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378 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 17 Nov 2002 at 6:15 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2002-11-15 10:18:08 AM  
cataclyme.comView Full Size
2002-11-15 10:51:22 AM  
Weak, I know. Full Size
2002-11-15 11:09:19 AM  
karmma.comView Full Size
2002-11-15 11:12:29 AM  
Better. Full Size
2002-11-15 12:06:50 PM  
www2.arkansas.netView Full Size
2002-11-15 1:03:44 PM  
www2.arkansas.netView Full Size
2002-11-15 1:03:54 PM  
It doesn't matter how innocent you act: when you're guilty, you're guilty. Full Size
2002-11-15 1:19:21 PM Full Size

I think someone got him confused with this guy...
2002-11-15 2:50:42 PM  
photos.imageevent.comView Full Size
2002-11-15 2:52:29 PM  
photos.imageevent.comView Full Size

"How about a big thumbs up from everyone who digs my new golden helmet..."
2002-11-15 3:02:01 PM Full Size
2002-11-15 3:13:11 PM  
xmission.comView Full Size
2002-11-15 3:14:23 PM  
imgmag.comView Full Size

"as a nation, we must remain ever vigilant
against the growing giant lizard threat.
I call for all americans to be on high alert
so that we, as americans, can emerge victorious,
and insure the safety of all our fellow americans...
what...whaddya lookin' at...?"
2002-11-15 3:39:23 PM  
members.cox.netView Full Size
2002-11-15 6:16:02 PM Full Size
2002-11-15 6:26:56 PM  
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size

Bush's new regime in Iraq. (please delete prior post again!)
2002-11-16 12:07:38 AM Full Size

Apparently, both Moses & Jesus had a burning bush experience.
2002-11-16 12:13:01 PM Full Size
2002-11-16 3:11:18 PM Full Size
2002-11-16 3:22:49 PM Full Size
2002-11-16 4:59:11 PM Full Size
2002-11-16 10:04:46 PM  
electrongate.comView Full Size
2002-11-16 11:14:12 PM Full Size
2002-11-17 12:10:57 AM  
home.cmaaccess.comView Full Size
2002-11-17 2:29:41 AM  
Thats not a halo, its an afro!

members.cox.netView Full Size

The President proposes Uncle Tom's Back bottom gristle to be the M.R.E of the future.
2002-11-17 3:45:53 AM  
da5id.home.attbi.comView Full Size
2002-11-17 5:14:12 AM  
scopenews.comView Full Size
2002-11-17 11:58:29 AM  
dangerpest.comView Full Size
2002-11-17 3:45:14 PM Full Size
2002-11-17 4:19:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-17 6:35:58 PM  
z7q2.comView Full Size
2002-11-17 6:38:13 PM Full Size
2002-11-17 6:39:11 PM  
imagemagician.comView Full Size
2002-11-17 6:45:19 PM Full Size

The 'O' is round, the jug is round...

it should be called Roundtine
2002-11-17 6:48:05 PM Full Size
2002-11-17 6:48:43 PM  
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size
2002-11-17 6:50:19 PM  
and fark, with voting. mods, can you delete the previous submission? Full Size

i can't let you do that, george.
2002-11-17 6:53:02 PM  
strangedesign.comView Full Size
2002-11-17 6:54:31 PM  
Bush unveiled his plan to give his until now secret team of staffer monkeys the authority to launch the nukes, if the threat level ever reached red....
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size

...thats when he started thinking he was god.
2002-11-17 7:01:49 PM  
Let's try that again...
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size
2002-11-17 7:03:24 PM Full Size
2002-11-17 7:06:10 PM  
President Jacko W. Bush.

webspace.utexas.eduView Full Size

I am the feeble zeeble.
2002-11-17 7:11:26 PM  
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size
2002-11-17 7:12:09 PM  
Damn you, 742! Ah well, great minds blah blah blah...
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size
2002-11-17 7:12:33 PM  
once more with feeling.. (mods please delete last two attempts.
you can't go wrong with buddy christ in the white house
now with more voting than ever before!!

home.covad.netView Full Size
2002-11-17 7:14:27 PM  
projectprime.comView Full Size
2002-11-17 7:20:17 PM  
bellsouthpwp.netView Full Size

Yup, you guessed it; I got nothing!
2002-11-17 7:23:45 PM Full Size
2002-11-17 7:35:55 PM  
acm-media.comView Full Size
2002-11-17 7:38:17 PM  
Could it be perhaps . . . .

nethole.comView Full Size

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