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(ABC 7)   Firefighters find ten grand in discarded couch   ( abclocal.go.com) divider line
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2002-12-09 10:16:59 PM  
Was it a couch with soft cushions and four legs to keep it off the ground? Hey! That's my couch!
2002-12-10 07:34:26 AM  
I once found a thong in our couch.

What's up with the friggin' ass in the upper right hand corner?

Page is NSFW every time it loads up.
2002-12-10 07:36:25 AM  
Sofa so good
2002-12-10 07:40:09 AM  
Anybody who has ever got stoned, put something somewhere, and then later can't remember should identify with this, but 10K??????
2002-12-10 07:40:47 AM  
Ironbar:What's up with the friggin' ass in the upper right hand corner?

Page is NSFW every time it loads up.

well said! what with that and the SbB 'girls' fark is becoming nsfw
2002-12-10 07:41:53 AM  
12-10-02 07:40:47 AM Cormee

I mean, not that I mind, but the cube peekers might.
2002-12-10 07:46:24 AM  
Control Q

No problem .... If you have a Mac
2002-12-10 07:51:11 AM  
if you have no workmates around you and are worried about the company proxy logging your surfing history relief comes in the form of https://www.megaproxy.com/_secure/
2002-12-10 07:54:25 AM  
Thanks, Cormee.
2002-12-10 08:01:02 AM  
That's my couch. Please?
2002-12-10 08:08:41 AM  
drug money.
2002-12-10 08:17:34 AM  
what i really want to know is: why can't this ever happen to me?
2002-12-10 08:23:30 AM  
All I got in the top right corner link were some thongs. Can't say it's NSFW unless you work at the local Baptist church. And think of all the thongs you could buy your sweetie with $10,000
2002-12-10 08:25:59 AM  
WTF, this is Chicago. We normally find lost election ballots in couches. Maybe someone switched the drop goods.
2002-12-10 08:26:50 AM  
They found a candybar?
2002-12-10 08:36:42 AM  
"The money was turned over to Brown Deer police after the Nov. 29 training exercise. It will become the property of the village of Brown Deer if it is not claimed, said police Capt. Charles Wenten."

Are these firemen completely insane?

"Oh look here's ten thousand dollars that nobody is ever going to claim and that is probably drug money, I know let's turn it into the police! Then we won't see a penny of it even though we work really hard for practically no money anyway! Yeah!"
2002-12-10 08:37:30 AM  
I didn't click on the link so I don't know what date this story has on it, but didn't this happen over a week ago?
I clearly remember hearing about it and having someone ask me about it as well.
2002-12-10 09:28:29 AM  

Posted more than a week ago.

Can we get a tag?

Fark is getting lame. The same old shiat gets posted over and over again.
2002-12-10 10:03:28 AM  
It's a StrongBad egg!
2002-12-10 10:06:17 AM  
¡Aye-ay-ay! Mi dinero!
2002-12-10 10:10:05 AM  
Drat - must have fallen out of my pocket when I sat down
2002-12-10 11:07:18 AM  
In other news, firefighter buy 50 kegs and install a keg-o-lator. **burp*
2002-12-10 11:20:49 AM  
Dr.Knockboots: Of course. And if it were MY drug money, they'd soon be finding a dead nubian or two, as well.
2002-12-10 11:25:28 AM  
British Firefighters Surrender!
2002-12-10 11:28:09 AM  
But did they find george lucas's talent?

Sorry that is a continuation from a thread yesterday cant remember which one though.
2002-12-10 11:31:03 AM  
oh and HockeyGuy didnt you are getting us mixed up with the french?
The brits shall never surrender we will fight them on the beaches....................................

(plus we do use soap and water)
2002-12-10 12:33:58 PM  
These guys didn't work at the WTC, did they?

2002-12-10 12:41:12 PM  
I could have swore that it said: "Firefighters find ten grand in discarded crotch"

2002-12-10 03:04:58 PM  
Fry1138... true... very true ;P
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