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233314 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Dec 2002 at 4:20 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-14 08:24:43 AM  
Mask, you must be one stupid, ugly mo fo. Type in all caps please, for all of your posts. Pedophile idiot.
2002-12-14 08:26:00 AM  
I would defintly. eMail me baby!! I'll give you a night you'll never forget.!!!
2002-12-14 08:26:47 AM  
If anything permanently changed how i think about females in general, that girls looks would do it.
2002-12-14 08:30:44 AM  
She's UGLY!
Besides, I like them a few years older than I.
If you went to KC public high schools in the mid-late 1990s, you wouldn't want anyone your age, anyway. Nothing but preppies, ugly chicks, and skank-tramps that would corrode your johnson clean off your crotch.
2002-12-14 08:32:06 AM  
Movie: Dude, Where's My Car?
That means no
2002-12-14 08:39:06 AM  
No siree I would not, no sir.
2002-12-14 08:39:19 AM  
[image from eagle.y.se too old to be available]

2002-12-14 08:54:48 AM  
Movie: Dude, Where's My Car?
TV Show: Jackass
Food: Baked Potato

Drug of Choice: Marijuana

That chick is a stoner. Baked "potato" indeed.
2002-12-14 08:56:45 AM  
if she reads this i hope shes confident enough not to let it bug her. these guys can say what they want cause nobody can see them and judge them too. and i think shes pretty.
2002-12-14 08:58:10 AM  
Is that her face or did her neck throw-up?

/just jockin-off.....(Not to her mind ya :)
2002-12-14 08:58:35 AM  
Holy huge-nose-and-unevenly-receeding-hairline, Batman!
2002-12-14 09:04:04 AM  
She looks freaked man! but yah one day i could date her, don`t know when this will be....
2002-12-14 09:08:49 AM  
Poor girl needs a nose job badly!
2002-12-14 09:13:04 AM  
I think johndx's picture is about to kill a kitten
2002-12-14 09:14:13 AM  
u guys know that bad the flash from any digital camera tends to people really ugly. I have to say i think id hit it, and seeing as i am alao under the age of consent, im pretty sure thats legal.
2002-12-14 09:15:00 AM  
Date her? NO

but if there's grass on the field......play ball
2002-12-14 09:16:21 AM  
I think she's pretty....freakin' oogly.

("oogly"...a step past ugly)
2002-12-14 09:16:43 AM  
johndx's "skirt" and "no 1" pic, no the crosseyed chick
2002-12-14 09:17:40 AM  
FYI, age of consent varies in the US from state to state
2002-12-14 09:22:37 AM  
you all scare me, lol. sure she looks good, she has good taste in music, appears to like anything humorous, possibly lacking in depth. yeah, based on looks, id date her. based on personal taste i might. based on personality, i don't know. more than 50% chance i would.
2002-12-14 09:23:08 AM  
Split personality #1

Life before discovering the wonders of Rhinoplasty

Life after visiting a doctor other than Michael Jackson's
[image from too old to be available]

Split personality #2

Shame on you all for hammering this girl's looks..."she's as beautiful as any other woman, she just needs a nosejob" - Kramer

Wait till she gets one (and loses the hoola hoop 80's earings, she'll be a hottie and won't ever talk to you again! Take that =). Actually, I am sure she is already a qt and this is simply not a flattering photo. Give her a break...

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

for some reason I cannot help but think of Jennifer Anniston here....with the before and after.

Man, I love that cross eyed chick above...
2002-12-14 09:24:52 AM  
(Some Stoner)
img.fark.netView Full Size
High-school girl attends "Home of the Colts", has the same size nose as a horse.
2002-12-14 09:25:49 AM  
("oogly"...a step past ugly)

I thought fuggly was just past ugly. My bad.
2002-12-14 09:27:45 AM  
dagnabit! I screwed up my first link

Life before discovering the wonders of Rhinoplasty
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-14 09:31:03 AM  
she looks like a dude
2002-12-14 09:31:52 AM  
Some of you guys really need a freakin' life! You all know that if this girl were to unzip your pants and start giving you a BJ you would NOT put up a fight!
2002-12-14 09:36:01 AM  
Only if she'd agree to a wild threesome with me and my wife. Har!

*Whack!* (biatchslap from wife)

No. It ain't happenin'.
2002-12-14 09:43:57 AM  
Hey! That's mean!

All I get is a "connection refused"


Wait till she gets one (and loses the hoola hoop 80's earings, she'll be a hottie and won't ever talk to you again! Take that =). Actually, I am sure she is already a qt and this is simply not a flattering photo. Give her a break...

Totally agree here. When I was in high-school, I dated a girl that looked like a fatal geek/mormon combo on any photograph. But man, she was a hottie! Not in spite of the specks, but thanks to 'em. She just couldn't get along with any cameras at all...
2002-12-14 09:44:54 AM  
Michael Bolton called, he wants his hair back
2002-12-14 09:48:55 AM  
High School is tough enough as it is. Does she really need to have the fact that she can't get a date broadcast through the entire school?
2002-12-14 09:53:24 AM  
Some of you are pretty sad, do you think she put this article up on the web page specifically for you to let it be known your personal opinion as to whether you would date her?

On a related side note, I may be attending field hockey from now on.
2002-12-14 10:02:30 AM  
I can see a followup tag on her birthday - NOW would you date this girl?
2002-12-14 10:06:27 AM  
Depends on how much I've had to drink.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2002-12-14 10:15:20 AM  
Run away!

I don't know about the looks, but there are several turnoffs in the description.

1. "up for anything". My girlfriend in high school described herself as a girl who can't say "no". What she meant was, she would never tell me what she liked or disliked or what I was doing wrong. She just let her anger build up inside.

2. bring her flowers. I've never understood the flower thing. I don't give flowers. Since a girlfriend broke up with me ostensibly for not giving her flowers I consider the mention of flowers to be a warning. She's not getting any, and if she wants some she can date somebody else.

3. She likes Jackass? My ex-girlfriend had me watch the Jerry Springer show once because her friend was on, and that was actually sort of amusing, but Jackass is over the line.
2002-12-14 10:15:37 AM  
That is one hell of an adam's apple for a girl... or is it goiter? Someone should try iodized salt.

Not to be prejudgemental or anything.
2002-12-14 10:20:32 AM  
i was thinking yeah, okay, she's not too bad it might be fun and then I read:

Movie: Dude, Where's My Car?
TV Show: Jackass

and I was completely turned against her...
2002-12-14 10:25:21 AM  
Overlooking the underage thing, I must say that she has poor taste if Incubus is her favorite band, Hey Dude Where's My Car is her favorite movie, and Jackass is her favorite show. C'mon... I've watched Jackass and it is funny, but it is definitely not my FAVORITE show.

I don't think she is all that unattractive either. Some of the girls that I didn't think were that great looking in high school have actually become quite attractive, and the popular attractive cheerleader-types have started to lose their looks, and now have nothing to fall back on because that's all they ever knew was to look pretty.
2002-12-14 10:25:43 AM  
16 is legal in Oklahoma... I am sure that is a bad picture... So, yes
2002-12-14 10:26:20 AM  
2002-12-14 10:27:49 AM  
No way- Too young and a Coyote woman
2002-12-14 10:41:27 AM  
I'd toungue dart her fart hole.
2002-12-14 10:53:10 AM  
I'd hit it.... nothing more. I mean come on ! 5'3 " ?!?!! "She's a spinnar !!"

At 5'3" I could fold her in half and jack-off with her..... fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap.....

2002-12-14 10:57:08 AM  
Does she put out? They forgot to mention that in the bio.
2002-12-14 11:00:34 AM  
Nope, don't think so.. not my type... But i also must agree that this is prob. just a bad photo.
And a note about CONFABULATS teenager rant:
'Teenagers are terrible people. They don't tip in restaurants, and they think they understand life better than those who have lived it. And they think that Avril chick is deep. '
I am 18 and I ALWAYS Tip (very well actually) in restaurants and cannot stand ppl that do NOT tip. (This is probably because i have worked in a cafe/country club and now a bar over the past 4 years) secondly, I do not understand life, or even attept to a lot of the time. And THIRDLY Avril is not deep, she is just another Britney Spears but she won't be aroudn for as long.
/End of rant
2002-12-14 11:01:45 AM  
And my gf is 5'2" so I can't really complain about the hight though...
2002-12-14 11:03:42 AM  
But if that doesn't work, go to her friend, Ross C.,

I see poor Ross is never going to hit it.
2002-12-14 11:10:32 AM  
Mikey65: That was the funniest thig i've heard this week.
2002-12-14 11:14:10 AM  
I'd hit its mother.
2002-12-14 11:14:44 AM  
she may not be my type but in my position, I will take what ever I can get.
2002-12-14 11:14:54 AM  
Heh just to confirm, i'd hit it
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