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236819 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Dec 2002 at 4:20 AM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2002-12-13 11:48:53 PM  
No. I like girls and all, but she's young, has a weird nose, and acne.

Crap, I'm not gonna get banned for being extremely superficial, am I?
2002-12-13 11:50:40 PM  
sure, why not...
2002-12-13 11:53:14 PM  
I'm pretty sure I'd get arrested, so no.
2002-12-13 11:55:51 PM  
Hell no!
2002-12-14 12:12:20 AM  
she only 17 so thats good.the movie thing (dude wheres my car) can only prove that.and she's "up for anything" and thats good.but she's so ugly that she could make a train jump off the track and take a dirt road,so thats bad,
tell ya what get me a 5th of vodka and yes I will date her for 2 hours.
2002-12-14 12:15:15 AM  
when does she turn 18?
2002-12-14 12:57:58 AM  
I'd have to see her breastes first.

In a year of course :)
2002-12-14 1:01:04 AM  
So, like, is this what people do for term papers these days -- put crap pages like this up?
2002-12-14 1:37:22 AM  
Man, I wish my behavior was so stereotyped that everyone knew what I would type before I did.
2002-12-14 1:38:48 AM  
I know what you're going to type. It was about Jessica, too.
2002-12-14 1:40:10 AM  
The slam on people who said they'd date her is stupid. Of course I'd date her, I go on a "date" with anyone. What the hell am I doing with my friday nights??? It's cool to go out with a stranger and meet and interact. Now if the question were, "would you start a relationship with this girl?", I know the data would be different.
2002-12-14 3:29:38 AM  
I'd date her till she comes out of the closet. That's a dyke waitin to burst out!
2002-12-14 4:14:12 AM  
No farking way. Over looking her appearance, her favorite movie is "Dude, Wheres My Car?" Come on.
2002-12-14 4:25:26 AM  
2002-12-14 4:25:47 AM  
well her hair is curly...
2002-12-14 4:25:55 AM  
2002-12-14 4:25:56 AM  
Crazy Stoner girls.
2002-12-14 4:26:08 AM  
"Up for anything" + underage = We have a winnah!
2002-12-14 4:26:41 AM  
Maybe she has an older, non-ugly sister. I'd probably date this chick to get to the sister.
2002-12-14 4:27:35 AM  
The real question is would she date ME?
2002-12-14 4:28:05 AM  
2002-12-14 4:28:18 AM  
God, I'm hopeless
2002-12-14 4:29:20 AM  
America, doing what it does best.

Encouraging people to make fun of them, and then making fun of them.

Go back to your reality TV series folks. The TV screen probably has a better resolution for your entertainment pleasure.
2002-12-14 4:30:19 AM  
Sure. She's actually pretty good looking, in fact she looks like that astronaut chick.
2002-12-14 4:31:24 AM  
Lower resolution makes me cry! Ugly beast girl makes me cry! oh the dilemma! i must choose one or the other!
2002-12-14 4:32:34 AM  
i dunno if it would be worth the jailtime. she's cute, but if ima go to jail for banging a chick, she better be a yowza.
2002-12-14 4:33:47 AM  
Dude where's my car?

I'm in!

I don't think.
2002-12-14 4:33:48 AM  
That is a wig
2002-12-14 4:33:52 AM  
I'd hit it, then get 20 years to life in Federal Pound me in the arse prison.
2002-12-14 4:34:12 AM  
don't get your pants in a knot Natix. She's probably just your type. She likes baked potatoes as a favourite meal. And who can beat "Jackass" as a favourite movie?

You all just love this
2002-12-14 4:34:22 AM  
Well then, I'd like to see what you guys look like.
2002-12-14 4:35:48 AM  
No. Her favorite color being orange was the deal-breaker.
2002-12-14 4:36:13 AM  
mmm assjack
2002-12-14 4:36:36 AM  
If I was still in high school, I would probably think about asking her out but would be too afraid to ask.

I'm was just pathetic.
2002-12-14 4:36:41 AM  
ok, wait. She kinda looks like an ok-looking girl who shaved her head, then, after someone hit her in the face with a cast iron skillet, put a wig on so she could go out in public without being assaulted.

Yes, I would date her
2002-12-14 4:36:48 AM  
god dammit html geek shirts blow
2002-12-14 4:37:05 AM  
Being twice her age would probably put a wrench in the works... especially since I doubt she'd have enough bail money for me and I'd probably just end up hitting on her mom.

As far as her "Favorites" goes... we couldn't be (or have been when I was 17) more different.

Now of course if you had asked me "Would you hit it?"....
2002-12-14 4:37:25 AM  
Umm, no. In a drunk state of mind I might hit on her if she didn't tell me how old she is and didn't mention her movie preference. (and she would have to be the only girl available btw)
2002-12-14 4:37:27 AM  
god im an asshole good night
2002-12-14 4:37:44 AM  
5'3" - no good
2002-12-14 4:38:50 AM  
This chick was so ugly I slapped my mother.

2002-12-14 4:39:11 AM  
she has a really long neck, also
2002-12-14 4:39:31 AM  
I'll bet she has Man-Hands
2002-12-14 4:40:23 AM  
holy shiat! whats coming out of her neck??
2002-12-14 4:40:28 AM  

Safe bet on the man hands. Is that her nose or a penis?
2002-12-14 4:40:33 AM  
Come back in 35 years and we'll see...

2002-12-14 4:41:35 AM  
incubus? jeep wrangler? lame. no way.
2002-12-14 4:41:55 AM  
So this is what Fark has degenerated to... a glorified "Am I Hot or Not?"
2002-12-14 4:42:01 AM  
I think the nose is photoshopped, maybe it's an experiment on male superficiality. If that's not the case then I probably wouldn't.
2002-12-14 4:42:51 AM  
dunno bout her but i'll take this hottie
[image from too old to be available]
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