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(Sound and Motion)   Michelle Williams is making a movie about Heath Ledger so his daughter can learn about him from somewhere other than "Brokeback Mountain"   ( divider line
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1713 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 09 Jul 2008 at 8:29 AM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2008-07-09 07:47:58 AM  
Mom and the rest of the family also deceased?

He was an actor, not Tesla.
2008-07-09 08:32:24 AM  
I wish i could quit you!
2008-07-09 08:39:40 AM  
As long as she's in it, I'll watch.

Especially if she shows those gorgeous cans again.

And even more if she gets Anne Hathaway to do it too.
2008-07-09 08:44:13 AM  
I thought Michelle was a girl's name.
2008-07-09 09:27:22 AM  
"Why'd daddy spit on his hand, mommy?"

"That's for lube, sweetie. Now shush--we're getting to the good part."
2008-07-09 09:54:21 AM  
abinitioadinfinitum.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

Fine..I'll start
2008-07-09 09:58:14 AM  
I assume this is totally unrelated to her and the daughter not being in the will at all, and not getting any of his money?
2008-07-09 11:23:19 AM  
I've always thought she was about 1,000 shades of hawt. And yes, I did sit through a two hour movie about butchy lesbians just to get a glimpse of those cans.
2008-07-09 11:34:39 AM  
Watch Lords of Dogtown. That is all.
2008-07-09 12:40:26 PM  
2wolves: Mom and the rest of the family also deceased? He was an actor, not Tesla.

Maybe she could just put up some signs.
2008-07-09 12:43:37 PM  
one of my favorite family guy clips (new window)
2008-07-09 03:25:34 PM  
Why so serious?
2008-07-09 04:06:15 PM  
Commander Lysdexic:Why so serious?

Damnit. That was going to be my only contribution to the thread.
*shakes fist*
2008-07-09 07:24:52 PM  
PenisGargle:I wish i could quit you!

I love how the username just completes it, but then again I started early tonight.
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