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2002-12-14 11:16:46 AM  
Color: Orange
Movie: Dude, Where's My Car?
TV Show: Jackass

Food: Baked Potato
Band: Incubus
Car: Jeep Wrangler

Holy shiat, what a winner, eh? shiatty taste in cinema and music! If you ever get in a fight, all you have to do is fire-off a few one-liners from pop-culture movies and then sing about how much life sucks and is unfair and how you hate your parents for some goddamn reason.

I actually liked Dude, Where's My Car? because of the interesting plot twists. I mean, who saw that kitchen full of pudding coming? Nobody! Pure genius.
2002-12-14 11:18:35 AM  
Of course Opera and Disco are all you need. If only someone would combine the two then I'd be happy
2002-12-14 11:23:17 AM  
I didn't read all the posts but ummm

if she likes "Dude Wheres my Car?" and is my age then...she can't be that bad of a person can she? I'd date her.

now someone gimme a six fiddie so I can take her to mickey d's
2002-12-14 11:23:28 AM  
On the risk of going to prison and being raped by inmate Brucie, I'll have to say thanks but no thanks.

By the way... what the hell kinda school is this?!? Did you see the dork pictured in the buddy club ice skating article?
2002-12-14 11:29:53 AM  
Hell yea.... you farkers that are dissen her are clueless. this one's gonna blossom into a babe soon.... get it while it's young and innocent.... says me....
2002-12-14 11:33:59 AM  
I can't believe no one has seen the similarity between her and Bill Maher. Can some one please post the two faces next to each other??
2002-12-14 11:35:01 AM  
I'd like to partake in her fallopial pudding.
2002-12-14 11:35:11 AM  
Holy shiat, what a winner, eh? shiatty taste in cinema and music!

She's... 17. Cut her some slack. When you were 17, you listened to Cannibal Corpse and masturbated into a tub of lard every Saturday.
2002-12-14 11:36:21 AM  
Damn me for daring to go to sleep and missing this thread :(

1. Cedar Cliff's other highlights: 3 of the 4 members of "Poison" (the glam/hair band) went to school there. Briefly.

2. This chick is within, hmm, 5 miles of me. There are hotter chicks that are closer.

3. Age of consent in PA is 14, as I understand it.

That is all.
2002-12-14 11:37:13 AM  
I'm willing to wager that 95% of the farkers that said "I wouldn't hit it because it's fugly" are fat fugly farks themselves.

Fark.com has become a farking cesspool that's used for idiots to congress.
2002-12-14 11:42:33 AM  
And to all you people calling her ugly (her poor taste in music and movies notwithstanding), you DO realize that EVERYONE (even you) looks like shiat without makeup and proper lighting, right?

I'm sure there's a better pic of her out there. How about it? Anyone willing to dredge one up?
2002-12-14 11:43:47 AM  
Hmm, well probably, but I'm turning 18 in two days, and I'm not sure how legal that all is.
2002-12-14 11:49:47 AM  
a.) underage means illegal to me
b.) funky nose
c.) jackass and 'dude where's my car' are shiat

conclusion- fark no!
2002-12-14 11:52:20 AM  
I'd rather date Maggie =)
2002-12-14 11:57:18 AM  
Out of the one hundred guys polled, only eight of them said they would need to know more about our candidate before they would be able to decide if she was dateable.

Looks like only 8 percent of guys polled have a brain. This information is about as useful as an online matchmaking service. Nothing is said as to how she acts or reacts in relationships, and even if something was said, it'd be of the "She's a kind, sweet, gentle girl..." sort, which is almost always a load of crap. For all we know, she could get off on castrating her ex boyfriends.
2002-12-14 12:04:22 PM  
I wouldn't date her, but i'd sure Hit it!
2002-12-14 12:13:33 PM  
2002-12-14 12:21:51 PM  
What really installs my aluminum siding is that this article has garnered so many responces. Besides. Did anyone stop and think that the person who submitted this article either was the person in question or was somebody who knows her? This isn't exactly "breaking news", it's a tiny article in a school's online "newspaper". I mean, for God's sakes, they have a teacher called "Mr. Kunkle".

Besides. None of the pictures I saw of these people were all too glamorous. Hell, for all we know, she's probably part of the attractive set.

People are so mean.
2002-12-14 12:30:47 PM  
Not a chance in hell. I mean, she prefers the color orange, what kind of a sick puppy is she?
2002-12-14 12:31:40 PM  
Ah, Fark. The best place to go if you want to see eternal virgins rant on about how ugly girls are because they actually look normal and aren't filled with silicone and plastic. How could I live without you, Fark?

2002-12-14 12:32:06 PM  
You all just don't understand. She goes to Cedar Crest HS. It's Harrisburg. It's in central Pennsylvania. It's not civilization. It's not like it's downtown LA or some other culturally hip location where they turn out chesty blondes like a factory.

In central PA, "Jackass" is high culture and "Dude Where's My Car" is a documentary. A baked potato is haute cuisine and a Jeep Wrangler is high-falutin' wheels.

In central PA, the art-house cinema has folding chairs and the local radio stations play southern rock as if it were local anthems.

If you were stuck in central PA, YOU'D HIT IT because that's what you do in central PA.
2002-12-14 12:34:01 PM  

Movie: Dude, Where's My Car?
TV Show: Jackass
Band: Incubus
Car: Jeep Wrangler

Response? No.
2002-12-14 12:44:49 PM  
I'd hit it...in the back of the head with a sock full o' doorknobs.

"Dude, Where's My Car"?? "Jackass"??

2002-12-14 12:45:02 PM  
I'd date her and I'd hit it. She might turn out to be really nice, and you never know how a good relationship is going to start, or with whom. Of course, I have to take exception to her taste in cinema, for example. But tastes change over time. shiat, back when I was her age, my favourite film was Star Wars... fairly immature, that. Oh, wait, she's 17. I'm eleven years older. Well, all the pieces still fit... spinner... etc. And like they say, if there's grass on the field, play ball. And if not, then go out back and play in the dirt. muhahahaha
2002-12-14 12:45:19 PM  

Movie: Dude, Where's My Car?
TV Show: Jackass
Band: Incubus
Car: Jeep Wrangler

Response? No."

2002-12-14 12:47:52 PM  
Cedar CLIFF, not Cedar Crest, Undertoad. I'll reaffirm the rest of what you said tho :) Give her 6 months and she'll be pregnant, working at McD's (right across the street)

Also from the site:

What's so bad about being single?

By Naomi C.

Have you always been the one incessantly bothered by others to go to Homecoming or Prom, but never had a date to go along? Are you the only one left in your group without a girlfriend or a boyfriend? Is the stereotype of a single person usually that of a nerdy guy with a disturbing laugh that resembles the snorts of a pig?

What's really so bad about being single? You wouldn't have to hang out with people that your date chooses. Also, sophomore Jaime A. brought up the fact that when you are single, "You can talk to other guys without your boyfriend getting jealous."

Senior Kaylene M. said you'll "have more time on your hands."

You could spend more time with friends and family instead of having to be with one person all day long. You would also not have to worry about impressing anyone by acting differently than how you normally act. Better yet, sophomore Caitlin M. added, "You can flirt with lots of guys."

By being single, you could avoid having to pay for someone else's dinner or escorting them everywhere they wanted to go. You could also avoid having to remember one more birthday or anniversary and would not have to buy another gift for the holidays.

You would not be yelled at anymore for walking too slowly in the hallways while trying to stay side by side with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Even more so, you could keep your dignity as well as your modesty by not "expressing your feelings" in the halls.

More importantly, senior Andrew S. said you're "open to everything, not just one thing." Senior Denise Y. elaborated and said, "When you're single, you have a better understanding of yourself and others around you."

Of course, the big issue is that you will not have to worry about what happens to the relationship after high school. You could get on your way with your future away from high school without any regrets.

Although having someone to frequently worry about and shower with unnecessary gifts seems to be the norm in high school, the alternative is still the best route for some.
2002-12-14 12:56:49 PM  
She's too average looking for me, no thanks...

And what's wrong with Incubus?, they're not that bad.

/runs away before he gets flamed by the music purists
2002-12-14 01:07:30 PM  
This. Thread. Is. Wrong.
2002-12-14 01:16:45 PM  
The real question is... would you date THIS GIRL.....she's 14........ oy..... g'daymn!

2002-12-14 01:19:59 PM  
sry..... I do suck....

if this doesn't work I give up
2002-12-14 01:25:57 PM  
I must add my input. I would not date this girl, because she sounds vapid.
2002-12-14 01:28:29 PM  
BTW i can't believe that age of consent is 18 in the US, that's just silly, and drinking at 21?

Actually, that varies from state to state. There are all sorts of wierd statutory laws covering that in Indiana.

Still to be on the safe side, I'd wait a year before hitting it...
2002-12-14 01:29:31 PM  
Can't believe I made that error, Donk. Thanks for the correction.
2002-12-14 01:30:02 PM  
Alright, for those of you slamming both the movie and the music, understand that your age/generation/preference aren't everything. And those of you that hate mainstream music and think that you may be either rebellious or just old-school are conforming to not conform. Personally, I think that Incubus is quite a good band. Dude, Where's My Car? was farking stupid the first time I saw it...but I watched it a couple of days ago when I was in a really shiatty mood due to family stuff and laughed my ass off.

As to her looks, whoever it was that said that she will blossom to being a hottie is right. Most of the "less popular" girls end up becoming the ones that are worth staying with, while the popular ones stay fickle and eventually end up with some loser (no offense to any popular girls who for some odd reason peruse fark and ended up otherwise).

I'm sure that a large number of you flaming this girl would also tell me that my like for New Found Glory, Simple Plan, SR-71, Sum41, etc is horrible, or that I'm a sellout, or that I have bad tastes blah blah blah. But I like a lot of bands that I'm sure 90% of you have never heard of:
Goldfinger (If you don't know them, don't bother replying)
Less Than Jake
RX Bandits
Evanescence (Little Rock local band...excellent music)
Dead Milkmen

All I'm saying is that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but because of how fickle society hsa become, or for the most part always has been, a person's first impression of an individual is their physical appearance.

I, for one, was a dork in high school...I still consider myself a dork, but I moved away for two years afterwards, moved back, grew up, got a goatee, and now I've turned down dates from a couple of the hotter girls that were in my grade in high school, simply for the fact that they want to date me because NOW I'm attractive and have money.

I believe that anyone should be given at least one chance...hell even two.

Also, I couldn't name a song by poison, but I can name just about every song from the Dead Kennedy's, The Ramones, The Vandals, Misfits, etc.

Oh yeah...and as to if I'd date her or not: as I said, everyone deserves a chance, and I think that she may actually turn out to be a nice person...no matter how shallow someone may SEEM in high school, they do that to try and fit in with the "in-crowd." Get to know someone on a deeper level and maybe then you'll understand that the way people act in public and the way people act one-on-one can actually be quite different.

To sum this all up for those of you that didnt wanna read all of this is as follows: GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES

That is all.
2002-12-14 01:33:41 PM  
With her looks, it would be slightly above borderline yes no. Then her favorite movie dropped it to borderline. Let me toss a coin each time you ask.
2002-12-14 01:34:00 PM  
And they think that Avril chick is deep.

Not to sound like an old fart, but who the hell is Avril?

Oh well, like the average 16-year-old knows who Jello Biafra is. The cool ones do, though...
2002-12-14 01:36:07 PM  
Wyldfyre: Propaghandi rocks!!! Props for your good taste!
2002-12-14 01:37:04 PM  
no thank you.
2002-12-14 01:38:07 PM  
Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedy's fame, and complete and total first amendment lunatic. God bless him for it too.

But that chick is fugly.
2002-12-14 01:41:41 PM  
Wyldfire, is that your picture up there? Because if not you really don't have a place getting pissed off at everyone else. Dude, Wheres my car is a terrible terrible movie. All involved need to be put on a small island by themselves, along with Pauly Shore. Of course everyone's going to make fun of her appearance. They want everyone else to think they can do better. And even if they are serious, so what? It sucks for the girl, but its natural. So, anyways, unless you're that girl, stop biatching.
2002-12-14 01:42:11 PM  
Jail bait.
2002-12-14 01:42:56 PM  

thanks...My favorite album of theirs is "How To Clean Everything"

Their most recent album (came out in 2000 I BELIEVE..or at least that's the most recent one I know of) was a bit of a disappointment after that album.
2002-12-14 01:46:47 PM  
kekko_kaman is the perfect image of what I was discussing.

Also no, that's not my picture, no anyone I know. But I do feel it's right to defend the honor of someone that I'm sure you yourself don't even know. I'm wrong in my biatching probably, but then again, what is right? The definition of right is based upon the individual. Now, if you have anything rational and partly thought out that you would like to debate, you may either carry it on here and bore everyone else out of their farking minds, or you may discuss it further with me on AIM or ICQ.

(this is suicide to give this out I know but still)
AIM: Wy1dfire
ICQ: 51798341

I'll be available most of today.
2002-12-14 01:54:00 PM  
As long as she puts out on the first date
2002-12-14 01:56:59 PM  
But seriously dude, where's my car?
2002-12-14 02:02:00 PM  
I wouldn't spit in her mouth if her gums were on fire!
2002-12-14 02:03:08 PM  
Speaking of which.. she looks like her face already caught fire, and someone tried to put it out with a wet brick.

on the other hand, she IS a snowboarder, that always turns my buttons. I think id have to paper-bag it.
2002-12-14 02:04:36 PM  
If she had about 5 more years on her.
2002-12-14 02:07:52 PM  
Am I Wyldfire? Actually, not once have I said anything about the girl. I didn't say I wouldn't date her. I didn't say she was ugly. Not once did I insult her. Ok sure I insulted Dude, Wheres my car? But so what? People make fun of movies I like to. I don't care. All I'm doing is defending the people you're attacking. Why? Mostly because 99% of what's said on fark shouldn't be taken seriously. Yet you get quite upset about it. Anyways, Dead Milkmen rock, and I am off to work.
2002-12-14 02:11:06 PM  
This post is much easier to masturbate to than the Kissinger one.
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