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2002-11-27 12:46:50 AM  
It's a small, sickening, world afterall.
2002-11-27 01:30:57 AM  
Well, when you've seen Mickey without pants...
2002-11-27 01:44:55 AM  
It's a doo doo world.
2002-11-27 04:16:54 AM  
Heh, was gonna say they were probably playing that damn "It's a Small World" song over and over. Poor bastards. Either that or they drank the water.

"I am the lizard queen!"
2002-11-27 04:49:38 AM  
"This damn ship is infested with mice !"
2002-11-27 04:51:01 AM  
I don't understand why those idiots still went onto the ship after 250 other passengers had gotten sick the week before. Fark that. I knew a guy who caught the Norwalk virus one time and he said that if he'd had a gun, he would have ended it all.
2002-11-27 04:52:06 AM  
Don't go on the ship....
It's a trap!

/I'll be returning to my corner now, sorry.
2002-11-27 05:00:17 AM  
Good - bad publicity for Disney is exactly what the world needs.
2002-11-27 05:00:31 AM  
[image from 4seasonstravelgroup.com too old to be available]
"Psst, kids. I stuck these lolipops up my ass, that's why everybody's been puking their guts out! Tee hee!"
2002-11-27 05:01:25 AM  
Mickey's silly!
2002-11-27 05:01:41 AM  
Mickey makes me wanna blow chunks
2002-11-27 05:02:52 AM  
Has anyone suggested that this is bio-terrorism yet?
2002-11-27 05:03:49 AM  
A cruise ship. An ideal place for an electric kool aid acid test. espeically with 6 ft mice walking around talking to you.
2002-11-27 05:09:50 AM  
M. I. C.
K. E. Y.
2002-11-27 05:21:47 AM  
Thanks I-Mockery for that Mickey pic, because it just made me realize what Michael Jackson is trying to achieve...
Sweet Jebus, he is trying to surgery himself into a live Mickey Mouse. Big mouse eyes, removable nose, the glove..it's all becoming clear now.....please stand by as a I sort out this latest development..
2002-11-27 05:31:21 AM  
who gives a shiat?

I'm guessing the people who got sick gave a shiat...and then some.
2002-11-27 05:33:35 AM  
What is the big deal? It's only the third batch of people to get violently ill..show me some fatalities, or like...50 sick cruises, and then we'll talk.


and as we read this, some Disney geek (most pathetic of all mass marketing whores) is saying "NOW'S the time to go - the fares have got to be rock bottom, and we'll have the ship to ourselves!"
2002-11-27 05:33:38 AM  
LSU don't care, because Louisiana are the bottom feeders of the Mississippi, they drink the Industrial Age in every glass of water.
2002-11-27 05:37:22 AM  
Andonbray said: "I don't understand why those idiots still went onto the ship after 250 other passengers had gotten sick the week before."

I'll tell ya who...my great grandmother (God rest her soul) would've gone. About day three, she'd start complaining of feeling ill, and by day five, KACHUNK! Instant free cruise.

From my upcoming book, "WWSD'

What Would Sadie Do.
2002-11-27 05:37:41 AM  
you take a cruise on a shiatty line, you wind up... shiatty...

who the fark would take a disney cruise anyhow? i'd rather die than endure that shiat, even if it was free.
2002-11-27 05:40:09 AM  
Phase one of Operation shiatstorm complete!
2002-11-27 06:02:35 AM  
You know how if you get a mouse, and they like get into your food, and into your cutlery and in your cupboards and leave little gifts everywhere?

Have you seen the size of the mouse running around the ship?

I think the old proverb needs an update: "Build a bigger mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door."
2002-11-27 06:36:31 AM  
Good thing I wasn't on that cruise...thhat mouse'd be dead the second I stepped on. I'd at least get the person out the costume first...in front of the kids.

'See kids, Disney and Mickey are fakes...now die you douchebag'!
2002-11-27 06:40:11 AM  
I was bored.

[image from chernobylia.com too old to be available]
2002-11-27 07:23:59 AM  
I bet it's a pain to get vomit out of leisurewear.
2002-11-27 07:52:35 AM  
What is Disney offering to all those who have gotten sick? I heard something about it being 'very generous'.
2002-11-27 07:53:17 AM  
gives new meaning to some sayings; "ahhh, go take a shiat", "this shiats everywhere", "this sure a shiatty ship", man ain't nothing worse than shiattin & pukin at the same time. Reminds me of the South Park where Kenny didn't want another sibling and wanted to give his mother some kind of abortion concoction and his dad drank it instead......
2002-11-27 08:29:36 AM  
I agree. It's a terrorist test run. There's over 3000 people on those containers.
2002-11-27 08:56:00 AM  
(recycling this joke from elsewhere)

Looks like there's a Typhoid Minnie onboard.
2002-11-27 08:57:47 AM  
So where the fark is the Movie of the Week about this? Where are the original thinkers of TV writers when we so desperately need them? This has Stallone Comeback written all over it... cruise ship adrift because crew and all passengers down with the crud, Stallone choppers on to the ship... As he knocks back a nice cold Dr. Pepper, he learns tha terrorists are using the ship for... hey, write your own screenplay.
2002-11-27 08:58:06 AM  
[image from 4seasonstravelgroup.com too old to be available]
"I should have been in the public domain years ago!"
2002-11-27 08:58:27 AM  
It's a virus rotating among crew members. The crew checks in for departure and all claims they feel great. Some are lying. Others are telling the truth, but already are incubating the virus. Out to sea, it spreads.

Good god. This is just like on Alien. Not really, but I like to say that.
2002-11-27 09:01:34 AM  
i love the fact that they keep disinfecting the ship. uh, dudes, scrubbing the ship aint the problem (obviously). keep looking.
2002-11-27 09:16:59 AM  
Ditto on the terrorist test run, but I'm guessing it's a pasenger. What better way to spread a disease, especially one with a two to seven day incubation period than to innoculate a bunch of tourists in a confined area with a fairly closed circulation, then send them all, unsuspecting back to their thousands of corners of the world?

Bad news...
2002-11-27 09:18:45 AM  

/jerkstore carried off to a gulag by the Mouse's stormtroopers.
2002-11-27 09:19:12 AM  
[image from funart.iespana.es too old to be available]

Be our guest,
be our guest,
put our service to the test
tie a napkin 'round your neck, chere
and we will do the rest...

2002-11-27 09:25:16 AM  
Bobbette: I went on a disney cruise; if you've ever been to a disney resort or park you know they do not do things half-assed. That ship was incredible; almost every room has at least a window; most of them have balconies. Very cool. Everything was top-notch. Of course if you don't like kids, it's not for you; but I could ignore the little shiats running around (no pun intended on the current situation). The cool thing was, they were late getting back and to avoid penalties from airlines they had a 'talk' with the customs guys. The whole ship was unloaded; I didn't see anyone stopped. I had a huge box filled with rum bottles; they didn't even look. Damn, I wish I had known it was going to be that way.
2002-11-27 09:32:33 AM  
11-27-02 05:00:17 AM Goatman264
Good - bad publicity for Disney is exactly what the world needs.
we have goofey(english spelling) the brits have goatemane264
2002-11-27 09:35:39 AM  
Just another reason why Kathy Lee Gifford shouldn't be allowed to sing on cruise ships.
2002-11-27 09:36:57 AM  
85,000,000 people nauseated every year by "It's a Small World" diversity ride.
2002-11-27 09:46:51 AM  
I had always wanted to go on a cruise.

I guess I'll just go out to Vegas and spend a week at the Orleans instead.
2002-11-27 09:52:15 AM  
I went on a Logan's Run cruise, and a couple of days out we came upon this tiny island the natives called "Carousel". All of a sudden, twenty-somethings palms lit up and they began marching onto this island in robes.

It was farked up. I ran away following some dude named Michael York...
2002-11-27 09:54:17 AM  
>>11-27-02 09:32:33 AM Whodatbeez
>>11-27-02 05:00:17 AM Goatman264
>>Good - bad publicity for Disney is exactly what the world >>needs.
>>we have goofey(english spelling) the brits have >>goatemane264

You crack me up Whodatbeez!

Goatman wishes he could crack me....
2002-11-27 10:02:04 AM  
Damn funny viruses.
2002-11-27 10:03:25 AM  
I'm not sure that I buy the line that "this is not a food-borne virus" or whatever. The Holland American cruise ship had four consecutive cruises where plenty of people were sick, the first reported Disney cruise where people fell ill was concurrent with the last of the Holland cruises. Similar symptoms, but I haven't heard the official word that the virus' are the same.

I don't know what my point is. Geez.
2002-11-27 10:21:02 AM  
Your point is that Disney can go straight to Hell.
2002-11-27 11:21:23 AM  
Wait a minute... Don't mouses carry the plague?

It's the plague! It's the plague! Mickey's got the plague. AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!
2002-11-27 11:32:53 AM  
wow, I was just on a cruise last week on the Rhapsody of the Seas when I was reading about all this stuff on the net on the ship. Frickin' $.50 a minute for internet access. Heh, and I still surfed on fark. Didn't post though, just read the headlines. =P
2002-11-27 11:43:01 AM  
"It's airborne!"
[image from jorgasm.com too old to be available]

Are they smuggling monkeys on these ships or what.
2002-11-27 11:49:27 AM  
Sounds kinda goofy to me.
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