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233226 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Dec 2002 at 4:20 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-14 02:16:01 PM  
rofl kekko. I apologize, my last response was rashly posted. I have some serious issues going on with my father and I came to read the comments (because I know that generally 90% of them are funny as hell), but after reading some of the shiat that people posted, I wanted to just post my own thoughts. It really wasnt bashing the girl herself...yes she has a huge ass nose and a weird position was bashing on her tastes in music and movies.

So yes, I'm an asshole, and as of current I may have overreacted in my post to what offended me. But opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink (childish, but in its own way humorous).

Anyways, post away...I'll just idly watch :D

2002-12-14 02:20:07 PM  
hmmmm.... desperation... possibly...
2002-12-14 02:23:49 PM  
She looks alright. Can't say I'm too thrilled with her music/movie choices though. If she was closer to my age I'd consider it.
2002-12-14 02:26:41 PM  
She has a bit of the jennifer Grey thing going on. So, if she wasn't a fraction of my age with abysmal taste in movies, sure.

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 02:27:01 PM  
The point of a date is to get to know if you want to further date someone. Looks play the initial role.

All you guys ripping on here are going to turn her into a man-hating femi-lesbo-nazi.

and why are they using a poor high school girl for their non-scientific scientific experiment?
2002-12-14 02:28:19 PM  
Ok, I'd try anything once.....
2002-12-14 02:31:31 PM  
i don't understand how people can quantify how much they enjoyed a particular movie, or a particular anything, especially movies though, once i've watched a movie once i practically die of boredom watching it again.

also, fifthcolumn, aren't you the one that has seen battle feild earth abd the princess diaries like 50 times each?

not to disqualify your opinion or anything.
2002-12-14 02:43:20 PM  
17 will get you 20
2002-12-14 02:50:21 PM  
"Date" her? Well...the thing is, there'd be a price cap. I'd take her to Taco Bell. But even then, she'd have to get a nose job first, which is bound to cost more than the date. And then she'd have to wait until she's legal before she could bother me. And then she'd have to make it past the ol' lady...since I'm not available...and then there's the matter of me being over twice her age.

Um, come to think of it, I'm not even looking. Bad investment for her then, I guess. So, no.
2002-12-14 02:51:57 PM  
I wouldn't hit her with Drew's C*ck...She looks smelly.
2002-12-14 02:54:14 PM  
She just might be the perfect girl... 5 holes.
2002-12-14 02:57:00 PM  
2002-12-14 02:57:17 PM  
I suppose I would if I were 17.
And blind.
And had no hands.
2002-12-14 02:59:22 PM  
Man, this is a tough crowd. She's just a 17 year old girl. 17 year olds are supposed to have bad taste in music and movies. That doesn't make her worthy of some of you Farker's horrible comments. Grow up.
2002-12-14 03:04:03 PM  
Date? No
Leave feeling used awnd sticky? YES!!!!
2002-12-14 03:11:14 PM  
Heh, she's legal in Michigan, :P

nah, she looks too young tho...with my luck, she'd still get me arrested ....
2002-12-14 03:11:49 PM  
Wyldfire- you have good taste in music

Simple Plan is horrible- they seem to be trying to hard, their live show is a sad state of affairs. I'd do anything is a great song though, they can get better with time

Sr-71- first album is average got high points with politically correct and the other radio song, the rest was a disappointment but i still listen to it once every couple months

LTJ, Goldfinger, RX bandits, NFG, and the rest are great

you should check out Brand New and Taking Back Sunday they are incredible. Taking Back Sunday is going to be big pretty soon if MTV catches on to their Cute without the E (cute from the team) video, and if Brand New ever releases 70*7 to radio they will be as well
2002-12-14 03:14:29 PM  
Not to sound superficial, but you can't really be with someone you are physically repulsed by and that chick is ugly. That is in my opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own. Furthurmore, everyone else is entitled to their opinion of the opinions of others. In which case, if you don't like my opinion, screw you.

By the way, i'm 17 and we have a hell of a lot more hot chicks than that and this is Billings, Montana. Come on.

There's basically three groups anyway. Chicks you'd let give you the ol servicing as long as nobody found out(biggest). Chicks you'd throw one in (big). Chicks you'd actually go out with and stuff (small). Of course there are seperate catergories but that'd take too long.
2002-12-14 03:18:14 PM  
2002-12-14 03:21:08 PM  
1 my response was Candypants (the Boobies of the thread), that's that

2 where the fark did this come from?

3 Wyldfire - There's more punk/ska people out here than you think. Although, i'm gonna agree with JoeShow's response to you, but i will say that i have a video of Simple Plan covering American Jesus, and that's pretty sweet to watch.
2002-12-14 03:28:21 PM  
OK about her looks:

1.) Hair, the hairline is receding on the left side but not the right side
2.) I bet she could eat 10 fruit flys before a bat could eat one with those radar producing ears of hers. Does she have to have a FCC permit to have such powerful radar on her person?
3.) The earrings (unless they serve an antennea function to the radar from her ears) are not very good. But they could mean her parents dress her (you wear the earrings we bought you) and thus the girl is more likely to be rebelling against her parents (=more likely to put out)
4.) Nose is a little bit to big (more of a shape problem here)
5.) She reminds me of Darlene from Rosanne.

About her personality.

1.) Her likes and dislikes tell me she is trying to fit into a certain crowd (the stupid incubus dude wheres my car crowd).
2.) Said trying to fit into a certain crowd indicates she does not feel she belongs anywhere.
3.) This creates vunerability, and desperation.
4.) These things increase her chances of being sexually active (not feeling like she fits in).
5.) What necklace is that? Is it hemp? Either way it's a hippy necklace. Pot smoker? I think so, but maybe just trying to fit into the "stoner" scene but not a pot smoker.

Verdict: This girl is not overwhelmingly happy. She might have overbearing parents (why else would she wear ugly earrings?), she seems to be trying to fit in somewhere. At least tolerant of deviance, probably interested in deviance more to piss her parents off and fit in then because of a true interest in it. All this means, of course, that she is likely to be prone to sexual activity. However, she is not acting on an equal basis, she is there to get her parents pissed off and fit into a scene. Thus, she is not likely to be a particularly enthusiastic sexual partner, or to particularly enjoy it. But, she would let you do what you want, to fit in, and also so she could be more independent of her parents. In english, you could fark her in her ass once she was of age, but don't expect her to clean it out for you first. Also, as she is trying to fit in somewhere and to reject her parents authority, she probably would become very attached very quickly which is bad if you like to have time to yourself. She is obviously poor (as evidenced by the contrast of earrings and necklace and shiatty sweatshirt) so she would a cheap date (wow, KFC, thats like so high class, dude. And, where's the car, didn't you park it?). As she seems to be trying to fit in, she'd not be particularly conversational (as she wouldn't want to express any opinion contrary to the group she is seeking acceptance in).

So, bad conversationalist, boring in bed, but open to experimintation. A rookie on the stoner/drug scene, but trying to get on board. Her looks are fine, she'd look normal most places, and above normal drunk, hugh, or with the lights off. Likely inexperienced with drugs but would try more with them. Likely very possessive and perhaps a psycho biatch. More likely though, she is to insecure to be a psycho biatch and would rather go along with anything.

**1/2 out of ****

If you'd go see **1/2 movies, you'd date this chick.
2002-12-14 03:32:59 PM  
Pennsylvania is cool. In a backwards, so-not-cool way.
2002-12-14 03:36:26 PM  
i forgot to add Frenzal Rhomb (Songs We Didnt' Write album was the only good one), Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, and Reel Big Fish has always been a favorite of mine because of their farked up sense of humor. :D
2002-12-14 03:39:32 PM  
She's only seventeen
  Daddy says she's too young
  But she's old enough for me
2002-12-14 03:39:57 PM  
also...I'm from the south...currently in Memphis, and 80% of the people here are fake punkers (they like it because it's the mainstream thing now) or dont even know what punk/ska I'm assuming that the general populace doesn't know any older punk/ska. Societial stereotype, sorry.
2002-12-14 03:53:01 PM  
I am not a nugget!!!
2002-12-14 03:54:00 PM  
I live in Pa. now and it sucks.
2002-12-14 03:55:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 03:55:46 PM  
You guys are gonna turn her into a Goth. Then she'll be ugly, have bad taste and write bad poetry.
2002-12-14 04:00:34 PM  
Except for the nose, this is what Jessica will look like in 20 years:

[image from too old to be available]

(Amy Irving)
2002-12-14 04:03:37 PM  
"Would you date this monkey girl?"
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 04:05:29 PM  
this girl is beat, end of story......
2002-12-14 04:10:10 PM  
I wouldn't fark her with your duck!
2002-12-14 04:18:11 PM  
i didn't realize that the censorship would switch what i typed to boobies...

in any case, my Weeners was supposed to say:
1. my response is the same as candypants' response which is near the beginning of the thread
2002-12-14 04:19:07 PM  
you can't say p0st? well that just sucks
2002-12-14 04:19:21 PM  
BEER151 has a vivid imagination. That being said she is FUGLY as hell.
2002-12-14 04:59:08 PM  
I'd let her pull on my wee-wee.
2002-12-14 05:00:19 PM  
Not that anyone asked, oh wait they did.

Would I date this girl?

(a) Too young. I prefer them to be able to drink legally.
(b) Anyone whose favorite movie is "Dude where's my car?" Needs some serious professional help.
(c) (Minxy) The capital of Penn. is Harrisburg.
2002-12-14 05:27:16 PM  
2002-12-14 05:31:32 PM  
all she needs is some makeup and she good to go on my rollercoster.
2002-12-14 05:50:59 PM  
I'd hit it. But dating is another question, for instance Incubus for a favorite band???!?!?!? What the fark. Maybe favorite sellout.

Does she know she's being discussed on I'm sure most of us would totally creep her out anyway. Bunch of dirty farkers.
2002-12-14 05:51:21 PM  
LOL Closeminded. u suk n00b lolol

Yes there are filters to stop people from typing fir** po**.
2002-12-14 05:55:52 PM  
Happily, if I was still a high school senior. Of course, that would make it the year 1978, so this is pretty much a very moot point.
2002-12-14 06:31:14 PM  
eh I'd hit it if she were legal. At least here in Cali she isn't. Not that I don't have friends that do high schoolers....
2002-12-14 06:41:20 PM  
2002-12-14 06:42:43 PM  
Yep, Dude Where's My Car is a REAL classic.
2002-12-14 06:48:24 PM  
Probably all the people who said she was ugly think that Britney Spears is the hottest.grrl.evar. Or is Britney too 'last year'.

I don't see anything wrong with her (Jessica, that is)

As to whether I'd hit it: I'd have to get to know her first.
2002-12-14 07:01:00 PM  
She's not that ugly you guys. She's just going through her awkward phase. :) I'd give her a 5/10 and I would throw some screws in her.

What's so bad about Incubus? I'm not a fan but some of their songs are OK!
2002-12-14 07:35:27 PM  
I didn't know Screech had a younger sister...
Azz [TotalFark]
2002-12-14 08:36:57 PM  
To the Boobieser of this thread (candypants): you were dropped on your head as a baby weren't you?
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