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2001-08-16 09:41:06 AM  
I wonder if they will catch the janitor playing Quake 3 on it at night.
2001-08-16 09:51:29 AM  
Boobies at the speed of light!
2001-08-16 10:03:15 AM  
Atomic simulations moving at the speed of business! What a world we live in.
2001-08-16 10:11:15 AM  
But will it play Trespasser at a decent frame rate?
2001-08-16 10:12:54 AM  
Drew - how much in donations would it take to get one of these for the Fark server?
2001-08-16 10:18:28 AM  
Great, Compaq is going to make the next one. You can bet that one will suck and will come with a bunch of extra software the DOE won't want.

Scientist1: Damnit, what is this NukePaq software? Its taking up too much space, but if I remove it, the system will crash.
2001-08-16 10:21:47 AM  
LOL, janitors playing quake 3. Wouldn't duke NUKUm be more appropiate?
2001-08-16 10:22:44 AM  
The world's fastest computer runs AIX?


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2001-08-16 10:36:17 AM  
Probably not really "the" fastest - just the fastest they're willing to publicize. The fastest and most powerful computers are swiped-up immediately by DARPA and the NSA.
2001-08-16 10:45:54 AM  
Damn-it where are the specs! How fast are the processors, how many processor, how much RAM, how many hard-drives, how big are the hard-drives, etc. etc. etc. and most important.... does the graphics card allow for super high-resolution boobies?
2001-08-16 11:17:35 AM  
I'll bet at the end of the simulations the answer will still be "42".
2001-08-16 11:43:36 AM  
I just want to know if it can talk the legs of an Arcturan mega-donkey, and better yet get it to go for a walk afterwards?
2001-08-16 11:53:54 AM  
dammit! and i just bought this new computer. i'm so behind in the times.
2001-08-16 12:27:31 PM  
Dave... I don't like doing nuke simulations Dave...
2001-08-16 12:55:30 PM  
old news; here's the stats for the box;

Name: ASCI White
Manufacturer: IBM
Weight: 106 tons
CPS: 12.3 Trillion
Space: Two Basket ball courts
Type of Processer: IBM Power3-III
Number of Processers: 8,192
Nodes: 512
Processers per Node: 16
RAM: 6.2 TeraBytes
Disk Space: 160 TeraBytes
Power Consumed: 1.2 Megawatts
Cost: $110 million
2001-08-16 02:45:01 PM  
Badger: 42, yes, i think i'll be reading that awesome book (Trilogy in 5 parts :), so technically 1 BINDED book) again soon.
2001-08-16 02:58:36 PM  
Shall we play a game?
2001-08-16 06:02:08 PM  
(modem noises) WarGames was such a great movie :)

6.2TB of ram? seems a bit excessive..
2001-08-16 06:25:15 PM  
I'm suprised that Reuters took so long to report this. It's actually really old news (over a year).
Grimace: What's wrong with AIX? Sure, it's proprietary. Sure, it requires some fairly expensive hardware. Sure, it's IBM. But what else can scale the way that AIX does. One UNIX that can run on a deskside workstation or something like ASCI White. If you ever get a chance to use an SP, I recommend it. It's really quite an experience, and you'll never think about Beowulf again.
For some more info on ASCI White and the other ASCI systems, go to http://www.llnl.gov/asci/overview/.
2001-08-16 06:32:37 PM  
It aims to produce a computer that can simulate a nuclear explosion by 2005"

That happens evey time WinME crashes.
2001-08-16 07:43:34 PM  
And its already outdated by the time we read this.
2001-08-16 07:57:15 PM  
I bet that it absofarkinglutely rocks for porn surfing!

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-16 10:40:37 PM  
Can it cook bacon and eggs? And stroke me when im feeling down?? Give me a real woman anyday.
2001-08-16 11:10:12 PM  
LOL Leopold! Seriously though, why does it take a 100 trillion CPS computer to simulate a nuclear explosion? Is it really THAT hard to simulate? I would have thought we could already do it on your typical high-end PC. Guess not.
2001-08-17 01:44:47 AM  
"08-16-01 06:02:08 PM Bucketmouse
(modem noises) WarGames was such a great movie :)
6.2TB of ram? seems a bit excessive.."

They're preparing for Windows XXXP.
2001-08-17 01:51:06 AM  
My computer can simulate a nuclear explosion...... you just cross this wire with this wire and............... ^%&#%^& FARK!
2001-08-17 01:51:49 AM  
Nope that didnt do anything. Oh well maybe my computer just isnt fast enough......... bugger
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