssenis­ub­sdn­a­bsu­h­ymdekcus*com?

2008-09-17 01:41:17 PM  
Palin suddenly has a not so fresh feeling.
2008-09-17 01:41:17 PM  
Just wait until they find out the strange things she sent to Strongbad...
2008-09-17 01:41:18 PM  
Hoping for new hot VPILF pictures.
2008-09-17 01:41:30 PM  

It doesn't look like there's anything incriminating in there, and it gives the McCain/Palin ticket another chance to play the victim. This kind of crap helps her.
2008-09-17 01:41:40 PM  

elvisbloom: Malinki: Chearl: Her password was probably hockymom

I'm betting it was lipstick.

my money is on "dontyaknow"

It was "password"
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