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(IOL)   Professor gives nude lap-dance lecture   ( divider line
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4483 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Aug 2001 at 9:30 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-16 09:41:25 AM  
A group of drama students in England gave their university lecturer an ovation after watching her perform naked as part of a solo performing arts show on lap dancing.

I thought it was customary to tip the dancer.
2001-08-16 09:51:19 AM  
2001-08-16 09:52:54 AM  
2001-08-16 10:05:55 AM  
Nudity is just shocking.
I say, if the good Lord had wanted us to be naked, he would have made us that way.
2001-08-16 10:07:08 AM  
How much drama does stripping need?forgive me for I know not of what I speak, but when my clothes come off, I get a "Standing" ovation as well... Maybe I picked the wrong major.
2001-08-16 10:10:36 AM  
Thanks a glorified stripper now known as 'Dr.' I always knew porn was art.
2001-08-16 10:19:40 AM  
Now this is feminism I can get down with. Her Whacked out politics remind me of a group of hard-core fem.s here (Toronto) who go out prostituting theirselves to "re-claim" womans rights. Its a WIN-WIN situation for everybody!!!!
2001-08-16 10:25:18 AM  
I took a lot at her site. She has performance art pieces like "Catholic Sex" and "I am objectified, therefore I am." I didn't go through the entire descriptions of the works, but I believe her major themes are the dehumanization of women by society (men) thinking of women as merely sexual playthings.

She could probably be very successful if she got a boob job.
2001-08-16 11:17:15 AM  
Jinkies, Princess, someone defaced your page with a shiatload of colored fonts and clip art.
2001-08-16 11:27:10 AM  
Hey, I just had a thought. I wonder if I could take a journalism class from Lily Kwan?
2001-08-16 12:09:45 PM  
Where do I sign up for her class?
2001-08-16 12:25:12 PM  
hahaha -- just as i went to her site and was looking through her performances, i've got winamp on "shuffle" and marvin gaye's "let's get it on" came on. priceless,
that it completely undercuts the feminist ideals expressed.
2001-08-16 01:34:58 PM  
Gosh. She's discovered that by getting naked, she gets attention. That's so.... artistic. I wish I could roll my eyes in text. Give me a break, she gets her indoor rocks off by stripping in front of a large group of people.
2001-08-16 04:06:28 PM  
KNEW i shoulda studied abroad....
2001-08-16 04:10:50 PM  
I studied as many broads as I could....
2001-08-16 04:35:13 PM  
What? You mean the strippers don't actually like me? WTF?
2001-08-16 09:27:49 PM  
"Yes I have a PhD in drama and feminist theory, now would you like paper or plastic?"
2001-08-16 10:09:52 PM  
She certainly seems very scholarly....That must be why there are so many giant nude pictures of her all over her website. Personally, I always try to include a couple on the cover of my essays. You know, just to make a strong social point.
2001-08-16 10:37:44 PM  
Blow jobs for top marks this week go to.................
2001-08-17 01:53:14 AM  
Its not like I want to see her get her kit off........ shes not exactley miss universe is she, better porn sites to look at then her ugly mug.
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