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(Ananova)   Man attempts to rob store using toy gun, gets lauged at.   ( ananova.com) divider line
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2001-08-12 12:06:10 PM  
Shop assistant laughs at robber's toy gun
A Tokyo shop assistant (ass. mgr) says he laughed at a man who tried to rob him with a toy gun (yellow water-gun).
The shop assistant (minimum wage) phoned police (911) when the 25-year-old (loser) allegedly demanded the contents of the till (three dollars).
The assistant said he told the alleged robber it was obvious the gun was a toy (D'oh). Police arrested him (beat him senseless) as he tried to make his escape (with his flying cape).
Police believe the man may have been behind several recent robberies which have netted around £2,900 (from braille bookstores).
Officers say debt (spent his allowance on pr0n) forced the man to start robbing shops (WORKING?), the Mainichi Daily News reports.
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-12 03:15:26 PM  
oh mr subliminal; you're my hero!
2001-08-12 07:20:46 PM  
I wonder if there's a list of words Fark will alter. porn fark shiat biatch

Any others?
2001-08-12 07:21:16 PM  
Well, strike porn from the list. But the other 3 apply
2001-08-12 09:39:46 PM  
Has this story ever happened to you?
2001-08-12 10:28:19 PM  
don't forget coont....
2001-08-12 10:29:15 PM  
but what about tits ?
2001-08-12 10:29:49 PM  
2001-08-12 10:35:53 PM  
I was playing with some toy guns last weekend. From Korea. They may be toys, but they hurt like hell to get hit with. The little plastic pellets leave nice welts even from across a large room.

And Kat, how'd you become a moderator?
2001-08-13 02:45:29 AM  
Ahhh yes good ole airsoft :)
2001-08-13 04:41:03 AM  
Lucky he wasn't here in Blighty... he would've been shot dead
2001-08-13 05:02:21 AM  
Please note: Japanese dial 110 to get the police.

Thank you for your attention.
2001-08-13 11:27:55 PM  
fark shiat biatch coont

Let's try Carlin's 7 words - fark shiat piss coont cocksucker motherfarker tits
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