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(Chron)   Who knew those "work at home" fliers pasted to stop signs were scams?   ( divider line
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197 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Nov 2002 at 1:56 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-29 05:51:42 PM  
FifthColumn: Yeah, that's why we have laws. If we didn't, then everybody would get rich and then what reason would we have to work anymore?
2002-11-29 05:52:47 PM  
. If you can stay calm, while all around you is chaos...then you probably haven't completely understood the seriousness of the situation.

I've got a shirt with that written on it. Bright, attention getting yellow, too.

Wore it to ork once, in a job well known for scheduling farkups, sudden dropouts and reskeds, and other chaos. This on a field assignment, fraught with fsckups with the rental cars, hotel rooms, and so on. The co-workers and lower level management loved it.

Applied to a place that turned out to be a Kirby door to door salesman HQ once as well.

The orientation was amazing. For three days, they never once used the word "sell" or any variation thereof pertaining to what exactly they wanted us to do with the vacuums. The ad in the paper even said they were recruiting for "environmental technicians" and "carpet shampooers", with the name of the company simply being the initials of the owner--hell, I went in thinking I was applying for a job doing professional carpet cleaning!

Primerica? Yeah, heard about them. Responded to their ad as well. Saw the four color glossy, heard the crap, saw through him in a moment. The dead givaway was the plaque on the desk, "#1 Recruiter"...

And then there was Equinox Marketing. Guy Incognito will know what I say when I say this: One of my friends got sucked into that, and tried to get me to go with him. Saw their marketing schpiel, tried very hard not to laugh my ass off right there in the orientation.

Religious cults are fun too. I was meeting this one group for a month before I figured out they were Moonies.
2002-11-29 06:04:36 PM  
I interviewed with a company once that sold bulk food, like 50 lbs of steaks and chops, all at once. The food was good quality, and the price fair. But they were really in the freezer financing business. Need someplace to put your meat? We can help for for only 10% interest - still not a bad deal (at the time credit cards were around 19%) - of course you have to buy the service contract... If I did the math right - and its a long time ago - but I think it was like 35% by the end...not counting selling a $300 freezer for $400. I declined to work there...
2002-11-29 06:15:14 PM  
Almost anytime you see the words "work from home", "have a computer? put it to work!" or "30lbs in 30 days! Free samples", that sign is from an herbalife distributor. Not a medical billing company, not from a crafts scammer, not a stuffing envelopes scheme.. herbalife.

All the great variety of signs on this page are for HERBALIFE (from Sacramento).
2002-11-29 06:21:22 PM  
Oh, and not to bore you to death with my raving, but check out this awesome list of herbalife domain names. Yes, They are all selling HERBALIFE.
2002-11-29 06:34:23 PM  
Damn, you guys had to bring up Primerica...
My wife's aunt ended up getting in with them. The next two times we saw her, she kept getting after us to sign up, how we could retire rich, blah blah blah... it took a while for her to get the farking hint that we weren't interested. We told her plenty of times that we had a financial guy already, we were more than happy, etc. and she kept trying the "but I'm family" angle.
It got worse. Her kid also got in with them. That would be my wife's cousin, who has always felt some need to one up my wife... nevermind the fact it hasn't worked yet. So we met the in-laws for dinner one night, and cousin happened to be there. She overheard me and dad-in-law discussing income tax refunds - I mentioned that we were getting a $34 refund. That's when she jumped in and said that we could be earning 20 percent on that $34, and that she could show us how to retire with 2 million in ten years, and that "I'm family so I won't screw you over" and on and on and on. I don't know how many times we told her we weren't going to a "special family meeting." Hell, I didn't need that part of the family anyway.
2002-11-29 06:42:38 PM  
11-29-02 06:15:14 PM Cockeyed
Almost anytime you see the words "work from home", "have a computer? put it to work!" or "30lbs in 30 days! Free samples", that sign is from an herbalife distributor. Not a medical billing company, not from a crafts scammer, not a stuffing envelopes scheme.. herbalife.

All the great variety of signs on this page are for HERBALIFE (from Sacramento).

Aw, come on Rob! Aren't you even going to fark with the guy?
2002-11-29 06:42:49 PM  
I wonder who is behind these classics... might be Herbalife:
all of these which I've found on the same job board over the last two weeks. But who am I to argue with someone who can watch the sun rise in Bogota and watch it set in San Diego, all while working part-time... it couldn't possibly be a scam now, could it?
2002-11-29 06:45:23 PM  
Ah Primerica. I got a call from an acquaintance who wanted me to buy some of their insurance(?) products. After reviewing their material, and the company itself, I decided that I'd rather not do business with them. I believe they are/have been subject to scrutiny in a few states for their sales practices.
2002-11-29 06:47:09 PM  
That was another thing that scared the shiat out of me with the Primerica guys: upon joining them, you also have to fork over the names, addresses, and contact information of your friends and families. This is what is known as a "warm market" list. Then they hit all of them (doesn't have to be with you, but they'll sometimes bring you along) with their recruitors to try and sign them up too. And they branch out that way. I told them that this was such a shameful opportunity, I don't think I'd even be able to tell my friends and family that I was a Primerica agent, much less try and get them to join. I'd much rather just do the job in secret, kind of on the side, in my own time in private. I didn't want anyone to know about it. But that's not what they wanted me for. Their was no "job" for me to do. They wanted me as a liaison/contact to recruit others.

Scumsucking parasites, all of them.
2002-11-29 07:05:19 PM  
So, when will we all commence massive DoS bombings against Herbalife and Primerica sites & servers? They aren't worth §hit, that and the fact that we don't need that sort of crap on the internet nowadays. Pop-ups are bad enough.
2002-11-29 07:13:33 PM  
There's also stuff like the "timeshare" places. We went to a seminar once, and afterwards I noticed that in addition to the "hard sell", there were no printed materials whatsoever. When a guy claimed that you could make half of your investment back per year just by leasing a third of your time share to someone else, he did all of the "math" on a little notepad with no explanatory notes whatsoever. Thus, no paper trail for when you realize that he just claimed that if you leased out ALL of your share, you'd make money every year. All you've got is a few scribbled numbers and your word vs his as to what they were supposed to represent.
2002-11-29 11:52:41 PM  
Can you make $20,000 to $40,000 doing little or no work? Probably not without breaking the law.

Actually, the people doing little or no work make a helluva lot more than $40K - it's the poor working shlebs that these people hired that fit into the $20K-$40K category.
2002-11-30 12:09:45 AM  
I made the mistake of getting in on multi-level marketing. FOrtunately, I kept my friends by not bothering them. Unfortunately, that didn't get me anywhere in the business. And reading this only makes me feel foolish because I spent some money to get into the business. The guy was a real good showman and made me excited to get in, thinking about all that money. But, like all deals too good to be true, it was.

Live, learn, and don't fall for it again.
2002-11-30 12:13:27 AM  
The guy was a real good showman and made me excited to get in, thinking about all that money.

Yeah, they do that. They're masters at pushing people's buttons with bullshiat keywords.
2002-11-30 12:20:04 AM  
I almost sold Kirby vaccuum cleaners. The demonstration you do for this product is to go to your friends houses and tell your friends that they are filthy, filthy people and should be ashamed. And then sell them an $1800 machine. And you can finance it.

I am ashamed to admit that I actually did this with two of my friends. One day they may speak to me again, and when they do, I'll tell them how they can make money stuffing envelopes.
2002-11-30 12:34:28 AM  
I've been reading the Work From Home flier link in this thread. Apparently most of these are from Herbalife. The people who sign up for the scheme spend thousands of dollars and never break even. I spent a few hundred when I got involved in a scheme, and that money is GONE.
2002-11-30 12:40:12 AM  
If you answer an ad for a job and then are given a sales pitch, you don't want to work there. Chances are, the only way that company makes any money is to get people to answer employment ads and buy a product.

Am I bitter? Not really, just annoyed that I spent so much time and money on something that I should have known wouldn't work.

That is all from me. I'm going to bed.
2002-11-30 03:05:34 AM  
Corollary to Soporific's last post:

if you go to a place looking for education and are given a sales pitch, chances are you don't want to go to school there either.

Didn't deal with them either.
2002-11-30 07:09:57 AM  
I take these sorts of signs down the second I see them -- same with Scientology's ultra-slick posters (paid for by their brainwashed monkies.) I also refuse to run WFH ads on my many websites.
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