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(ABC News)   Man surives on peanut butter, Taco Bell sauce packets   ( divider line
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8779 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Dec 2002 at 3:09 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-09 10:37:38 PM  
My girlfriend wants me to clean out my car. She's obviously trying to kill me! But not if I clean out her car first...

[shifting eyes, rubbing hands]
2002-12-10 03:11:44 AM  
thats my daily diet, except i have more ketchup too
2002-12-10 03:12:36 AM  
Seriously, people... old news.

Joe Dirt has been on HBO for months now.
2002-12-10 03:14:22 AM  
Kind of off topic, but has anyone else noticed that the ads around here are starting to get a little NSFW? First there was the SbB ads which weren't that bad, just some big breasted women. Then the top ad had some fake b00bies (not fake as in implants) in it. And now there is a big thong butt on the right side. I'm not gay or anything, but I don't know what my boss would think if he walked by and saw all these ads.
2002-12-10 03:15:23 AM  
Replace taco bell sauce with chalula and I could do it =D
2002-12-10 03:15:52 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-12-10 03:17:03 AM  
Taco bell sauce is all the same. Gross.
Upper right hand corner thong shot is going to be hard to explain at work, Drew
2002-12-10 03:18:48 AM  
Ya, thats the 1 of the ads i'm talking about! I don't know about all bosses, but I don't think my boss would approve =D
2002-12-10 03:18:58 AM  
...and they all laughed when I stockpiled 9000 ketchup packets for Y2K. Who's laughing now?
2002-12-10 03:20:20 AM  
You mean no one here has made a condiment sandwich before? Hell I thought that's what everyone resorted to after ramen noodles.

/btw I love that ad
2002-12-10 03:20:55 AM  
Condiments for your pleasure?
2002-12-10 03:21:50 AM  
yeah.. the thong pic is a bit much.. i know a few co-workers that are farkers who would agree.."An Unnecessarily Long Name" being one of them (shout out to my man mike)

really tough when you work for the gubment.

back on topic: thats a horrible diet. but i bet PETA approves, or do peanuts counts as animals to those morons?
2002-12-10 03:21:55 AM  
I wonder if it was Fire sauce. The real nutrients are in there, considering how chunky it is.
2002-12-10 03:22:51 AM  
Hey, I read the article and I'm still wondering, how the hell can you not be able to get out of a car? Did he try opening the door? I know he had a broken hip, but if a person can dig around their car looking for taco bell sauce, they should damn well be mobile enough to drag their broken ass out of the car and head back to the road.
2002-12-10 03:23:16 AM  
i did not know this, but i heard jello is a meat product or somethin like that
2002-12-10 03:26:32 AM  
I submitted this with a slightly more humorous headline about 7 hours ago.
2002-12-10 03:26:41 AM  
Asshat! is right. I think it is made from some part of a cow, I'm not sure which, maybe stomach lining.
2002-12-10 03:27:10 AM  
I didn't even read the comments before my remark. I read the article, and was flashed numerous times.
seriously, PLEASE do away with the thong.
It borders NSFW, and since it's on the main page, it can get people into trouble.
please consider this.
2002-12-10 03:27:29 AM  
Gelatin is pure protein derived from beef and veal bones, cartilage, tendons and other tissue. However, much of the commercial gelatin today is actually a by-product of pig skin!
2002-12-10 03:29:17 AM  
MMMM, jello shots
2002-12-10 03:29:46 AM  
I like the thong, but don't want to hurt my fellow farkers.

/me stares at ad for 2 minutes

Wow that is just a quality thong, but you know what I'm not going to click the link.
2002-12-10 03:30:36 AM  
boy, my "vegitarian" friend will get a kick out of this, he started his journey last week, he gots a shiat load of jello cups in his fridge,
2002-12-10 03:32:30 AM  
Yes, that ad is like a b00bies link, without the link!

And about the Jello thing, I live in the Jello capital of the world (or so I'm told), so you'd think i'd know a thing or two about Jello. But I don't! =D
2002-12-10 03:34:19 AM is no longer SFW I guess.
2002-12-10 03:37:23 AM  
that thong ad and the flashing "YOURE A WINNER IF THIS IS FLASHING!!!!" ad made me Right-click->"block images from this server". Sorry guys...when you get some new ads let me know and i will go back to supporting fark.
2002-12-10 03:38:10 AM  
hah, im king, i dont have a job!
2002-12-10 03:38:40 AM  
addendum: I still get many fark ad's, just not those two or any from those servers. I still get all the other ads, just it's not that i'm blocking all fark ads, just those and the ones from those servers.
2002-12-10 03:46:50 AM  
If you turn off the downloading of images in your browser options, you don't get NSFW images. Message boards look the pretty much the same. You might have to "right click"-"Show Picture" every once in a while though.
2002-12-10 03:49:57 AM  
Dave_bsr which browser supports that feature?

also, if anyone knows why i keep getting Netbroadcaster popups no matter which site i go to.. i would appreciate the assistance in removing this ..thingy.
2002-12-10 03:50:44 AM  
Ward was five miles from the coal mine where he works as a security guard

ummm...guarding coal chunks? I live about 20 feet from a big field of the stuff. It's not guarded. I thought that was weird.

I noticed the sexuality increase in the ads as well. It does make the sight resemble pr0n.

and please don't pick on vegetarians for eating gelatin. It's so annoying. I was vegetarian for 15 years and it gets so tiresome hearing people tell you who much you are or are not a vegetarian when they sit around and eat anything before them. There are different types of vegetarians. Vegan, lacto, ovo, ovo-lacto, macrobiotic. And please please for the love of god, don't assume that they live off of tofu and salad.
2002-12-10 03:52:49 AM  
now it's not on the main page.
i'm nuts I suppose.
2002-12-10 04:00:24 AM  
I just want to know what it means to SURIVE?

2002-12-10 04:06:09 AM  
It's still there for me SweaterGirl, and now I have the added bonus of a banner of SbB girls kissing on the cheek.
2002-12-10 04:06:30 AM  
D8vo, was?,
i retract my previous statement

<pig headed feminist/>
2002-12-10 04:12:23 AM  
Btw SG I heard Sergie is really pissed about Anna and Enrica Iglegias right now, the time to strike is now
2002-12-10 04:13:33 AM  
Yeah, was. Now I live entirely on bacon. =-) (joking) It was a phase. I did the whole buddhist monastic precepts thing and the vegetarian thing. And other things. Now I'm pretty mainstream
2002-12-10 04:14:28 AM  
for a second there it was parallel universe fark.
IE anything miserable for Pornosaur;D
I won't hit the homepage from work with thong girl. My HR manager would have a field day.
2002-12-10 04:17:08 AM  
okay, I'll apologize in advance but it's 3:13 am and I wanna rant. You know what is even more annoying than someone telling you that you aren't a vegetarian because there's animal protein in your soy cheese? Having some nimrod tell you that you aren't a Buddhist because you drink and smoke. Never mind the six years of monastic precepts. UGHHH ok again. I apologize.

2002-12-10 04:21:11 AM  
Like I would take Anna left ove..
why yes. Yes I would.
Send him here.
2002-12-10 04:26:04 AM  
To the farkers whimpering about the possibly NSFW ad, if you're using windows and IE download AdShield ( and load it. Right click on an ad and tell it buh bye. You can specify domains all the way down to individual ads.
Elsewise, use Mozilla. Right click on an ad and say buh bye.

Threadjack over.
2002-12-10 04:26:41 AM  
See I think this could work out perfectly for us, you take Sergei and I take Anna. World Peace, dogs and cats living together in harmony. It's so simple.
2002-12-10 04:31:29 AM  
actually, peanut butter, taco bell fire sauce and top ramen noodles are a quick,inexpensive way to make Pad Thai at home.
2002-12-10 04:37:38 AM  
When they ask you if you want hot or mild sauce at the window I find the best answer to be "yeah". It confuses them and they just throw a bunch of everything in the bag.
2002-12-10 05:03:23 AM  
It doesn't say if it was Mild or Hot. I could do a few days on mild, but I'd be lucky to make it 24 hours with hot.
2002-12-10 05:04:43 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Allways have one of these in your car.
2002-12-10 05:31:57 AM  
Better than fruitjuice and frost.
2002-12-10 05:45:40 AM  
I hate to biatch, Compton, but that damn Calvé Pindakaas met Stukjes Noot is never chunky enough. I miss American peanut butter.
2002-12-10 07:23:18 AM  
Keep a can of dog food in your glove compartment. You won't eat it, like a snack food when stuck in traffic. But, if stranded, it makes a better choice than eating your own hand to survive.
2002-12-10 07:26:45 AM  
Or a 250kg bag of snakes.
2002-12-10 07:35:45 AM  
Big deal, I lived on peanut butter, waffles, and beer for a month.
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