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(Farktography) Farktography Theme of Farktography Contest No. 164: "Dinner is Served". Difficulty: Must be on a plate/in a dish. No comedy shots. Details and rules in the first post. LGT next week's theme   ( divider line
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2008-06-25 8:00:47 PM  
Welcome to Farktography!

This Week's Theme: "Dinner is Served"
: Any course of a meal, presented and served. Difficulty: Must be on a plate/in a dish. No comedy shots.

We ask that before submitting your photos you read and adhere to the following submission rules, including but not limited to the following:

- Submissions must be photographs; screen captures do not count as photographs.
- You must be the original photographer of your entry. Do not submit anyone else's photography as your own.
- You are only allowed to enter a photograph once. Do not submit the same photo to another contest later.
- You may enter 3 photos in each contest as long as each photo is of a different composition.
- Please post each photo separately so they can be voted for individually.

Ideally, your photograph should be presented as taken, with as little alteration as possible either digitally in-camera or in your image editor during post-processing. No selectively applied digital effects! No removal or addition of image elements, no spot treatments, and no HDR images, please.

With few exceptions (red-eye removal, sensor or scan dust removal), modifications to the original photograph must be made evenly across the image.
See the rules for more information on acceptable modifications, or check in at the Farktography Forums.

Legal: All photographers submitting photos to this contest are the legal copyright holders for the photos submitted and the photos are not to be considered free for any other use without written consent from the submitting photographers.

To have your photo website listed on the Farktography home page, please send your Fark username and url to admin(at) and we'll get you up forthwith. (also, indicate if you're willing to share your photographs for use as source images in PhotoShop contests)

- Drop by the Farktography Forum (for chatting, critique, techtalk and so on)

- Image hosting sites can be found here.

- Stats can be found here.
2008-06-25 8:01:26 PM  
img.photobucket.comView Full Size

This is called a Horseshoe. Bread or toast on the bottom, meat (in this case chicken) fries and a cheese sauce. (new window)
2008-06-25 8:01:47 PM  
Dessert: Strawberries and Cream Full Size
2008-06-25 8:01:47 PM Full Size
2008-06-25 8:01:49 PM  
stevecollis.comView Full Size

2008-06-25 8:02:02 PM Full Size

Cheesburger in Paradise
Flickr it (new window)

2008-06-25 8:02:25 PM  
Lunch: Turkey and Bacon on Wheat Toast Full Size
2008-06-25 8:02:32 PM  
stevecollis.comView Full Size

2008-06-25 8:02:42 PM Full Size

Bacon, lettuce, tomato & egg on an english muffin

2008-06-25 8:03:02 PM Full Size

click image for biggr on flickr

2008-06-25 8:03:23 PM  
Dessert: Berries and Creampuffs Full Size
2008-06-25 8:03:24 PM  
photos.imageevent.comView Full Size

Shrimp Alfredo
2008-06-25 8:03:28 PM  
stevecollis.comView Full Size

2008-06-25 8:03:43 PM Full Size

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'
Flickr it (new window)

2008-06-25 8:03:52 PM Full Size

click image for biggr on flickr

2008-06-25 8:04:10 PM  
abandoned-alaska.comView Full Size

cthulhu pizza
click for larger
2008-06-25 8:04:37 PM  
photos.imageevent.comView Full Size

2008-06-25 8:04:42 PM Full Size

click image for biggr on flickr

2008-06-25 8:05:05 PM Full Size

Basil Chicken
Flickr it (new window)

2008-06-25 8:05:07 PM  
photos.imageevent.comView Full Size

Grilled Salmon
2008-06-25 8:05:26 PM  
photos.imageevent.comView Full Size

2008-06-25 8:05:37 PM  
sacredartichoke.comView Full Size

tonight's dinner, curried red snapper
click for larger
2008-06-25 8:05:49 PM Full Size

Chirashi Sushi

2008-06-25 8:06:25 PM Full Size

Moroccan Lamb on Green Beans with Cous Cous

2008-06-25 8:06:50 PM  
sacredartichoke.comView Full Size

an incredibly out-of-focus shot of a bowl of miso soup
click for larger
2008-06-25 8:07:00 PM Full Size

MMMnn Dessert!

2008-06-25 8:07:03 PM  
photos.imageevent.comView Full Size

Chicken Walnut Salad
2008-06-25 8:07:52 PM  
img102.imageshack.usView Full Size
2008-06-25 8:08:20 PM Full Size
2008-06-25 8:10:14 PM Full Size
(new window)
1 of 2 .. or 3

Clickr image for flickr
2008-06-25 8:11:28 PM Full Size
(new window)
2008-06-25 8:11:52 PM  
My first contribution: Full Size

2008-06-25 8:12:08 PM Full Size

The $24.00 Omelette

2008-06-25 8:14:25 PM  
2008-06-25 8:15:05 PM  
2008-06-25 8:17:02 PM Full Size

Appetizer at Iridescence Restaurant

2008-06-25 8:19:39 PM Full Size

Crab Cake Appetizer

2008-06-25 8:19:46 PM  
psychofarms: The $24.00 Omelette

good lord! why?
2008-06-25 8:36:06 PM  
staplermofo.comView Full Size
2008-06-25 8:38:11 PM  
staplermofo.comView Full Size
2008-06-25 8:38:37 PM Full Size

Vegetarian Tacos
2008-06-25 8:39:45 PM Full Size

Grilled salmon with oven fries and grapefruit, avocado, and spinach salad with honey lime dressing
2008-06-25 8:41:37 PM  
Sorry 'bout the previous off-theme pic. This one should be better...

bugaloos.comView Full Size

Some holiday baking...

(Click to enlarge)
2008-06-25 8:45:46 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

2008-06-25 8:52:28 PM Full Size

grilled steak with mexican seasoning and salsa
sweet potatoes with jerk seasoning
tomato and cucumber salad with fresh dill
tomato basil focaccia
bbq beans

damn that was so good the medium sized flickr image is too big, so clickr
2008-06-25 8:55:20 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
Tako Sashimi and Kani Aoi Maki

(mods, please delete my first submission of this)
2008-06-25 8:56:27 PM Full Size

1/1, Clickr for Flickr!
2008-06-25 8:56:27 PM Full Size

Caramel Apple French Toast.
Homemade Cinnamon Apple Bread.
Fresh Granny Smith Apples.
Fresh Squeezed OJ.
2008-06-25 9:01:28 PM  
Bite the Hand that Feeds You
img120.imageshack.usView Full Size

POPS to bigger.

A caste chocolate hands in gold leaf and a chocolate mouse presented as a surprise dessert at a birthday party years ago.
2008-06-25 9:03:40 PM  
Lychee, Cherry, Mango and Coconut Soup
img120.imageshack.usView Full Size

POPS to bigger.
2008-06-25 9:05:39 PM  
Detail of Lychee, Cherry, Mango and Coconut Soup
img120.imageshack.usView Full Size

POPS to bigger.
2008-06-25 9:23:25 PM  
Tomato Basil Salad, homegrown version. (1/1) Full Size

(click on pic for bigger on flickr)

/I really love fresh tomato-basil salad in the summer.

//Our garden's taken a bit to get going this year. So far, this has been the extent of the veggie harvest. It seemed altogether immoral to supplement with stuff from the store, though.
2008-06-25 9:30:15 PM Full Size

"The Brother"

2008-06-25 9:31:01 PM Full Size

Breakfast Outside

2008-06-25 9:31:54 PM Full Size

2008-06-25 9:38:00 PM  
i27.photobucket.comView Full Size

Linguica calzone
2008-06-25 9:39:00 PM Full Size

Sushiat Gold = Sushi Gold
2008-06-25 9:40:58 PM Full Size

The slimiest, sweetest dessert I've had in ages.
2008-06-25 9:53:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2008-06-25 10:00:05 PM  
davesweblife.comView Full Size


there are some great shots here tonight ...
so to balance those here's one of mine :)
2008-06-25 10:03:02 PM  
davesweblife.comView Full Size

2008-06-25 10:32:34 PM  
i145.photobucket.comView Full Size
2008-06-25 10:33:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

First Farktography entry ever
2008-06-25 10:41:22 PM  
Does wrapped in paper count as a dish? ;)

img167.imageshack.usView Full Size
2008-06-25 10:55:31 PM  
i263.photobucket.comView Full Size

Only have time for entry this week. A little of the Red, White and Blue for the 4th of July.
2008-06-25 11:03:49 PM Full Size

I don't know what it was, but it was food once.
2008-06-25 11:05:31 PM Full Size

The whole meal.
2008-06-26 12:03:15 AM Full Size
2008-06-26 12:03:16 AM Full Size

Beef Wellington @ Wolf Run. Fairbanks, Alaska
Filet Mignon and sautéed mushrooms wrapped in pastry served in a bordelaise sauce accompanied by garlic mashed taters and fresh vegetables lightly blanched.
2008-06-26 12:03:58 AM Full Size
2008-06-26 12:04:30 AM Full Size

Pizza for Two

2008-06-26 12:04:33 AM Full Size

Surf 'n'Turf @ Wolf Run. Fairbanks, Alaska
Flat Iron Steak (Medium), fresh vegetables lightly blanched, and shrimp sautéed in citrus butter served with garlic bread.
2008-06-26 12:04:46 AM Full Size

there's a bowl under there...
2008-06-26 12:05:14 AM Full Size
2008-06-26 12:05:25 AM Full Size

Cheesy Meatloaf with Steak Sauce

2008-06-26 12:05:30 AM Full Size

Cold Fusion @ Wolf Run. Fairbanks, Alaska
This'll kill ya'. Three layers of extremely dense chocolate.
1)Dark Chocolate w/ Khaluah
2)White Chocolate w/ Triple-Sec
3) Milk chocolate w/ brandy.
All between 2 layers of German chocolate cake.
A whole cake (not just a slice) runs $45.00

(It's on a plate, I promise. I have further photos to prove it.)

Enjoy the resulting hunger pangs of this thread!
2008-06-26 12:06:18 AM Full Size

Ice Cream Sandwich

2008-06-26 12:06:53 AM  
memoryweb.netView Full Size

3 course dinner first soup
2008-06-26 12:07:23 AM  
i17.photobucket.comView Full Size
2008-06-26 12:07:55 AM  
memoryweb.netView Full Size

then main course
2008-06-26 12:08:34 AM  
Oldie but a goodie... I think I was drunk haha

i28.photobucket.comView Full Size

2008-06-26 12:08:57 AM Full Size wings!
2008-06-26 12:09:08 AM  
memoryweb.netView Full Size

lastly dessert
2008-06-26 12:09:53 AM Full Size

2008-06-26 12:11:40 AM  
img.photobucket.comView Full Size

Homemade pizza, Elephant garlic and Pepperoni on a rye crust.
2008-06-26 12:12:52 AM  
i28.photobucket.comView Full Size

My husbands "heart clogger" dinner

2008-06-26 12:14:09 AM Full Size
2008-06-26 12:16:58 AM  
i28.photobucket.comView Full Size
2008-06-26 12:23:17 AM  
img.photobucket.comView Full Size

Mountain Muffin Sandwich
2008-06-26 12:25:01 AM  
This was absolutely farking delicious. Full Size
2008-06-26 12:26:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2008-06-26 12:31:44 AM Full Size
2008-06-26 12:32:49 AM  
crackness.comView Full Size

I call this one "Overpriced chili from Jaxson's ice cream parlor, of Dania Beach."
2008-06-26 12:33:42 AM Full Size
2008-06-26 12:35:34 AM  
img.photobucket.comView Full Size
2008-06-26 12:35:46 AM  
lh6.ggpht.comView Full Size

Hot Dogs, Mustard and Texas Pete
2008-06-26 12:45:24 AM  
img.photobucket.comView Full Size

Vegetarian Biscuits and Gravy
(I love morningstar "sausage")
2008-06-26 12:45:53 AM  
I'm going to go ahead and submit this one because it transcends the difficulty. consider the plate this is served on the local philosophy of 'eating evergreen.' Its platter is made of pure ephemeral win.

What we have here, sitting on my kitchen counter, is a slab of hand cured applewood smoked bacon made fresh by a local farmer.

The name of the pig was 'jamber.'

I know I wont get any votes for this but I just wanted to share with you how awesome it actually is...and WAS.

img.photobucket.comView Full Size
2008-06-26 12:51:57 AM  
2/2 Full Size

clickity for poppity
2008-06-26 12:53:25 AM  
img77.imageshack.usView Full Size

This was made by yours truly, it's a victoria sandwich cake, with whipped vanilla cream and homemade raspberry jam inside. All ingredients are organic with the possible exception of the vanilla used in the cream; I doubt if the pods were organic since I bought them on eBay dead cheap.
If I must boast, I will add the cake was made to have with dinner 'cause we had friends over. It was supposed to last a day or two.
It was gone that night, nobody wanted to wait till after dinner to have a slice and we all had another bit after.

Very tasty.
2008-06-26 12:53:42 AM Full Size
The other side said "eat" so together it says EAT ME!
2008-06-26 12:54:10 AM  
Still 1300 miles from home, computer, and Photoshop, dealing with a medical crisis. Tonight we celebrated another day when we woke up above the grass: Full Size

2008-06-26 12:57:59 AM  
Lunch was a bit more sensible. Full Size

2008-06-26 1:01:27 AM  
Last year. This was incredibly good. Full Size

2008-06-26 1:08:24 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Wedding Food.

2008-06-26 1:12:08 AM Full Size

Petit four cakes

2008-06-26 1:13:26 AM Full Size

Petite four cookies

2008-06-26 1:16:19 AM Full Size


ok not dessert but made of sugar.
2008-06-26 1:31:14 AM Full Size

4x4 and fry animal....cholesterol bomb
2008-06-26 1:40:44 AM  
kmoser.comView Full Size

Chocolate tools (seen in Sicily). Yes, they are made of chocolate.
2008-06-26 1:43:04 AM  
kmoser.comView Full Size

Ravioli and pesto
2008-06-26 1:45:47 AM  
Campfire Dessert in Process Full Size
2008-06-26 2:00:39 AM  
Dinner last night. Yum.

(What the hell, too big... click for bigger pic) Full Size
2008-06-26 3:26:25 AM Full Size
2008-06-26 5:05:45 AM Full Size

I know I'm late to the party, but what's better than fresh Funnel Cake for breakfast?
2008-06-26 6:31:35 AM Full Size

2008-06-26 7:12:40 AM  
my kind of contest!
2008-06-26 7:15:59 AM Full Size

2008-06-26 7:16:55 AM Full Size

2008-06-26 7:18:44 AM  
3/3 Full Size

one of my favorites... "Potatoes Extreme"
contains burnt and raw bacon!

(can anyone explain why sometimes Fark only lets me post the "small" size from Flikr?)
2008-06-26 7:48:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2008-06-26 8:17:28 AM  
2008-06-26 8:30:04 AM  
My wife made me breakfast one day... Full Size

Sausage patty with american cheese and fried egg with hot sauce on an english muffin. Paired with cup of strong coffee.
2008-06-26 8:34:22 AM Full Size

Are strawberries supposed to be this sexual?
2008-06-26 8:48:45 AM  
Bowl of Caju Fruit in Brazil, circa 1985.
2008-06-26 9:08:20 AM  
3rd Entry Full Size

(new window)
Better late than Never I guess
2008-06-26 9:44:54 AM  
i144.photobucket.comView Full Size

BBQ Sea Turtle. Yum! And Bread.

2008-06-26 10:07:43 AM  
img.photobucket.comView Full Size

Eggs with onions and beer. Breakfast of champions.
2008-06-26 10:10:11 AM  
img.photobucket.comView Full Size

Oatmeal with bbq spice, and a hard rye bread.
2008-06-26 10:35:58 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Fried green tomatoes, corn fritters, deviled eggs, fried pickles, and bacon-wrapped scallops

My best friend in the whole world, a German who lives at Oxford, was visiting last week, so I took her to this outdoor bar and introduced her to southern cuisine.
(She also ordered a mint julep, but wouldn't set it down long enough for me to take a picture.)
2008-06-26 10:47:12 AM Full Size

Chili Mac, Anyone? (Note: Clicking on the pic will bring you to my Flickr page. There's certainly more food shots where that came from!)
2008-06-26 10:55:30 AM Full Size
2008-06-26 10:56:26 AM Full Size
2008-06-26 11:34:34 AM  
You Gotta Eat! Full Size
2008-06-26 12:39:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

first farktography contest entry ever!
2008-06-26 2:33:20 PM  
lh5.ggpht.comView Full Size
2008-06-26 3:06:28 PM  
i298.photobucket.comView Full Size

Beef and andouille burgers with Asiago cheese
Recipe from Bon Apetite - Made and Photographed by me

*note: those are roasted red peppers on top
2008-06-26 4:39:19 PM  
Late but hungry Full Size

Venison, Anise Juniper Demi, French lentils with ham, haricots vert
2008-06-26 4:42:05 PM  
2/3 Full Size

Steamed Mussels, Belgian beer, smoked garlic sausage, tomatoes, oregano, served with (not pictured) pomme frites and a truffled sherry aioli
2008-06-26 4:44:44 PM  
3/3 Full Size

Cast-iron seared aged strip steak, bacon-wrapped Swordfish with Herbes de Prevence, roasted garlic smashed yukon gold potatoes, garlic & lemon roasted broccolini
2008-06-27 10:55:03 AM  
4th of July 2006. First ever post! Pops!
2008-06-27 11:06:06 AM  
webcast1.fiberpipe.tvView Full Size

4th of July 2006. Second ever post! Pops!
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