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(London Times)   U.K.'s new TV superheroes hang out in pub, including Thundermonkey who "can summon monkeys to obey his commands, but they take hours to make it from Africa"   ( entertainment.timesonline.co.uk) divider line
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2008-09-14 05:20:09 AM  
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2008-09-14 06:19:52 AM  
FTA: It pictures a London where superheroes are the norm, but, unlike in mainstream cinema or previous spoofs such as the overplayed Tick or Adam West's ludicrously camp Batman, the caped crusaders are miserable, sulking, petty, excessively competitive narcissists who hang out in their secret pub, whining about their powers, reviews and fame

The Tick is over played? Really?

And actually, it sounds EXACTLY like The Tick in premise. Who is this guy trying to fool?

/Arthur! Puppy!!
2008-09-14 06:41:56 AM  
It's an ITV comedy. It won't be funny.
2008-09-14 07:47:01 AM  

Gavino: O RLY?

They're a crime fightin' duo, d-d-d-d-duo yeah!
2008-09-14 08:22:23 AM  
First bad guy they face: The Dentist
2008-09-14 08:47:34 AM  
No pics?

2008-09-14 09:55:35 AM  
I'll wait for the inevitable American version.
2008-09-14 01:54:57 PM  
I only need one UK superhero...Thermoman!

/he is My Hero, after all
2008-09-14 01:56:23 PM  

Hoboclown: I'll wait for the inevitable American version.

Awwww. But I want it now!
2008-09-14 02:16:01 PM  
Got to the part where they called The Tick "overplayed" and quit reading.

Dear Author of this piece,

You are an idiot. Maybe you should shut your whore mouth.
2008-09-14 02:18:15 PM  

PopeoftheFCOTB: I only need one UK superhero...Thermoman!

/he is My Hero, after all

This x9000.
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