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(NewsNet5)   Man dies within minutes of wife's death after 50 years of marriage   ( divider line
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2002-12-10 06:13:11 PM  
About 9500 people die each day in the US alone. Since married people are usually about the same age and live similar lifestyles, I'd say they should all die (if naturally) within 10 years (3650 days) of each other, which is a 7300 day span. I'm not gonna' touch the math, but it doesn't seem so fantastic that a married couple should die on the same day.
2002-12-10 06:43:07 PM  
Came back to read the rest of the posts and felt a tug at my heart. Reading the posts leads me to one conclusion. No matter what's going on in the world, the horrific scenes we see on the news, we can still feel compassion. The world is not lost to us.

Kudos to all farkers and farkettes. Keep on caring.
2002-12-10 06:59:46 PM  
The saddest part of the whole thing????

With the love that he had for her....

...he did get to share his dying breath with her as he wished and wanted to..
2002-12-10 07:00:25 PM  

I meant to say that he "didn't"
2002-12-10 07:29:06 PM  
Most husbands die before their wives.

Because they want to.
2002-12-10 10:14:59 PM  
That is not sad, yo. Fifty years of marriage is beautiful, and so is dying together. Hooray for them.
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