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(Some Guy)   Naked guy takes picture to auction teapot, forgets about reflective surfaces (pic)   ( au.page.sold.yahoo.com) divider line
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9803 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Aug 2001 at 12:10 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-15 12:22:55 AM  
yea he knew what he was doin ::]
nicely done
2001-08-15 12:24:31 AM  
Oh my.
2001-08-15 12:26:27 AM  
I might be a little teapot short and stout, but that ain't my handle, it's my spout!
2001-08-15 12:40:44 AM  
Auction was cancelled? I'm thinking he posted it, then realized the flub and tried to get the pic taken down. The image is hosted on yahoo's server (probably an image upload) and the page is still there. Meaning his mistake is up for the long haul.
2001-08-15 12:42:54 AM  
What a homo.
2001-08-15 12:48:14 AM  
Yes, taking pictures of teapots in the buff is a clear sign of homosexual tendencies.
2001-08-15 01:01:28 AM  
No gay guy would be caught with such a boring silver teapot. Don't you know that all gay teapots are pink?
2001-08-15 01:06:37 AM  
"most disturbing."
2001-08-15 01:20:23 AM  
Would you like some more tea, Polly Prissypants?
2001-08-15 01:23:07 AM  
I am now scarred for life. Man, I have to go to sleep after seeing this!
2001-08-15 01:23:44 AM  
Man, I've been living in San Francisco too long. Everybody else is looking at the naked guy, and I'm thinking to myself "Man! I'd love to have an apartment with that much space!".
2001-08-15 01:24:16 AM  
shouldn't a convex surface result in a bloatedly large reflection? that looked a little fake to me.
2001-08-15 01:27:20 AM  
My what a fine specimen of DUMBASS we have here today ladies and gentleman.
2001-08-15 01:29:09 AM  
This man/thing is going straight to hell.
And all that for a teapot. moron


Save the whales; collect the whole set
2001-08-15 01:30:44 AM  
I'd bet my left nut he did that on purpose. How could the guy edit the photo (assuming he must have had to do some cropping or resizing) and not notice his own fat naked ass?

Another clue is where he says, "email me for better pictures." Hmmmmm...... hint, hint.
2001-08-15 02:18:06 AM  
2001-08-15 02:52:07 AM  
That's pretty god damn hilarious!

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-15 03:06:36 AM  
Why would someone take pictures of teapots nude? The mindbending question of the day.
2001-08-15 03:32:06 AM  
because, he has nowhere else to show that...
2001-08-15 03:45:03 AM  
funny funny funny
2001-08-15 04:01:32 AM  
That's the first time I've laughed uncontrollably at a fark link. way to go.
2001-08-15 04:56:18 AM  
Hmmm, I have a full length mirror I've been thinking about selling...
2001-08-15 05:26:00 AM  
This reminds me of a bloke at my dads work - hed got this porn film for one night only, so took a copy of it while, erm, "roadtesting" it. Unfortunately he didnt have two videos, so he used a video camera, and even more unfortunately, he forgot about the reflection off of the screen. Most unfortunately of all, he didnt check the copy before he distributed it to a mate ............ you can guess the rest
I think he quit his job after about a month, when 98% of the company had seen it
2001-08-15 06:28:24 AM  
HAHAHAHHAA holy CRAP that was funny!!!!

Docwra: your story had me crackin up too :o)

a friend i knew had somethin kinda weird happen to him... he bought a used digital video camera on ebay with some "blank" tapes. but on each tape the first frame would have something weird. one had a naked dude, one had a giant penis, etc. kinda weird
2001-08-15 06:39:08 AM  
Is it just me, or does it look like he's wearing a leather harness?
2001-08-15 07:37:27 AM  
Walosi - no, it looks like it's just you wearing a leather harness. Comfy?
2001-08-15 08:14:17 AM  
look it's hot in australia you know. hats (and the rest) off to him.
2001-08-15 08:28:50 AM  
Small potatoes make the steak look bigger.
2001-08-15 08:51:29 AM  
If you rub his teapot I bet a genie pops out!
2001-08-15 09:08:26 AM  
Cmon guys give him a break, hes trying to get rid of the damn ugly thing at least. (teapot not photos)
2001-08-15 09:35:10 AM  
Epsilon, I noticed that little thing about contacting him for better pictures too. (smiling) Sick barstid. God, I just love that about people.
2001-08-15 09:41:51 AM  
This is why I love FARK. Where else do you find this stuff!
2001-08-15 09:47:35 AM  
...www.ilovebacon.com where this first appeared in the mail section.
2001-08-15 09:49:31 AM  
Man, they shouldn't have closed the auction, I was going to leave a funny comment in the "Questions and Answers" section. Went throught the whole ordeal of getting a username and crap.
2001-08-15 10:57:16 AM  
I love that he asked for you to email him for better pictures. Any takers?
2001-08-15 11:21:46 AM  
Just like having your porn discovered in the VCR...
2001-08-15 11:57:12 AM  
Walosi I do not believe that is a harness, I believe it is rolls of fat creating dark lines.
2001-08-15 12:02:05 PM  

No. A convex surface would cause the image to appear smaller, as it does it the picture.
2001-08-15 12:03:22 PM  
This is really funny. Thanks for posting this. I always like a good hearty laugh at work. :)
2001-08-15 12:21:23 PM  
Noone has posted any questions to him!! (See question and answer tab)
2001-08-15 12:41:59 PM  
haha, but there's no way that he couldn't have seen that...
2001-08-15 01:01:48 PM  
what would his mother think?
2001-08-15 01:04:44 PM  
Can't we all just imagine-what-will-happen-when-the-
with-teapot-Willys-like-dis-one along?
2001-08-15 01:21:00 PM  
The jokes on him, I just saved the picture and he will be remembered forever on the world wide interweb!
2001-08-15 02:06:11 PM  
I can't belive that nobody has yet to comment on how farking horrible looking this guy is, he can't see his penis without the farkin tea kettle!
2001-08-15 03:04:18 PM  
Hey it was posted! Rock! Yup i'm the one who tracked this down, indirectly a friend sent this link to me and it just SCREAMED fark to me. heh heh, if it was referred by another site I didn't know, sorry.

The funny thing is he sent it to me with no description and I didn't know why he was even sending it to me at first.

Then I noticed!
ha ha, e-mail for 'more or better pictures' indeed.

2001-08-15 03:17:28 PM  
Now I know what Fat Ugly Naked Guy does when he isn't being talked about on [i]Friends[/i].
2001-08-15 03:18:12 PM  
Now I know that [i] [/i] doesn't work on this board.
2001-08-15 03:29:44 PM  
Rosebud: try the greater than, smaller than signs....


it's a kettle!
2001-08-15 03:32:24 PM  
maybe that's what he does even when he IS being talked about on friends...
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