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2001-08-14 10:28:47 AM  
Internal exams: These can involve vaginal exams and/or rectal exams. Need we say more?

Hahah, he said rectal..
2001-08-14 10:47:42 AM  
They run these things all the time here in Austin. The upside is that in some of them you can get other procedures you need anyway (such as wisdom teeth removal) done for free. And the wisdom teeth one is to test experimental pain relievers. This might be quite good if they are testing the stronger ones. Of course, it would really suck if you were in the placebo group.
2001-08-14 11:14:01 AM  
I predict over the next week we'll see about a dozen or so links from soyouwanna.com, before enough farkers complain about it. Kinda like the How Stuff Works web site.
2001-08-14 11:56:25 AM  
Upside: Pay is pretty good
Downside: POSSIBLE DEATH!, rectal exams, time

You decide...
2001-08-14 12:01:26 PM  
im afraid i just dont have time to die of a rectal exam, some other source of money is needed
2001-08-14 12:06:01 PM  
But look at all the money you can make. This woman could have made up to $365

2001-08-14 12:52:07 PM  
I wanted to become a human gerbil, but she said no...
2001-08-14 01:01:25 PM  
They pay is NOT good. Is your pride and good health worth 20 to 100 dollars?

By pride i mean having a stranger feel your asshole.
2001-08-14 01:06:20 PM  
I'm already part of a huge psychological experiment. It's called "Working for Tech Support."

[image from 69megs.com too old to be available]

Some days, I really want to do this.
2001-08-14 01:24:52 PM  
I'll keep this anonymous, but there's a university that my friend attends...and he told me an account about his best bud doing an experiment (and was paid quite well):

The friend received the money up front, but they would not disclose what the entire experiment would entail. Not caring about the consequences (college kid), he signed a waiver that would allow them to do most anything except cause physical or extreme mental harm. Thereafter, he showed up and ... hmm can't remember how he got there...but he awoke/found himself half-naked in a giant rat maze.

Sounds fun to me though =)
2001-08-14 01:30:37 PM  
College students are the most obvious guinea pigs...here's a 20. What? Oh, don't worry, it's just a little tiny college experiment.
Next day college student can not walk or sit down...
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-14 01:33:26 PM  
i dunno, maybe i've got some screws loose, but this seems like a good idea to me. i wanna sign up. i wonder how many studies you can do at a time?

the only thing that bothers me is that this will help advance medical science. I think medicine has already gone to far, can't we just let people die?
2001-08-14 02:27:40 PM  
My father did this for a while during the time he was in medical school. Back then, you could be payed well. Now, you can only be "compensated for your time", ie your payment is strictly government regulated.

That was back in the 60's or 70's that he did it. The people that were in the dorm next to them (they got room & board in exchange to be a test subject) grew breasts (MEN).

That is all.
2001-08-14 06:20:44 PM  
I wouldn't mind doing some sleep studies..being woken up constantly, kept awake for hours, kept asleep for hours, food, alcohol, etc..sleepwise I'm pretty farked up anyway, so I'd make an interesting test subject.
2001-08-14 07:23:35 PM  
i think you generally have to be at least 18 years of age, kat.
2001-08-14 08:22:33 PM  
Hot damn! For anyone else in Seattle, Harborview Medical Center has a HUGE list:

That's also the first time I think I've ever said, "Damn! I don't have asthma!"
2001-08-14 08:23:16 PM  
Screwed that link up. Somebody wanna teach me HTML?
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