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(Yahoo)   Tim Burton promises that there will not be a sequel to Planet of the Apes   ( dailynews.yahoo.com) divider line
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2001-08-17 11:18:44 AM  
he'll be forced too. remember scary movie's tagline? no mercy, no shame, no sequel? if something makes a killing at the box office, they'll bleed it anyway they can.
2001-08-17 11:21:33 AM  
Awwww.. and I was just waiting to see the Terminators go back in time to battle the apes.
2001-08-17 11:25:09 AM  
If there is no sequel then that was a farking stupid piece of shiat ending. If Burton dont do a sequel the studios will appoint someone who will.
2001-08-17 11:25:44 AM  
And the Earth will be ruled by damned filthy Tim Burton!
2001-08-17 11:30:18 AM  
HollywoodNorth, you just watched a movie about talking monkeys from space. Don't expect it to make sense.
2001-08-17 11:47:38 AM  
No sequel? shiat! I wanted to see "Planet with that guy who's friends of the uncle of the girl with the boobies who once saw an ape." I heard it KICKS ASS!
2001-08-17 12:00:31 PM  
Maybe someone besides Burton will direct the sequel, and we'll get the Batman debacle all over again. Weee.
2001-08-17 12:07:07 PM  
the enw one deserves a sequel more than the original (which is much better!). Yet they made 4 sequels to that one...
2001-08-17 12:30:48 PM  
As Daily Show called it "Planet Full of Apes"
2001-08-17 01:05:17 PM  
tim burton rocks.
2001-08-17 02:03:18 PM  
Planet of the Apes wasn't too bad.

But in order to enjoy the movie on any sort of intellectual level - rather than the pure emotional bullshiat Hollywood loves - I feel the best course of action is to watch it, and then during the final battle when there is the explosion, pretend that he got it wrong, that the nuclear engine goes, killing every human and ape, get up, and walk out of the theatre.

The only way the "there is no twist, only stupidity" ending would have been explainable was with a sequel and even then it would have been veeeeeeeeeery stretched. I don't blame Tim Burton for washing his hands of it.
2001-08-17 02:29:46 PM  
Thank you Tim. Thank you very much.
2001-08-17 02:34:22 PM  
Don't leave right after that, you'll miss the funniest part! I laughed out loud during the fight scene where that general ape dude smacked that little astronaut chimpanzee and he went flying through the air... That was some funny shiat, intentionally or not.

Of course, the rest of the movie sort of sucked. I wonder if Tim Burton somehow realizes this despite the media rimjobs he is accustomed to.
2001-08-17 02:34:43 PM  
This story contradicts what I got off of the Internet Movie Database, which just says that he won't do any more. I doubt he has the power to stop any sequels:

Tim Burton has complained that his battles with 20th Century Fox during the making of Planet of the Apes left him
"bloodied, beaten and left for dead" even before the movie began shooting. In an interview with today's (Friday) London
Independent, Burton expressed anger at how studio executives handled the Apes project. "I don't know if things are getting
worse, or if my tolerance level is going down, but I'm just sick of it." And although the studio has indicated that it may
produce a series of new Apes sequels, Burton said he wants no part of it. "The idea of doing a sequel -- I'd rather jump out of the
window, I swear to God," he said.
2001-08-17 04:08:34 PM  
Just what i needed, a big pic of Tim Burton's mug from that article. Everyone at work proly thinks i'm surfing gay porn. HEY NETWORK GUYS!
2001-08-17 04:13:36 PM  
I thought the movie was dreadful. The makeup was the only decent element of the film.

I don't care who directs the sequel(s). My fat ass ain't going!
2001-08-17 04:46:24 PM  
Avoid seeing this movie. Not good. There were good aspects, but they don't make good movies, they make good still-pictures. Namely: The make-up and backgrounds were great. The dialogue and plot (or lack thereof) were pure drivel. And the ending should have simply ended w/ large black letters on a pure white background: "Please have your wallets ready to buy your tickets for Planet of the Apes 2 on your way out. Thank you for you time and money... mostly your money."
2001-08-17 05:10:51 PM  
The movie was definately shiat (like we really need another 20 minute opening credit sequence), and I don't really blame Tim Burton, but God damnit I want an explanation for the ending! So maybe then a sequel won't be so bad.
2001-08-17 05:27:12 PM  
my idea for a suprise ending.

" soylent green is made of monkey abe, monkey abe!"

2001-08-17 07:59:31 PM  
Something like three directors bailed on this project before Burton signed up. It's a wonder it got made at all.
2001-08-17 09:43:37 PM  
Can someone promise me there won't be a sequel to Tim Burton?
2001-08-17 09:50:22 PM  
HAHAHAH Popo Bawa.......
2001-08-18 12:29:41 AM  
First of all, Tim Burton rules. But, he was working under the writers of the old Planet of the Apes and the producers were very, very strict. He was not able to show his full potential as a director in this film and I don't think he'd want repeat the same mistake. The ending was excellent, if any of you idiots put any thought into it. But you didn't so you laugh at the statue and say "Fvck that sucked, man! Let's go get drunk!". There should not be a sequel, though. Or it would ruin the excellent ending.
2001-08-18 01:42:07 AM  
Has the PORN version come out yet , hhmmm...

"Planet of the Ape Whores "
" Boners of the Apes "
" Debbi Does Ape Planet "
" Take the A Train to Ape Planet "
" Planet of The Anal Apes "

Anyone ?
2001-08-18 01:54:14 AM  
"Plant It In An Ape "

must sleep now
2001-08-18 01:54:31 AM  
Tim Burton is MUCH better when he takes on projects of his own origination - Beetlejuice, Ed Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Nightmare Before Christmas - than he is when Hollywood gives him leftovers to spruce up - Batman, Sleepy Hollow, POTA. (Mars Attacks falls neatly between these two categories, unfortunately.) He's still an intriguing filmmaker, somewhere under there, but I think he should stop selling out.
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