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2002-12-14 04:43:15 AM  
[image from staff.wssd.k12.pa.us too old to be available]

[image from ciudadfutura.com too old to be available]

Seperated at birth?

BTW i can't believe that age of consent is 18 in the US, that's just silly, and drinking at 21?
2002-12-14 04:43:17 AM  
Well she has the typical adolescent taste in movies and music; Jackass, Incubus and some moron stoner flick. So right off the bat I'd have to say FARK NO.

Even I have to have SOME standards.
2002-12-14 04:44:01 AM  
this page is full of fun stuff!! look at this awesome car they have its really fun!
[image from staff.wssd.k12.pa.us too old to be available]
2002-12-14 04:44:58 AM  
i'll bet she has man-boobs.

2nd. do you really want to subject your self to an Mtv hellspawn? i quote "It's a Trap!!"
2002-12-14 04:45:12 AM  
[image from staff.wssd.k12.pa.us too old to be available]
Points to the farker who identifies her...
2002-12-14 04:45:53 AM  
[image from staff.wssd.k12.pa.us too old to be available]

2002-12-14 04:46:20 AM  
I was gonna just post the pic, but it's friggin huge, so it is copy and paste FOR YUO!1!


Mmmm, high schoolers playing field hockey in plaid skirts..
2002-12-14 04:46:55 AM  
sure, in one year, actually she's legal in my state, but something's not right. why, why would a seventeen year old who is really kind-a cute have herself up there on the web with a big headline questioning men if they'd date her. (also the fact that she's got the most basic tastes. i.e.- " dude where's my car"......c'mon, i actually have started to like that movie now, but i've never met someone who's said that it's their favorite movie,.............................except of course immature teenagers who love n'sync and crap like that for a year or so, then get a grasp on what life actually is................. .............so.......no, she's immature. unless of course she likes U2.... then, i'd hit it.....
2002-12-14 04:47:12 AM  
Her intrests are just far too terrible. dude wheres my car? Incubus? Also she is too short. 5'3.
2002-12-14 04:47:34 AM  
[image from staff.wssd.k12.pa.us too old to be available] RAWR!!
2002-12-14 04:47:53 AM  
There is no U.S. legal age of consent. It varies from state to state.
2002-12-14 04:48:35 AM  
Am I the only one who thinks she hit every branch down, falling off the ugly tree?
2002-12-14 04:48:43 AM  
[image from staff.wssd.k12.pa.us too old to be available]
2002-12-14 04:49:11 AM  
and the "Dude, Where's my car" thing isn't promising either...
2002-12-14 04:49:47 AM  
A senior from Cedar Cliff said, "She is very pretty, but looks aren't everything. I would date her because she seems like a fun person to be around and someone who would make me laugh." A Cedar Cliff junior said "I would not date her. It's not because she is not pretty or anything because she obviously is. She just isn't my type."

WTF? Are these people crazy? It must be pretty slim pickins in Pennsylvania if they think she's "very pretty". I dunno.. Maybe it's just a bad picture?
2002-12-14 04:50:00 AM  
how stupid.
2002-12-14 04:50:34 AM  
2002-12-14 04:50:36 AM  

"The field hockey team has quite a different approach to its games. Coach Weaver came up with a traditional chant that goes, "Kill, Kill, Hate, Hate, Murder, Murder, Mutilate." Wendy E. explained the importance of the chant. "We say this chant soft, so the other team cannon hear it. It gets the whole team pumped up for the game."
2002-12-14 04:50:36 AM  
And really, who's fooling who ? If the pic showed she has well developed boobies, Farkers couldn't post fast enough to say they'd date her and more. You date Pam Anderson and her huge knockers, even though she'd give you a case of Hep C, and you'd kiss the same mouth that wrapped itself around Tommy Lee's shlong. Hippiecrits.
2002-12-14 04:51:21 AM  
she should read this article----->
Whats so bad about being single?

2002-12-14 04:51:30 AM  
man that girl is a beast. plus she's 17.

and i thought so much higher of the internet these days!
2002-12-14 04:53:05 AM  
No, I wouldn't, for several reasons:

1) I'm 23
2) I'm even slightly repelled by her looks.. so me being 17 wouldn't help.

I'm sure she's all well and nice and if she sees this comment, please remember we're all a bunch of superficial jerks and not worth killing yourself over the opinions of.
2002-12-14 04:53:28 AM  
...and why the fark did this get posted?

2002-12-14 04:53:52 AM  

the one with the beard?...people do look a lot different after a shave...
2002-12-14 04:53:59 AM  
...date? no just a quick band at a booze party...one year and some face wash later, of course.
2002-12-14 04:54:28 AM  

2002-12-14 04:54:46 AM  
...date? no just a quick bang at a booze party...one year and some face wash later, of course.
2002-12-14 04:54:53 AM  
I'd do her if she didn't talk afterwards
2002-12-14 04:55:37 AM  
[image from staff.wssd.k12.pa.us too old to be available]

I'd hit it
2002-12-14 04:58:45 AM  
I wish you could edit posts, 'cause i want to post this as an image but it's like 500k...

2002-12-14 04:59:12 AM  
Let's get to the real wimmins Farkers sooo love!


2002-12-14 04:59:15 AM  
No. I wouldn't date that girl. I'd instantly propose the moment I met her. If she said yes, we'd have a wonderful life full of shopping, farking, and rhinoplasty. If she said no, I'd kill myself. No, I'd kill her, then kill myself. If I can't have her, no one can, and if I can't have her, life isn't worth living.
2002-12-14 04:59:49 AM  
Is that Lisa Loeb?

Also, I really cannot fathom how people are fans of Jackass, but that's my personal take. Two Towers will (thankfully) be number one for more than 2 weeks, and somewhat restore my faith in peoples choice of film.
Dude Where's my car? hmm, I suppose that's like Weekend at Bernies, Generation Y style.
Brave girl, for letting this article go online. Or does she even know?
2002-12-14 05:00:25 AM  
Chrisifa, you (and many IN the US), would be surprised of the actual age of consent for the various states, not all are 18:
I must admit, I was kinda surprised, as well...
2002-12-14 05:01:46 AM  
I find it interesting how many people are posting at this hour. How many of you haven't gone to bed yet, and who's just getting up? Sadly, I have sleep problems, and got up at 3:30 a.m. EST.
2002-12-14 05:02:29 AM  
Why havent I seen this on CNN? Damn liberal bias, thats why.

"t's almost impossible not to notice the new changes to the school this year. Some students have been wondering why these changes have taken place.
One key change is the closing of the blue senior lockers on one side of the cafeteria ramp by the lunchroom doors.
"With lunches coming out there, it's just too busy," said Principal Hughes.
With students grouping at lockers and socializing in that area, the area was becoming a major traffic jam. Nobody could get by. Administrators felt this change would help clear up the problem.
With the closing of these lockers, that obviously reduced the availability of lockers for students. This year there were more students than last, so that posed another problem. It was then decided with the help of Student Council that seniors would share lockers starting this year.
Not all seniors agreed with that decision.
"I think that seniors should get special privileges, and some see this as a punishment," said senior Erin K."
2002-12-14 05:02:45 AM  
This girl's favorite band is Incubus. Thats the first sign she is an idiot.
2002-12-14 05:04:42 AM  
My first Photoshop...
[image from tpo-consulting.com too old to be available]
2002-12-14 05:04:47 AM  
It's only 2:00 PST.
2002-12-14 05:05:14 AM  
20/20 different time zones. And get to bed.
2002-12-14 05:06:24 AM  
JOHNDX.....thanks for the link....I'd HIT it!!
2002-12-14 05:07:29 AM  
After rhinoplasty, make-up, and a hair-do I'd consider it.
2002-12-14 05:08:08 AM  
40 Dog
You mean, your first 1/2 of a photoshop ;)
2002-12-14 05:08:29 AM  
after lLSD, a BAC of .35, and being severely beat on the head with a crowbar I'd hit it.
2002-12-14 05:08:34 AM  
[image from staff.wssd.k12.pa.us too old to be available]
2002-12-14 05:09:02 AM  
40 Dog burned
2002-12-14 05:09:22 AM  
dude, where's her plastic surgeon?
2002-12-14 05:09:58 AM  
I'd tap that though! ^
2002-12-14 05:10:21 AM  
Yes I know i didnt create the original PS but added a new twist applicable to this thread.
2002-12-14 05:10:50 AM  
Big Dave
Not quite, I'm just messin' with him.
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