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13327 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Dec 2002 at 3:51 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-09 03:53:46 PM  
Banks are asses.
2002-12-09 03:54:15 PM  
2002-12-09 03:54:22 PM  
Asses are banks. Sometimes.
2002-12-09 03:55:03 PM  
Tough break.
2002-12-09 03:56:00 PM  
LOL that's funny

OH wait no it isn't :(
2002-12-09 03:56:16 PM  
farking povs
2002-12-09 03:56:29 PM  
Peter makes deposits.
2002-12-09 03:56:31 PM  
Take 80,000 liras or whatever the hell they are.

Hire a bunch of mafia ass kickers for 20,000.

Have them pay a visit to the bank.
2002-12-09 03:57:00 PM  
Don't leave home without it
2002-12-09 03:57:37 PM  
He should have had a Visa check card.
2002-12-09 03:57:46 PM  
Banks are always a bunch of lires-

Ok, that was retarded.
2002-12-09 03:58:08 PM  
Well, I could understand if he was Canadian...
2002-12-09 03:59:00 PM  
So, was he homeless because of the bank or was he homeless by choice?

2002-12-09 04:00:58 PM  
The Solution: AssEuros.
It's time to take AssPennies international..
2002-12-09 04:01:13 PM  
Xadrian, he was homeless because the bank wouldn't convert his old money (liras) to new money (euros) citing that his identification expired over a decade ago.

So I'm guessing he couldn't make his house payments.
2002-12-09 04:01:53 PM  
Which is why I always use gold and silver coins. This paper money thing is a fad.
2002-12-09 04:02:08 PM  
Maybe it's just me, but it sounds like this guy was homeless b/c he's CRAZY...
2002-12-09 04:04:54 PM  
Yeah, I don't by that he held onto 30k for 13 years if he was mentally stable. I mean, any more stable than your normal European.
2002-12-09 04:05:01 PM  
Some rags-to-riches story. In effect, he really has NOTHING.

$30,000 is only $30,000 if the paper has value. The people of Argentina found this out recently. Otherwise it's just many slips of paper.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2002-12-09 04:05:31 PM  
You need ID to change lire into euros? Italy must have a rule like the U.S. law that requires banks to report you as a suspected drug dealer if you handle too much cash.

A few years ago, a store refused to take my check because my driver's license had expired. Did I cease to be me because I didn't pay the government $30 on my last birthday?
2002-12-09 04:05:53 PM  
So the new Euro was just a way to force everyone to update their identifications, or face going broke?

2002-12-09 04:08:01 PM  
Makes you wonder how many of these workers at the psycho ward keep the money they find on these people. All they'd have to say is "Oh pleaase, this looney bin didn't have a penny on him when he came in, don't believe a word he says!".
2002-12-09 04:10:26 PM  
It was $30,000 dollars...I thought at first it was 30,000 lires which is like 12 bucks.
2002-12-09 04:10:31 PM  
A few years ago, a store refused to take my check because my driver's license had expired. Did I cease to be me because I didn't pay the government $30 on my last birthday?

You could've used your passport, or some other form of picture id.
2002-12-09 04:11:00 PM  
Hmm... could this man be the next guy for Fox' next reality show ? 10 crackhead women battle it out to marry a homeless guy who has a good place to stay under a bridge. The women are under the impression the man is FLAT BROKE, but at the end of the show it's revealed he has 30,000 in Lira. The question is whether or not the woman will stay with him .
2002-12-09 04:14:00 PM  
Why don;t you just Shut up, As iT is pAteNtly obvIouS that you have no idea what in the helL yOu aRe talking about, Dude. There is no beaSt, there is no conspirAcy, jusT cAlm dowN.

Some people! Continue farking, my friends. Pay no atten6tion to t6his crack6pot.
2002-12-09 04:14:44 PM  
Oh, well his ID expired... it's ok then.
2002-12-09 04:16:02 PM  
The E.U. sucks. Soon, they will want to be called the United States of Europe. They will still suck as an attempt to revive of the Roman Empire, control and enslave the member states and render their money useless. The E.U. will dissolve NATO and become self-protective and seek Superpower status. Who is in charge of E.U. now? Spain. Is there a joint Social/Domestic plan within E.U.? Not that I'm aware. E.U. is an economic, soon to be military alliance that will care less and less about the less fortunate in each country and seeks to outcompete the US, Japan, Russia, China in global markets. Good Luck!
2002-12-09 04:16:05 PM  
If he lived in America the hospital people probably would have stolen his money, raped him, and then given him the wrong drugs or something. So he's not off that bad.
2002-12-09 04:18:48 PM  
That's just farkin' pathetic. Give the man his money; give him a crappy exchange rate, whatever. Something! Soul-less farks.

Thinking aout how much shiat we all have to deal with while we're young makes me really apprehensive about this whole aging thing.

Maybe Hemmingway was onto something...

2002-12-09 04:19:31 PM  
Identification in the US never expires. The grocery store was run by dumbasses. Of course, you can't do anything about it because they have the right to refuse service for no reason whatsoever, so unless they refused service for a specifically illegal reason (such as your race) you still don't get your groceries.

For clarification: ID never expires. Auxillary functions of the ID, such as driving priviledges or international travel, can expire. Also, if you stop looking like the picture on your ID, it's effectively useless (although still not officially expired).

2002-12-09 04:21:10 PM  
I hate banks. I mean I really hate them. So much so that there really are no words to dexcribe the hate I harbour for banks.

My ex-girlfriend grauduated and couldn't get a job for a few months and ended up needing to go on welfare for three months.

One day I took her to the bank to get her cheque cashed and the bank refused to do so unless 1] she opened an account and 2] the money would be held for 30 days.

Bank had this lovely service charge system all worked out as well. Open an account with less than $500? you get a one dollar service charge! You get a monthly one dollar service charge to "maintain" your account. You are charged $1 if your balance goes to zero and you still wish to keep your account open. The bank was kind in reminding her that there was no charge to cash her welfare cheque, but that she would have to deposit the entire amount into her account unless she had at least the same amount available "to cover" the cheque, in case it bounced!!!!!

She was only on welfare for 3 months, but this gave us a nice little eye-opener into how banks treat people who count on every penny just to survive. They fark them in the ass as hard and as often as they can.

So for a typical welfare recipient who simply wants their f|_|cking money to pay for necessities, the bank makes damn sure they get 3% from every cheque, one way or another.

Banks make a killing off of the poor and working poor and indigent. The morons who come up with and implement these policies should be boiled in the urine of street people.

The people who have lots of money are the ones who never pay a dime for anything. It's the people who can least afford it who are nickled and dimed to death and despair.

Did I say I hate banks? I really really hate them with all that I am capable of hating....
2002-12-09 04:34:46 PM  
Another example of how we're all supposed to break down and cry for a homeless idiot that doesn't follow the rules.

Stuff the 30k in a sack and you've got a mattress.
2002-12-09 04:59:47 PM  
Maybe he couldn't get his money exchanged but with a shotgun he could've at least got a couple cheeseburgers and some cigs out of them
2002-12-09 05:13:53 PM  
I was carded once for a 6 pac of beer and I showed the store owner my passport as proof and was refused because , as he said it may be a fake. It's a federal offence to alter a pasport - You need three forms of ID to get one too - What was this store owner thinking (?) It's like "MACGABHIN" said you can be refused for anything , including a store owners ignorances . . .
2002-12-09 06:37:45 PM  
This article is a repeat but the previous submission had more info. it sounded from that article like he had a good amount of money already in Euros (I think at least $8000 worth) and he had a another 15000 or whatever in lire. My guess would be he has alzheimers or is senile as well, because i think it said he was in his 70s or 80s.
And the problem he had with ID was that he didn' have any proper ID to prove who he was and I think he hadn't filed taxes in 11 years. Italy does have strict laws about IDs (anyone remember the article from a month or two ago about the Italian guy who had problems getting a job, couldn't join the military, and couldn't get married because his birth certificate said he was female. Took him over 10 years to get that fixed.
2002-12-09 06:40:33 PM  
I think how they did the transition to Euros was stupid. At least as it relates to changing your old money.

They should do it how the US does it, just don't print any more and destroy the old notes as they go back to the bank. How hard is that? Does anyone know their rationalization for doing it the way they did?

It seems like this is just another way for the government to screw people over.
2002-12-09 07:06:45 PM  
Yeah. Homelessness is a choice. It's as easy as American apple pie to stay away from homelessness if you're willing to work hard. Right.
2002-12-09 07:54:37 PM  
If Europe changes their name to the U.S. of Europe, we'll bomb them. I mean it. Who do they think they are?

GOLOG I had someone tell me the same story--they tried to use a passport for ID and the dipshiat clerk wouldn't accept it. Passports are ALWAYS good ID, much better than a driver's license or something. And some paranoid types say always use a passport for ID, because it doesn't have your SSN or your address on it.
2002-12-09 09:57:36 PM  
i hate banks. i always have, since i was about sixteen or so and they started screwing me. but i really hate them now.

best possible use of the assinine tag.
2002-12-10 01:30:29 AM  
I have never spent money on overdrafts, service charges, minimum balance, or otherwise when I have delt with nothing but cash.

It's a pain in the ass though.
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