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(SP Times)   Drunk mom drives through basketball courts and playground to register 6-year-old for school   ( divider line
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1833 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Aug 2001 at 8:34 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-10 08:47:20 AM  
After all the soccer moms had filled up the parking lot with mini vans, what was she supposed to do?

Take her out back and shoot her.
"sorry timmy, but you can have a new mom now."
2001-08-10 08:59:03 AM  
If they'd have just left her alone then my wife would have made it home just fine. Troublemakers!
2001-08-10 09:11:52 AM  
2001-08-10 09:33:34 AM  
Take away her licensce for life. No mercy on drunk drivers!
2001-08-10 09:42:56 AM  
Why is it still she "allegedly" did it, even though the police caught her in the act and people saw her do it?
2001-08-10 10:08:02 AM  
Crimson: Because she probably wasn't "officially" charged at the time of publication. Everyone's so litigation happy, they have to mind their words. Silly...
2001-08-10 10:17:28 AM  
So a drunk parent went to the school after going through a basketball court. How many basketball-playing parents go to school after passing through a bar?
2001-08-10 11:04:01 AM  
Alcoholics piss me off
2001-08-10 11:06:06 AM  
Meh, would have been more exciting if school was in session.
2001-08-10 11:22:39 AM  
2001-08-10 01:00:58 PM  
That boy has a bright future.
2001-08-10 02:35:52 PM  
I don't see any problem here, a person can't even have a few drinks anymore without people getting into an uproar.
2001-08-10 04:32:13 PM  
It's only going to get worse if that kid joins a school team.
Can you imagine her in the stands with the other mothers?
2001-08-10 05:15:42 PM  
They say allegedly until there is an actual conviction. Part of that pesky innocent until proven guilty thing.
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