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(   Men who stand to pee at the urinal more likely to faint, then men who squat and pee in the street   ( divider line
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58 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Nov 2002 at 2:18 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-25 01:35:22 PM  
What about guys who squat and shiat in the flower bed? Huh, waht about, I mean them...those guys, huh?
2002-11-25 01:44:21 PM  
Sure, squatting is preferable. Plus, there's always that chance that you could participate in the unplanned teabagging of a native.
2002-11-25 02:24:55 PM  
Some one go ahead and post that website that teaches women how to pee standing up and get it over with.
2002-11-25 02:27:07 PM  
men can pee standing up... and women have multiple orgasams, which would your rather have???
2002-11-25 02:29:42 PM  
just remember to pull down your panties while you're squatting
2002-11-25 02:30:33 PM  
I'd rather pee standing up

after one orgasm i pretty much forget what all the fuss is about
2002-11-25 02:30:42 PM  
Is this the "feel-good-story-of-the-year?"
2002-11-25 02:30:54 PM  
Cambie"just remember to pull down your panties while you're squatting"
Too Late.

2002-11-25 02:31:36 PM  
One time when I was shiatting, the guy in the next stall fainted even though he was sitting.

This research is incorrect.
2002-11-25 02:32:17 PM  
holy jeebus!!!

swear to god, I fainted just a few days ago pissing in the urinal. And i wasn't even drunk or high or anything. Just really really sick and stuffy head. I blacked out and woke up like 15 seconds later to find my foot (wearingh a shoe thank god) in the urinal, and my head on the floor of the bathroom. eewwwww thankfully nobody saw it though. But I wasn't hurting or anything, so maybe I just like layed down on the floor unconsciously or something. scared the crap out of me though.

Well, that's my story.
2002-11-25 02:32:42 PM  
But you can't watch the big mint on the bottom of the urinal melt if you're squatting.
2002-11-25 02:32:57 PM  
OK,I've got to ask, has anyone actually fainted while taking a leak?
2002-11-25 02:33:20 PM  
men can pee standing up... and women have multiple orgasams

Women can have orgasms?
2002-11-25 02:33:41 PM  
In the headline: than, not then ... and no comma either.
2002-11-25 02:33:56 PM  

The word to use when making an unequal comparison is 'than', not 'then', and that comma shouldn't be there =)


2002-11-25 02:34:04 PM  
Mmm...just doesn't do it for me. Bad grammar can ruin a perfectly pointless link. nb.(THEN refers to time while THAN refers to difference)
2002-11-25 02:34:05 PM  
When you have been drinking beer and holding it in for ever and finally find a place to piss you fell like you might faint, but it is still good.
2002-11-25 02:34:29 PM  
I seem to remember something about "missing overboard"
incidents often occuring while pissing over the side.
Good idea to wear PFD. (Personnel Flotation Device).
2002-11-25 02:34:39 PM  
Most career alcoholics sooner or later learn to pee sitting down. There are times when you're simply too drunk to aim your own junk.
2002-11-25 02:34:47 PM  
Beatcha to it, RedHed ;)

2002-11-25 02:34:58 PM  
Men who find it more refined to stand at a Western-style urinal than to join the masses squatting on the street are more likely to faint, according to Ambar Chakravorty, a nerve expert at the Vivekananda Institute of Medical Sciences in Calcutta.

Must not take much to become a nerve expert over there.

I'll make sure my doctors don't have degree from the Vivekananda Institute of Medical Sciences in Calcutta.
2002-11-25 02:36:32 PM  
Can't say I've fainted while draining the dragon...

Now that I've toyed with the Almighty Powers That Be...I'll drop like a rock sometime.
2002-11-25 02:37:24 PM  
Beatcha to it, Andorion ;)

2002-11-25 02:38:30 PM  
Hell, next to having an orgasm, taking a good long P standing up is the next best feeling. Of course those funny bastards that rip loud farts while they are going, well, nice manners but damn that's some funny stuff.
2002-11-25 02:38:54 PM  
Perhaps this is the reason you see the occasional guy bracing himself with both hands against the wall.. he's afraid of toppling..
2002-11-25 02:39:32 PM  
That's why I only pee in bed.
2002-11-25 02:39:59 PM  
I have vomited, and almost passed out, but it's always when I'm to tired, and I go alot (like a gallon), and my blood pressure drops cause I get empty.
2002-11-25 02:40:35 PM  
I suppose that's the rarely used Go-Flush-Pass-Out Method
2002-11-25 02:42:12 PM  
I was about to spout off about grammar RE: then/than and extraneous commas, but I can see this thread is in good hands.

Fainting spells are a small price to pay for the ability to pee standing up. But, if given the choice, I'd choose multiple orgasms over erect urination any day. :-P
2002-11-25 02:42:59 PM  
I donate blood regularly and one time, about 3 hours after I donated, I passed out while urinating standing up. Thank God it was in my own home! My face bounced off the tank of the toilet as I fell forward. I think the bounce off the back of my head was worse.

That's how Elvis died! He fainted & had a heart attack while taking the kids to the pool. The King died on the Throne.
2002-11-25 02:43:27 PM  
Still no cure for cancer...
2002-11-25 02:44:35 PM  
The best time to rip loud farts and go "Whoa Nelly" after each one is when somebody is in the stall, and you're at the urinal.
2002-11-25 02:45:06 PM  
A guy I went to college with got drunk as usual and he needed to shiat and he also needed to throw up, hard to tell which he needed more.

So he pulls his pants down and sits on the throne only to realize he needs to throw up NOW. Stands up and turns around, so he can throw up in the toilet, and of course he promptly shiats on the floor. Disgusted by the thought that he is shiatting on the floor, he turns around so that he can shiat in the toilet, and promptly throws up on the floor.

Then he passes out on the floor.

True story.
2002-11-25 02:45:58 PM  
"Then"? Then what? Go Andorion!
2002-11-25 02:47:08 PM  
Sorry but I can't stop laughing at your passing out while pissing stories. Cracks me up for some reason.
2002-11-25 02:48:56 PM  
Gator8387 Best. story. ever.
2002-11-25 02:52:51 PM  
Nothing like a sit down pee.

No squeezing and no mess. ;)
2002-11-25 02:55:24 PM  
I've never passed out like that, but my mother did..... luckily I wasn't home to find it (scary thought, walking in on your mother passed out on the bathroom floor with her pants around her ankles).... She passed out, fell off and broke her nose..... scared the sh!t out of my dad....
2002-11-25 02:56:51 PM  
The equation goes something like this:

Sitting at desk reading FARK all afternoon + drinking Mountain Dews and nothing else all day + waiting until you have to go so bad you can taste it + sprinting down 150 yard hallway to the men's room = get ready to taste tile.
2002-11-25 02:56:54 PM  
How do guys who squat to pee on the street keep from pissing on their feet?
2002-11-25 03:02:27 PM  
Who the hell passes out when they pee? Standing while peeing is one of the /few/ benefits of being male. Now that's taken away from us too. *sob*
2002-11-25 03:08:31 PM  
When the servers go down- is it really beer spilled on the server?

Or... does Drew have a urinal built in under his desk...

Maybe Drew has really bad aim!
2002-11-25 03:08:44 PM  
I have never in my life squatted simply to pee.
I didn't even know guys did that.
2002-11-25 03:10:23 PM  
This maybe true but if you squat in the street you're twice as likely to have yellow socks.
2002-11-25 03:12:56 PM  

The shower stall in my bathroom is too narrow for me to squat in- I have no choice but to pee standing up...
2002-11-25 03:14:06 PM  
... Everytime you pee squating down- God drowns a kitten!
2002-11-25 03:17:25 PM  
ever since I got back from that Phillipino dating tour
I pass out from the pain every time I pee.
2002-11-25 03:23:32 PM  
Confucious say, He who fart in church sits in own pew.
2002-11-25 03:24:15 PM  
So, will this "Doctor" be studying the "urinal shiver" next?
2002-11-25 03:26:12 PM  
Sorry gang, but it's true. I suffered from micturition syncope for a few years. It is most comenly found in the Army with young recruits (which I was NOT one of). Not scary at all, you just pass out. Luckly it passed before my formative "Beer drinking" years.
And it's never a problem with ganga (well the pasing out par tis, but not while peeing at least)!
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