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(Yahoo)   Asshat Muslim hip-hop group raps about Islam, but doesn't want you to dance to it's beats   ( story.news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2002-11-26 05:12:39 PM  
Nice picuture, Bhayes82, but Muslims apparently can't wear gold. From the article"

"Muslim men and women are expected to dress modestly: Men cannot expose certain parts of their bodies, wear gold or silk"

Guess that's why Mr. T is a born again christian.
2002-11-26 05:18:02 PM  
The best thing about muslim rappers is you're allowed to copy and distribute all their stuff as MP3s because copyrights are not recognised under islamic law. The worst thing about muslim rappers is their music sucks.
2002-11-26 05:24:02 PM  
Chaostheorist, no one here is equating Muslims to terrorists. We're equating them to backwards-thinking, religion-manipulating, intolerant, misogynistic idiots.
2002-11-26 05:26:49 PM  
"She says she listens to the trio because their music is not frowned upon by Muslim authorities."

2002-11-26 05:26:52 PM  
no one here is equating Muslims to terrorists. We're equating them to backwards-thinking, religion-manipulating, intolerant, misogynistic idiots.

All 1.2 billion of them? Please try and actually think before offering a reply.
2002-11-26 05:27:22 PM  
Fiver-: I think you just described 95% of the religions out there!
2002-11-26 05:28:38 PM  
... We're equating them to backwards-thinking, religion-manipulating, intolerant, misogynistic idiots.

Oh, and that sums up the southern half of the US as well
2002-11-26 05:30:48 PM  

All the homies say 'Jihad'

Yo, yo, yo!!
2002-11-26 05:33:33 PM  
Just got back from Mexico, had a great trip, ask anyone in Mexico about Muslims, they have no response. "What is a Muslim?". Remember when they asked Dillenger why he robbed banks? "Because that's where the money is". Why do Muslims fark with America? Because we are the greatest country in the world. Like it or not. I happen to like it.
2002-11-26 05:36:40 PM  
Yes. You got me. You win. The South is exactly like Saudi Arabia and Iran. How astute of you to make that observation.
2002-11-26 05:39:01 PM  
Tolernace only goes so far. Most muslims in America are indeed decent people, minding their own business. There are, however the fanatic ones, who DO try to make people believe what they believe, who DO believe that killing infidels is not a sin, but rather a virtue, and so on... From what I read in this article it sure sounds like the people from this band belong to the latter category and are most certainly asshats.
2002-11-26 05:42:59 PM  
Fiver, go back to your trailer.
2002-11-26 05:43:29 PM  
Its time to start killing all blacks in the US.

Its time to start killing all Jews in the US.

Its time to start killing all Mexicans in the US.
2002-11-26 05:44:08 PM  
Fiver- And your answer to my 'All 1.2 billion of them?' comment? Or is the request to think putting you off?
2002-11-26 05:44:58 PM  
That really is interesting, I'd like to hear more!
2002-11-26 05:46:12 PM  
Did I say something incorrect? Islam isn't intolerant, backward-thinking, and misogynistic? Its clerics don't twist its teachings to fit their bizzare agendas? It's not the only major world religion that advocates murder? If I'm wrong, please tell me.
2002-11-26 05:47:31 PM  
Yes. Once again you see through me Rupturedtoad. I meant to apply it to all 1.2 billion Muslims throughout the world.
2002-11-26 05:47:39 PM  
It is beats?
2002-11-26 05:49:34 PM  
I meant to apply it to all 1.2 billion Muslims throughout the world. Fiver-, I do hope you're trolling now.....
2002-11-26 05:51:05 PM  
Fiver, you are totally incorrect. Muslims always live peacefully with their neighbors, they are highly advanced in their philosophical intuition, and they are highly regarded for their women's rights. They don't force their women to wear veils to cover their faces, women are regarded as equals to men, slavery is not widely practiced in Muslim countries, there is no such thing as Jihad, there are no widespread Muslim movements to undermine any governments anywhere. During 9/11 the Muslim world was greatly saddened and the children of Palestine burned effigies of Osama.

2002-11-26 05:51:19 PM  
Okay, before I say anything about the article, I think all the inbred yokels in this thread advocating that we "kill all Muslims" or even just implying that Muslim = terrorists are in dire need of a taste of their own bullet-ridden medicine. That having been said...

Arabic strikes me as a language that might take to rap, so this doesn't suck because of that. Rapping about God (be it God as presented by Jews and Christians, or Allah) is never cool... bah. A jihad against suck, including "Christian" music.
2002-11-26 05:51:49 PM  
Bob's Quick Guide the the Apostrophe, You Idiots.

BTW, don't go to www.btaf.com (NSFW) (NSFHeteros)
2002-11-26 05:52:36 PM  
Boy, the comments better get more intelligent in here, or I'll nail the forum shut and set it on fire with y'all trapped in here.
2002-11-26 05:52:47 PM  
Trolling? It's called sarcasm. What reasonable person would actually think I would paint 1.2 billion people with the same brush? Christ, I thought it was a rhetorical question that didn't need to be answered.
2002-11-26 05:52:59 PM  
Werd to Allah!!!
2002-11-26 05:55:28 PM  
Islam isn't the problem, it's anyone who gets some idea in their head, thinks it's better than everyone else's (actually endorsed by God-duh) and then takes steps to set up a theocracy where law is by the bullet.

Every religion is awash in hypocrisy, illogic, and things that just plain cancel each other out. Wouldn't it be smarter to just get rid of the whole dang thing and think for yourselves?
2002-11-26 05:55:47 PM  
be careful Fiver-, there are evolutionary dead ends that actually say shiat like that around here, without the sarcasm intended...
2002-11-26 06:00:56 PM  
Fiver-My apologies - I'm just getting a bit pissed off with this whole attitude on Fark of 'turn the middle east into a sheet of glass' thing when it's something like .001% of muslims that are the trouble. Time for bed - enjoy the rest of the day over there.
2002-11-26 06:01:49 PM  
Crotchrocket Slim: 700 Club Members?
2002-11-26 06:03:35 PM  
I agree with both RupturedToad AND Fiver-. I wish we could bomb both Islamic rap and Shoneys out of existence.

All the homies say 'Jihad'
2002-11-26 06:04:54 PM  
"Slip to bathroom, find an empty classroom,

Don't wanna miss a prayer here at school or even at home

Man it was a struggle, trying to be a Muslim and staying out of trouble,

The stress seemed double"

I want an mp3 of this. Islam is just like Christianity a few hundred years ago. They're just behind the times because of their younger age. Give them a few hundred years and they'll be fervently preaching against certain types of people instead of killing them. Religion needs to go away, how can anyone still believe in all of this rubbish. Even if their deities existed, they wouldn't be worthy of worship, as the world he/she/it/they has/have created is pretty lousy, and our existence would be totally pointless, why don't we just end up in magic heaven and skip this crap? Oh yeah, because a woman ate the magic apple. Somehow this is our fault too, and we must pay for it. Hot logic.
2002-11-26 06:04:55 PM  
Cpu_thrasher: among a few racist others...

Really, all fundies, especially those that mix religion into government, suck. Even more than people that rap about religion.
2002-11-26 06:05:08 PM  
I heard the same thing in the kiddie church days that bash on metal bands saying that the guitar was the instrument of the devil, after saying how David played his harp for god and he was pleased.

Ok a real honest question, how can a string or wind instrument, that uses the principles of sound that creatures of the earth use to communicate, be offensive to the god that supposidly made them?
2002-11-26 06:06:12 PM  
You know there are Muslim people who read these messages.
2002-11-26 06:06:30 PM  
Thanks Rupturedtoad. No hard feelings. Hope you get a good night's sleep, I'm dragging over here.
2002-11-26 06:07:25 PM  
If there is a God/Allah/Optimus Prime, I think the Divine would be more offended by suck than anything else.

My whole point of this thread: things that suck, suck.
2002-11-26 06:08:34 PM  
When the Saudis start stoning to death their boys when they fly off to places like Rio so they can fornicate with the local infidel girls, maybe then I'll have some respect for their customs. But the truth is, most of them are hypocrites. Allah is a big joke to wealthy islamites. Just a way to exert power over the masses.
2002-11-26 06:10:24 PM  
hmmm... local infidel girls from Rio.... I'd fornicate with it :)

Good point though Young_Fart.
2002-11-26 06:10:40 PM  
[image from angryflower.com too old to be available]
2002-11-26 06:13:30 PM  
Courageous, So Courageous.
2002-11-26 06:13:56 PM  
You know there are Muslim people who read these messages.

Good. Maybe they'll start speaking up against terrorism and the sharia cult. They are the most intolerant asshats in teh world. Sure, blaspheme Jesus all you want, do you see Christians rioting in the streets? But make a single mention that Mohammed, who they do not even attribute deity to, might want to select a bride from a beauty pagaent and they come unglued and start macheteing people. These people don't really believe in God, they are just bloodthirsty godless pagans.
2002-11-26 06:17:18 PM  
Crotchrocket Slim, I hope you know Optimus Prime died and was risen on the third season through the power of the Holy Matrix. Don't blaspheme his name.
2002-11-26 06:20:35 PM  
I don't know how I forgot about that Fiver-. Hell, anyone that can make a trailer like that disappear whenever he goes into robot mode, than have it magically reappear has to be divine, right? Oh only Prime to be worthy of the Matrix, I pray you forgive me, your humble fleshcreature servant!
2002-11-26 06:21:18 PM  
Crotchrocket Slim: INFIDEL! You know Megatron is the one true God! He's a gun! How can you not worship a giant gun?!?!
Heh, Optimus Prime.

One thing that pissed me off about Transformers? The damn movie. Killed off half my favorite characters in the first 30 minutes. I was bawling when Prowl died.

Ahhh, the 80's.

Oh, and Transformers: Armada sucks shiat. Beast Wars was good for the first two seasons, but just went screwy afterwords.

I'll go back to my hole now.

2002-11-26 06:21:50 PM  
"You know there are Muslim people who read these messages."

Good, maybe when they see how most people see them. They just might start to do something to clean up there trash. The main reason this stereotype of the terrorist religion sticks out like a sore thumb is they never denounce any of the vile things done in their name.

They are going to kill a reporter in Nigeria for making a joke. That a bunch of zeolots murdered over two hundred people over. Yes we see how benine and tolerant they are.

They are going to stone a girl to death for being pregnant, more civilized behavior. If you live in the stone age. They never speak out, against there own. They just seem to reveal in there barbaric ways.

Don't give me this Christian fundy lefty excuse either. I never see any normal person Christian jump up and down like an animal when innocent people are murdered.
2002-11-26 06:22:17 PM  
Young_Fart, its just a phase. Christianity did the same thing back when it was Islam's current age. Christianity (Or at least acts in its name) have claimed as many lives as Islam has, if not more. Islam will catch up though, don't you worry.
2002-11-26 06:24:15 PM  
I dunno thrasher, he was well onto his way to godhood until Unicron went and turned him into a purple pile of suck... and well, you know how I feel about suck.

Let's make Prowl a Saint or something in the church of Cybertron. He could easilly kick that SUV that's running around in Armada trying to steal his style.
2002-11-26 06:26:04 PM  
God I hate people...

Does anyone ever wonder, if there were far less stupid and gullible people who want to believe in celestial ghosts with magic powers, would there be as many people wanting to be religious leaders?
I mean, if I told Pat Robertson at some point "There's only 38 Christians left. Everyone else is convinced that the Bible is about as reliable as Amtrak," would he still want to host the 700 Club?
2002-11-26 06:28:19 PM  
Rikulrn: look at history RE: the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, Hundred Years' War, Thirty Years' War, Salem Witch Trials. A Christian doesn't have much credibility claiming that Islam is necessarilly a violent religion. Well, no one does.
2002-11-26 06:31:31 PM  
I wonder what their songs are titled. Are they along the lines of "Allah I ever think about is Jews"?
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