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4710 clicks; posted to Geek » on 15 Sep 2008 at 5:24 AM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2008-09-15 05:34:49 AM  
Never taze a battery-powered guy.

/How'd y'all get so funky?
2008-09-15 06:27:51 AM  
You'd never guess that guy was battery-powered by looking at him.
2008-09-15 06:45:45 AM  
It's a good thing that doesn't go that fast. I can't imagine the casket you'd need to dispose of the battery-powered guy in an environmentally friendly manner.

/aerodynamics, schmaerodynamics apparently.
2008-09-15 06:47:48 AM  
From the website: "I feel the Lord wants me to complete the car, otherwise he wouldn't burden me with finding a way to do it."

I knew that thing reminded me of something! It's the new popemobile.

//What would Bevet's drive?
2008-09-15 06:51:33 AM  
geekologie.comView Full Size
2008-09-15 07:02:11 AM  
I've got a 66 chev pickup on blocks in the front yard, can I haz website?

/not really.
2008-09-15 07:07:18 AM  
So he has a frickin golf cart that looks like a reject from sci-fi film. Woop-de-doodle.
2008-09-15 07:08:00 AM  
prototype of a 200mph version? can anyone link a picture of the type of form a 200mph car has? I'm thinking i see a problem.

/new-age crystal-Lambo street-light?
2008-09-15 07:15:00 AM  
also, I can't imagine 80 lead-anything anythings going 200mph for 1,000 miles without a lot of power. Feel free to tell me.

/My legs are just prototypes, the PedII system will have ramjets.
2008-09-15 07:20:12 AM  
I guess the Lord didn't want you to have any clearance, Clarence. I hope you don't want to drive anywhere that isn't flat.
2008-09-15 07:21:08 AM  
80 batteries? thats good, the second the guy climbed out of the car and started talking, I was expecting him to try to tell us that the car ran on "Pyramid Power"

/As near as I can tell, the F.S.M. hasn't given us that technology yet.
2008-09-15 07:34:29 AM  
The description on the battery-man's website (why was I surprised its design sucks too?) is even better.

The beauty of the car is in the simplicity of its design, which allows the elimination of numerous mechanical car systems - such as mechanical steering, gas petal, brakes, seat belt and air bags. "this is really a simpler car that functions better," Zanis says.

Automobile design really isn't my thing, but I had no idea that the reason we didn't have super-efficient battery powered cars was because we insisted on seat belts and airbags.
2008-09-15 07:37:08 AM  
But wait, there's more!

The garage, however, is not your usual building. It's a combined solar and wind tower that harvests both sources of energy: sun and wind by day and wind by night.

The tower is 65 feet tall with a wind turbine at the top that has a four-foot wide by 16 foot tall blade -- complete with a blinking red-light to warn air traffic. The outside of the tower is covered with 16, eight-by-eight foot solar panels on all four sides of the tower.

So, perfect for those of us who live in cities. My landlord's already working on our 65 foot tower/wind turbine.
2008-09-15 08:07:32 AM  
Help-Im-Sober: /As near as I can tell, the F.S.M. hasn't given us that technology yet.

Oh ye of little faith...
2008-09-15 08:14:54 AM  
Battery Powered Guy,

The Lord's representatives are on line one. He wants you to cease and desist associating Him to your POS project.
2008-09-15 08:22:34 AM  
I hope I get to be this crazy some day, it looks like quite a lot of fun.
2008-09-15 08:36:21 AM  
Pyramania, Alan Parsons Project

There are pyramids in my head
There's one underneath my bead
And my lady's getting cranky
Every possible location
Has a simple explanation
And it isn't hanky-panky

I had read
Somewhere in a book, they improve all your food and your wine
It said, that everything you grow in your garden would taste pretty fine
Instead, all I ever get is a pain in the neck and a
Yap yap yap yap yap yap yap

I've consulted all the sages
I could find in the yellow pages
But there aren't many of them
And the myan panoramas
On my pyramid pajamas
Haven't helped my little problem
I've been told
Someone in the know can be sure that his luck is as
Good as gold, money in the bank and you don't even pay for it
If you fold, a dollar bill in the shape of the pyramid that's printed on the back
It's no lie
You can keep the edge of a razor as sharp as an
Eagle's eye, you can grow a hedge that is vertically straight over
Ten feet high, all you really need is a pyramid and just a little luck
I had read, somewhere in a book, they improve all your food and wine
I'd been told, someone in the know can be sure of his good luck
It's no lie, all you need is a little bit of pyramidic help
2008-09-15 08:50:42 AM  
If that's the future, I don't want to live.
2008-09-15 09:00:25 AM  
Dude, it's a chick electromagnet.
2008-09-15 09:46:43 AM  
One, I'm not a big guy on cars as far as having a "sleak sexy" car or anything, I'm a "point a to point b" kind of guy.

But, that car looks like shiat.

Secondly, any design with a car which makes it near impossible to know which direction is forward for the car is really bad, as far as traffic safety goes.
2008-09-15 09:47:18 AM  
This was my greenlight for a video of the same car back in Feb:

Guy creates $60,000 electric car that's shaped exactly like the roof of a vintage KFC. (Video) (new window)
2008-09-15 10:18:57 AM  
Kinda daft design. I hope his next model will be better faster stronger
2008-09-15 10:22:05 AM  

BitwiseShift: Dude, it's a chick electromagnet.

img57.imageshack.usView Full Size

This guy would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
2008-09-15 11:52:45 AM  
Aha. Pyramid-power car. Aliens must of built it.
2008-09-15 12:04:39 PM  
I'd like to see him drive that thing over a speed bump, or through 6 inches of water, or in 3 inches of snow, or anywhere other than a flat open road.
2008-09-15 12:06:52 PM  
i34.tinypic.comView Full Size
2008-09-15 12:13:25 PM  
I came for the battery-powered man, left disappointed.

/Yes I did that on purpose.
2008-09-15 12:33:23 PM  
epii.infoView Full Size

Is one of these guys the builder?
2008-09-15 01:16:43 PM  
I'll repost what I said back in February when this abomination was first noticed on the net:

Tinkering on a DIY electric golf cart is one thing, but it's kind of silly when it grows to $60,000. At some point, you have to get at least a little bit of perspective and see that your "project" is out of control.

It's a golf cart with extra batteries and a dorky, unwieldy pyramid frame sitting atop it.... and it cost him $60,000 to build.

That, to me, is some epic FAIL right there.

writersgallery.comView Full Size
2008-09-15 01:23:04 PM  
1979 called and wants its "Real People" segments back.
2008-09-15 02:00:45 PM  
images4.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size

Careful, it kicked Steve Austin's ass.
2008-09-15 02:27:23 PM  

poorjon: I hope I get to be this crazy some day, it looks like quite a lot of fun.

farm4.static.flickr.comView Full Size

Coincidence, I think not...

Crazy like a fox!
2008-09-16 01:53:20 AM  
I came here to taunt the battery-powered subby, but find myself pleased by the preceding responders enough to forgo it.
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