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4357 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Aug 2001 at 3:27 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-13 03:32:51 PM  
I'm disapointed by the lack of the internet tard boy in that link
2001-08-13 03:36:00 PM  
Once everone realizes that I am always right, then there will be peace on the internet. :-)
2001-08-13 03:42:47 PM  
I don't have an attitude problem, you have a perception problem.
2001-08-13 03:45:04 PM  
okay...somebody throw that picture up.
2001-08-13 03:47:04 PM  
Everyone chant!!

Yo yo yo, he's DOWN with Syndrome, homey!
2001-08-13 03:55:44 PM  
Everyone knows I'm always right. No need to argue.


"Surely you can't be serious!"
"I am serious. And stop calling me Shirley."

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-13 03:58:36 PM  
Hey, don't make me sick the icy hot stunz after you, fool.
2001-08-13 04:00:59 PM  
He is mostly right, but he is still a hypocrite.

All he is doing is trying to show how he is better than the people who get emotionally involved in arguments, in a condescending manner might i add. Which is in itself a form of a personal attack in a general sense.

Ok i'll shut up now.
2001-08-13 04:02:46 PM  
Ummmkay folks, I am still unable to connect to the site. It keeps timing out. Did we kill this site too?!?!

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-13 04:03:13 PM  
It's raining outside.
2001-08-13 04:04:41 PM  
If I still had a news feed I would throw the text of that article on alt.flame, a troll on alt.flame _trys_ to keep out of arguments.
It sure would be nice to see ANS go ballistic again.
2001-08-13 04:09:46 PM  
The very premise of the article is designed to prevent the readers from being able to disagree with it. Luckily for me I agree with most of his conclusions, but if you didn't and tried to argue against it, you would automagically be viewed as a retard.
2001-08-13 04:12:33 PM  
You want it you got it.

[image from 69megs.com too old to be available]
2001-08-13 04:13:35 PM  
2001-08-13 04:20:18 PM  
arguing is not pointless.
2001-08-13 04:20:41 PM  
is not, is no, is not!
2001-08-13 04:21:41 PM  
can you say Jelloboy?
2001-08-13 04:24:05 PM  
"Whom am I talking about?"????

I gave up reading right after that.
2001-08-13 04:24:48 PM  
Okay, maybe I was a tad hasty. I'll just give up reading this article.
2001-08-13 04:26:21 PM  
"I'm sorry I can't argue with you any more until you pay me." - Monty Python's Flying Circus
2001-08-13 04:43:46 PM  
Arguing on the internet is fun, therefore, not pointless. If you disagree with me on that, I'll kick your ass (retard). ;)
2001-08-13 04:55:28 PM  
I'm not wearing any pants.
2001-08-13 04:55:34 PM  
Arguing on the internet is pointless? So what is his point then?
2001-08-13 04:58:08 PM  

You're just wrong. I feel sorry for you. You're acting like hitler and the nazis. (insert more cliche phrases here ;) ).

-= rei =-
2001-08-13 04:59:42 PM  
Sethor: No pants? IM me for hot s*x.
Rei, you just want to feel superior. I swear, you must be 15 or 16. :P
2001-08-13 05:01:50 PM  
Glenlivid: What's a Jelloboy? I know it/he is some inside joke, but I haven't been able to deduce the meaning.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

For the rest of you: Since there is not really anything of substance to argue about so that I may be enlightened as to other's views or increase my knowledge, or even impress everybody with my knowledge, I would like to just cut right to the chase, starting with the ad hominem attacks and say: You are all a bunch of booger-eating freaks. So there! Thank you in advance for your assistance.
2001-08-13 05:02:38 PM  
fark kill kuro5hin? lol, not likely. just try again leo.
2001-08-13 05:04:51 PM  
i think we have reached the penultimate point of universal internet arguing: we're arguing about arguing.

the internet will self-destruct in 5 seconds.
2001-08-13 05:05:15 PM  
This guy is a loser and I hate him. He's so full of shiat I hope he dies. j00 sax0r mistar articel man!!!! I HAETS YUO!!!!! GOES ADN DIES ALOEN!!!!!!!!
2001-08-13 05:11:20 PM  
Mme: Smited? Smoted? Smoten? Smitten!
2001-08-13 05:15:13 PM  
This is the bunny

2001-08-13 05:20:52 PM  
Rage: It's Smut, I think. He was Smut thusly.


I can't define bad taste, but I know what I like! No, wait...
2001-08-13 05:21:07 PM  
This article is the libertarians' and the conservatives' fault. Common sense says that your view is wrong. (insert personal insult with no less than one swear in it here). You're quoting from a biased source. (insert a sentence ending in no fewer than 3 exclamation points here)!!!.

-= rei =-
2001-08-13 05:21:25 PM  
Jelloboy was a legendary(in his own mind) troll who basically called you a fag 38 different ways if you disagreed with him. Some people have suggested he was an eliza program. He was sitebanned after drew had enough of him.

But now that the whole pointless business of arguing on the internet has been pointed out to us, we can turn off our computers and go back into the sunlight.
2001-08-13 05:27:42 PM  
SFOTW everyone knows sunlight is bad for you.

[insert name calling and argumentative comment here]
2001-08-13 05:32:45 PM  
sfotw: There are other uses for computers, though. What about sex? See, e.g., WorldCitizen's post to Sethor @ 4:59:42. Don't be too eager to crawl back out into life yet!
2001-08-13 05:34:47 PM  
Jelloboy was a big puss. He is now chained nude to an engine-block in my basement. Every day I feed him half a Power Bar and a dixie cup of Tang. Then I shoot him with paint balls for a half an hour or so. It's very theraputic; I highly recommend it.
2001-08-13 05:40:48 PM  
IceCycle: you can post to (and read) newsgroups thru Google Groups.
2001-08-13 05:45:18 PM  
so how do I get the binaries(pictures) from google?
I am too stoopid and not L33t enough to figure it out.
My ISP does not have a news server.
2001-08-13 05:47:05 PM  
I just tried that sunlight, I almost passed out. So its back to arguing on the internet for me.

YOU ARE ALL WRONG- for whatever reason.

2001-08-13 06:01:23 PM  

images.google.com :) Great site.

-= rei =-
2001-08-13 06:02:59 PM  

I think that the softness and the general level of asinine PCness in society as a whole is caused by those asshumping liberals who want to degenerate things down to the lowest common denominator so EVERYONE feels stupid. Saying "Vertically challenged, specially abled African-American" is not an acceptable substitute for "black retarded midget." A skyscraper is vertically challenged. I am specially abled, I can switch hands while beating off and gain a stroke. I know many "persons of color," and they prefer to be grouped under the black moniker. They're Americans, they sure as hell didn't come over from Africa and do the citizenship test yesterday. But, then again, I'm wrong because I'm an evil Libertarian who touts revolutionary (and paradoxically, reactionary) politcal belief.

YOU ARE ALL RIGHT--for whatever reason, from grilling some good steak to carving a name in a tombstone. And in that theme, EVERYONE IS ALSO WRONG for whatever reason.

Have a nice day.
2001-08-13 06:12:19 PM  
What about the African Americans who built the Egyptian pyramids?
2001-08-13 06:17:03 PM  
Wow, did SH just take me seriously?

I was just parodying how typical Fark debates usually go ;) I thought it was pretty obvious.

-= rei =-
2001-08-13 06:17:39 PM  
Glenlivid: I did not have the pleasure of witnessing any of Jellyboy's antics, but I laughed my ass off at your post.

Now, regarding the definition of argument- I think it has a negative connotation in most people's minds, but I was unaware of the various meanings it had until today. My pocket Webster says that it means: (1)a reason offered in proof (2)discourse intended to persuade (3)QUARREL

I believe most people use the third meaning of the word. And if you don't agree, then you can bite me. Everyone's entitled to my opinion.
2001-08-13 06:20:04 PM  
Read the article. Farkin' amateur. Part of the fun in argueing is that you can call someone (and at times everyone) an low-life, dog-humping, sexually inept, intellectually challenged, mother farking loser. Most of the time I don't give an insect's penis (do male insects have a penis? Interesting question, but I digress) who wins the arguement. The fun is in the exchange.
2001-08-13 06:23:44 PM  
Bongoman: No kidding. In my book there are two kinds of arguments:
1) the kind I can have with my dad, where even though we don't agree politally, we can have a "discussion".
2) the kind I have with my girlfriend, where no matter how much it may start out as a discussion...one of us is leaving in the middle of the night...pissed off.
The latter is the more typical internet "discussion".
2001-08-13 06:27:01 PM  

Yes. Usually covered with barbs, hooks, and all sorts of other painful things.

Read about bedbug sexuality sometime, now that's a painful case....

-= rei =-
2001-08-13 06:30:45 PM  
I like cheese.
2001-08-13 06:39:34 PM  
Nice one Glen
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