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7223 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Aug 2001 at 7:30 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-22 07:35:25 AM  
She must be the only one.
2001-08-22 07:45:47 AM  
i love britney's body, and i'd like to watch her walk around the house naked.
2001-08-22 07:48:58 AM  
Taking bets on how long it takes her to do Playboy.
2001-08-22 07:49:54 AM  
Bongman, hopefully it takes her about a month, or two at most.
2001-08-22 07:50:12 AM  
I'm there.

No, wait - she probably sings in the shower, too.

(Disclaimer: I have no doubt that BS (how did she come by those initials anyway? Is this some kind of test? </paranoia>) is a supremely talented singer, nay, *artist*, across the board (no snubianing - bare with me here) (sorry - "bear") who is sorely misrepresented by the music industry, albeit intentionally, due to the fact that she values a buck above art, as do her producers. And mind - anything else just might be un-American.)
2001-08-22 07:52:01 AM  
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! the filter. Heh.

No snickering on Fark.
2001-08-22 07:56:16 AM  
I want to stick my pork sausage in her soooooooo bad.
2001-08-22 07:58:08 AM  
Fb- ... he who sticks pork ?
2001-08-22 08:01:56 AM  
I just made a mess.
2001-08-22 08:12:13 AM  
Britney said she did not feel insecure about her looks when she was younger.

Younger???, she's what...? 18??
2001-08-22 08:21:10 AM  
No pics... Who cares...
Gimme some visuals and we can talk.
"Brittiny Spears... We don't play her music
But we'd sure like to pin her legs back
Like a Tyson chicken!"
2001-08-22 08:24:29 AM  
Yes, when she was younger.
I do firmly believe that she is Joan Rivers in disguise. Yep, that's right... all you kids who look at her and then the little winky wakes up to salute... you're getting horny over a 80 year old woman.

Even if she isn't. Ms. Poodle head isn't that good looking either when you come to it. I swear to god, if I see that farkin shiatty pepsi commercial where's she's acting all slutty one more god damn time. I'm gonna switch to coke. Just because her eyes are on the opposite farking sides of her head. And yes! She does have a farking poodle head! Am I the only one to see this?

In the words of George Carlin...
"I wouldn't fark her with a stolen dick!"
2001-08-22 08:27:05 AM  
What a coincidence, I love her body, and I walk around the house naked, too.
2001-08-22 08:30:48 AM  
"And there are mornings I wake up and my butt feels fat."

Maybe it has been "stuffed"
2001-08-22 08:33:27 AM  
Poor Poor Britney. She's not going to age well. I've seen it too many times before. She'd better get that Playboy shoot set up soon and enjoy the lime-light while it is still focused on her.
2001-08-22 08:42:46 AM  
Ok, britney is a hot little wench, but did you ever notice her eyes are just a little too far apart? Kinda like a halloween pumpkin that a kid made?
2001-08-22 08:43:54 AM  
I do agree, her laying down for a skin rag is only a matter of time, especially since at some point her teenage pop-star status will disappear, and she will either take the route of Madonna--nudity, bad movies, and somehow annointing by MTV as a 'serious' artist, or she will take the route of Tiffany--disappear, but at least with some shred of personal integrity.

2001-08-22 08:44:47 AM  
Everyone is sooooo picky..

"but did you ever notice her eyes are just a little too far apart"

Did anyone notice she has one less hair on her head then she is supposed to!
2001-08-22 08:44:53 AM  
Met's manager Bobby Valentine tells home plate umpire Alfonso Marquez that Britney makes his wang this big, shortly before he is ejected.

[image from us.news1.yimg.com too old to be available]
2001-08-22 08:51:28 AM  
Met's manager Bobby Valentine tries to explain to the ump exactly how far apart Britney's eyes are.
2001-08-22 09:00:05 AM  
She's way over hyped and can't sing, but there's nothing wrong with the body or the face. It's just too bad that's all there is to her.
2001-08-22 09:02:55 AM  
She walks around the house naked? The furniture must be covered with snail tracks.
2001-08-22 09:04:02 AM  
Look, it goes like this:
Madonna* in the 80's = mediocre-looking market queen
Britany in the 90's = mediocre-looking market queen

We have seen Britany go from the Mickey Mouse Show (?) to where she is now. I am sure that with modern medicine and the Napoleonic work ethic she has she will be able to defy gravity and age with the grace of a gazelle. And not only this but look at Tori Spelling, she is maintaining popularity and she looks like a spoon-chested ostrich . . . and yes I know that her father has all to do with it.

*This is the second reference to Madonna on a fark board by me and I think it is because she was just here in ATL for a two day stint.
2001-08-22 09:08:00 AM  
Madonna was here in Atlanta? I missed that. Darn.
2001-08-22 09:11:07 AM  
It's a good thing she enjoys her body so much, because her face is awfully busted.
2001-08-22 09:12:02 AM  
Yeah, she sold out Philips Sunday and Monday night. We had the chance to go but I knew that it was going to be an event where all the Mens-of-Midtown were going to want to "express themselves."
2001-08-22 09:12:41 AM  
Yep...my gf went to see her Monday night.

I dunno..Britney's got a fabulous body...but everything above her shoulders is really pretty unattractive. She's got the face of a 12 year-old girl and the hair of an 80's metal band drummer. I hope when she walks around naked she has a bag over her head.
2001-08-22 09:16:17 AM  
MENS OF MIDTOWN.....OMG....Cleaning Dr. Pepper off my monitor.....
I should work that into a WGST Newscast...and finally tonight, the mens of Midtown are holding a parade tomorrow.

I would be SO Fired
2001-08-22 09:24:27 AM  
Too bad she probably won't end up a raped casualty in a snuff flick. It's nothing personal- all of her peers deserve the same fate.
2001-08-22 09:29:02 AM  
Y'know, I can't stand her music, but seriously, poodle head or not, she'd be better than most of the chicks I've farked as of late...

Besides, just take an X10 with ya' and sell the footage later...

2001-08-22 09:30:49 AM  
Hey, I think MY butt is too big, why don't *I* get a news story written about me?
2001-08-22 09:37:06 AM  
Informative, well thought-out interview of the inner mind of Britney Spears

... or ...

shameless self promotion to keep the males of world entertained and not loose interest in her (i.e. think they could have a chance at seeing/meeting her one day)

I'll let you'll decide, b/c I sure as heck know what I think it is. Beurk.
2001-08-22 09:38:33 AM  
Eyes are too far apart,
2001-08-22 09:41:50 AM  
Some guy from a tabloid mag is going make make an articale on this. Headline: Brittney Nude!! Extream pictures inside.

I am one bored son of a n engineer right now.
2001-08-22 09:47:17 AM  
For disturbting orbital separation, she's got nothing on Brandy. Eek!

[image from i.imdb.com too old to be available]
2001-08-22 09:51:27 AM  
She is such phuckin whore.
2001-08-22 09:52:09 AM  
but, still, I'd bang her and kick to the curb when I was done.
2001-08-22 09:53:16 AM  
I have to admit, she does look good naked.
2001-08-22 10:06:45 AM  
Damn, when did she do that Rolling Stone shiat? 16? 17?
Surely it won't be long before she appears nude. In my bedroom.
2001-08-22 10:09:59 AM  
Haha!! Justin Timberlake you rock. I was wondering, did it bother you when she made out with Aerosmith right in your face last year during the superbowl half time show??
2001-08-22 10:10:55 AM  
I'm trying to decide here what I'd rather see:

A) Britney's head exploding from a live grenade going off in her mouth

B) Watching her slowly die while impaled on a large spike

C) Watching her get drawn and quartered

D) Watching her get disemboweled

E) Watching the biatch get eaten from the inside out by the scarabs from The Mummy
2001-08-22 10:12:26 AM  
I love her body and I walk around naked.
2001-08-22 10:13:47 AM  
The hell with Playboy, I'd like to see Larry Flint sign her up.
2001-08-22 10:19:49 AM  
Oh, to be a fly on the wall...

She looks hot, but her singing suX0rs.
2001-08-22 10:23:54 AM  
Sethor. It's called therapy. Look into it.
2001-08-22 10:27:53 AM  
Mrs. Max Load- actually that didn't bother me. I've accepted the fact I'm dating one hot mama.

Only her driving really bothers me.
2001-08-22 10:29:02 AM  
If he has anal, is she still a virgin?
2001-08-22 10:29:03 AM  
DrDave: Calm down there buddy. She's hot but there are hotter girls who should be spreading 'em in Hustler.
2001-08-22 10:37:54 AM  
BB,Grav8e,Grumman Very cool. Atlanta people.

Mens-of-Midtown verrry funny. I bet the concert was mass chaos. I wonder if Janet is going to come to the Omni - I mean Phillips.
2001-08-22 10:40:06 AM  
Bigpeeler : I just hate this biatch. Watching her die would make me smile.
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