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2002-12-14 05:11:23 AM  
tag and release.
2002-12-14 05:11:45 AM  
tap and release.
2002-12-14 05:12:21 AM  
Since there are no boobies post anywhere near the horizon.

Mmmmmmmm, Jaime

2002-12-14 05:13:11 AM  
[image from staff.wssd.k12.pa.us too old to be available]

Hey, ladies, how you doin' ? Looking good, Oh, yeah! I'll see you later!
2002-12-14 05:13:58 AM  
2002-12-14 05:14:26 AM  
Jtielke "After rhinoplasty, make-up, and a hair-do I'd consider it."

All that for her or for you?

Hah. Kidding. OR AM I?
2002-12-14 05:15:46 AM  
Thank god for their jelly bean review as well.
2002-12-14 05:21:19 AM  
if she smoked pot, swallowed, and played a good game of beer pong, yes.
2002-12-14 05:21:41 AM  
Conversation with "Jessica" at end of date:

Her: "And then?"
You: "No 'and then'!!"
Her: "And then?"
You: "No 'and then'!!!"
Her: "And....
2002-12-14 05:23:52 AM  
She can't talk with her mouthful....in a year of course.
2002-12-14 05:23:53 AM  
props Vrax
That was the only funny part of that movie.

And then and then and then and then..
2002-12-14 05:25:45 AM  
You'd think that a non-attractive person would have the mental faculties to make up for it, but "Dude, where's my car?" isn't really a good representation of that fact.
2002-12-14 05:29:24 AM  
Thanks for the link, Johndx. Now, if I could only rememer how that Flashsaver program works.
2002-12-14 05:29:31 AM  
i like this girl much more
[image] http://pics2.hotornot.com/pics/HS/KS/HZ/KU/KZALKLSVEBUQ.jpg[/image]
2002-12-14 05:29:46 AM  
Bah, it's only 4:30 here!

Yay finals week next week!

Anyway, I wouldn't date her. She's kinda cute, but completely not my type. And she's jailbait.
2002-12-14 05:32:51 AM  
[image from pics2.hotornot.com too old to be available]

Dude, she looks cross-eyed!
2002-12-14 05:41:17 AM  
ack it hurts make it go away!
2002-12-14 05:46:22 AM  
Never mind Kubrick. Our chick Jessica has proclaimed "Dude Where's My Car" as the best film of all time.

Would I date her? No. Would I kill her? Possibly.

What a stupid biatch.
2002-12-14 05:49:00 AM  
one could easily convince her that he had two penii.
2002-12-14 05:49:49 AM  
I love to smoke the pot, but "Dude Where's My Car" makes me feel stupid for doing it.

At least pick a GOOD stoner movie.
2002-12-14 05:52:07 AM  
I'd probably do it with a bag over its head
2002-12-14 05:54:22 AM  
Definitely do-able looks wise, but I don't think I'd like to be trapped in a conversation with her...
2002-12-14 05:54:52 AM  
I cannot bear to look...yet I cannot turn away!
2002-12-14 05:57:28 AM  
The Incubus and the "Dude, where's my car" thing illustrate this picture quite well.

[image from store4.yimg.com too old to be available]
2002-12-14 05:58:57 AM  
Would I date her? No. Would I kill her? Possibly.

What a stupid biatch.

Someone has mom issues.
2002-12-14 06:04:10 AM  
Dear god, after reading a little more of that site, I had forgotten how incredibly stupid teenagers are.

I like to think I was a pretty cool teen, but then again, I was an idiot too. The "Pro/Con" about Spanish is amazing. The "Con" guy sounds retarded. I know that I've used my Spanish knowledge about 100 times more than I ever used Physics. I guess if this retard never leaves his hometown it won't be a problem though.

Teenagers are terrible people. They don't tip in restaurants, and they think they understand life better than those who have lived it. And they think that Avril chick is deep.

I can imagine the teen response to this post:

"Dude, you just don't know. Life has changed like sooo much since the early 90s."
2002-12-14 06:04:44 AM  
she could snort a line of watermelons with that shnoz.

spidie - doofyfuel.com
2002-12-14 06:12:19 AM  
Oh my farking god,

This is truly sad:

Ever heard of the group Poison? They were a popular rock and roll group in the 80's.

The fact that there are teenagers who haven't heard of Poison is incomprehensible.
2002-12-14 06:14:53 AM  
If 55 of 100 said they would date her then they're asking some losers because this girl is broke.
2002-12-14 06:21:51 AM  
no thanks.

I can't find attractive about anyone that has "dude where's my car" as their favorite movie

get some taste girl =)
2002-12-14 06:25:12 AM  
JOHNDX: That chick you posted looks my ex's cousin. Almost to a damn tee except that she had bigger boobs and a smaller head (she was a cheerleader - dumb as a rock too).

Poor girl. Used as someone's experiment. I'd bet money this chick doesn't have a date for winter formal (ours is later today). This is what happens when stupid corporate reality series come to the high school scene . . .

sorry if my html sucks ass. blame micro$oft.
2002-12-14 06:25:32 AM  
the more I drink the better she looks...

Hey, it's TRUE!
2002-12-14 06:40:58 AM  
I went to this school district (the other highschool though). Yes, the pickings in Pennsylvania are slim. Very slim. Especially in central Pennsylvania (Cedar Cliff is about 5 minutes from Harrisburg). It's common knowledge that if a Harrisburg girl isn't insane or retarded, she's a lesbian. (For some reason Harrisburg has a huuuuuge gay population, it's a city of under 50k with 8 gay and lesbian bars.)
2002-12-14 06:42:48 AM  
Whoever was raving about how stupid teenagers are, is right. I should know, I've been one for over 6 years. I had to go to school with them...
2002-12-14 06:55:12 AM  
Ah, Ugly. I haven't seen you around much lately. How have you been? Me? Oh, I'm fine. Looking at your Ugly ass, mostly. Well, I'll talk to you later. Keep up the good work, Ugly. You're doing a great job.
2002-12-14 07:01:31 AM  
i'd shag her mom..
2002-12-14 07:34:16 AM  
[image from dwoloz.com too old to be available]

sign of the apocalypse?

2002-12-14 07:35:27 AM  
JOHNDX: Whatever dude, with a body like that, besides who's to tell where she is looking with the lights out!
2002-12-14 07:40:58 AM  
No, as a former alumni of Red Land High School, I would never touch any of the sluts from Cedar Cliff, the other high school in the West Shore School District.

/Red Land-Cedar Cliff rivalry
2002-12-14 07:50:13 AM  
I'd hit the crosseyed chick.

2002-12-14 07:53:58 AM  
No way. She's not all that hot, her choice of movies, TV, and music indicate total idiocy, and my wife would kill me.
2002-12-14 07:56:41 AM  
I would date the ogre and the cross-eyed, I think they are both cute as buttons.
2002-12-14 08:02:46 AM  
I wonder if she'll be reading this thread. I wonder if everyone else at her school will have read the thread by Monday morning.

If so, maybe we'll get a
img.fark.netView Full Size
tag on Monday when she jumps off the roof.
2002-12-14 08:06:53 AM  
Well, she's not physically or mentally attractive. Is there a third thing? She doesn't have taste or a good sense of humor. There is no hope for this girl. Plastic surgery and a lobotomy? Maybe she can just settle down with an equally stupid unattractive simpleton and play video games...and hopefully not breed.

Sorry, it was the fav movie that set me off.
2002-12-14 08:09:22 AM  
Nose + Orange + Incubus + Jackass + "Up for anything" = Get the FARK away from me, you queen of the harpies.
2002-12-14 08:11:15 AM  
Seems like a nice girl. Date her ? Not really. She is the same age as my oldest daughter. Beside the rest of these jerks here would probably be turned down by her if they asked her out. Hold out for something better.
2002-12-14 08:11:31 AM  
Sixteen is legal in my state (CT), but that being said...

2002-12-14 08:18:38 AM  
See American Beauty, Magnolia, Jacob's Ladder or any other film that makes you think instead of just stare and drool, or fall asleep while drolling. Or just die; it's not as though any of this matters.
2002-12-14 08:19:09 AM  
(For the last time)

2002-12-14 08:24:37 AM  
15 is legal in michigan :D i wont say how i know (i found out when i was 18 fyi, and am 23 now)...
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