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(Boston Globe)   Britain says longer pub hours may curb binge drinking   ( divider line
    More: Unlikely  
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2002-11-14 08:30:35 AM  
Drink Dr Pepper
2002-11-14 08:32:08 AM  
Yeah, it ain't a binge if you do it continuously.
2002-11-14 08:32:29 AM  
1/3 of all Britons says longer pub hours may curb binge drinking.
2002-11-14 08:32:52 AM  
Mmmmmm. Dr. Pepper. It's full of ... umm ... peppery goodness?
2002-11-14 08:33:32 AM  
Exactly, LuckyPierre, that would be a bender.
2002-11-14 08:34:05 AM  
There's nothing wrong with binge drinking Dr Pepper! Mmmmm...
2002-11-14 08:36:28 AM  
It's another cynical vote-winner for the stupid...

It's not going to happen, folks - Tony just wants your support for when we go into Iraq.
2002-11-14 08:36:36 AM  
...ya sort 'of beat me to it.

So, instead of binge-drinking up to 11 pm, Londoners can binge drink to, say, 2 am, 3 am...

Put me on a plane, baby, and start linin' up the Guinness - I'm movin' back to Oxford Square!
2002-11-14 08:37:16 AM  
More guns will decrease the amount of individuals shooting up crowds...
Makes sense...sort of evens it out...
2002-11-14 08:37:43 AM  
How about if the pubs can stay open till after 11:00, but all they can serve is: Dr.Pepper?

That's what I call a win/win situation!
2002-11-14 08:39:22 AM  
Less binge drinking more marathon drinking
2002-11-14 08:41:46 AM  
It will curb binge drinking, but it may just encourage people to drink more over a longer period.

The current licensing laws are crap though, for example, if you finish work at 6pm on a Friday, by the time you get home, get changed, have some food, (in my case) have a spliff, get out of the house and down the pub its usually about 8 to 8:30 ish.

So that gives me 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get pissed. That works out at me having to get a pnt down me at least every 15 to 20 mins.

Hmm, now i come to think of it, thats not to bad.

If they extended the hours I'd still end up drinking at the same speed just for several hours longer, and i know from experiance that hurts the next day :-)
2002-11-14 08:42:45 AM  
HEY - totally unrelated - my girlfriend just passed an audition to sing with the Boston Pops over Christmas!

( they serve popcorn?)
2002-11-14 08:43:24 AM  
They should just leave the feckin pubs open 24hrs, IMHO.
2002-11-14 08:49:11 AM  
Just because it is legal for the pubs to stay open later, doesn't mean that the landlords will want to stay open. Their staff have to sleep at some point too.

I wouldn't know anyway, because I only ever drink Dr Pepper!
2002-11-14 08:49:37 AM  
It will curb binge drinking, but it may just encourage people to drink more over a longer period.

Encourage? We need no encouragement! Allow, more like...

2002-11-14 08:50:19 AM  
It might keep Mr. Crowe from getting his monkey ass kicked.
2002-11-14 08:50:56 AM  
Dr. Pepper is just a psedonym. The guy's real name was Samuel Clemens. He wasn't a doctor, either. Fact.
2002-11-14 08:58:59 AM  
Hey whatever ever floats their boats. I would say cool if there were some recquirements thrown in.

1. They gave out toothpaste and toothbrushes and they needed to be used at least once per drinking session.

2. Weekly contest with televised winner of someone who actually drank enough to think Princess Anne is attractive. If their is a draw then they have to drink Camilla Parker Bowles farkable.

3. 10 mintues of every hour extended by listening to Charles talk about architecture. Can Be substituted with 10 minutes of every hour(interchangeable with about

These are just a few ideas of mine. You gotta have some recquirements. Anyone else got any more ideas?

The Flatline
2002-11-14 09:01:30 AM  
hash legalised.....
longer pub hours....

bags packed!!!!
2002-11-14 09:02:47 AM  

Congrats to your girlfriend - that is really impressive. Don't know if they have popcorn, but I bet they have Dr. Pepper.
2002-11-14 09:04:21 AM  
Yeah all these comments mentioning Dr Pepper are really funny.
2002-11-14 09:19:34 AM  
"Let's get pissed!"
2002-11-14 09:22:59 AM  
wtf is the 'boston pops'? sounds ghei
2002-11-14 09:26:20 AM  
So, I like to think that I'm immune to advertising, but, dammit, all this talk of Dr. Pepper has made me want a Dr. Pepper. And I haven't had one in years.

Maybe Fark is the reason I always feel like a beer...
2002-11-14 09:28:14 AM  
Avoid hangovers - stay drunk.
2002-11-14 09:35:25 AM  
Roxy Beaujolais? Gotta be a made up name...
2002-11-14 09:45:49 AM  
I know that pubs in England have to close early. But isn't there some distinction where "clubs" can stay open later?

Here in Massachusetts, people actually complain about a 2am close for bars and clubs. In New York, its 4am (and even then, it really isn't enforced).
2002-11-14 09:52:39 AM  
Are longer licensing hours really necessary?

If you live in London and can't find a place to get a drink after 11, there is something wrong with you.

I like the discipline that it enforces. There are many nights (Monday pub quiz, Wednesday football) that I would end up at the pub all night if it wasn't for the 11PM chucking out time. Instead, I'm only moderately bleary eyed for work the next day. Except for the lock ins.
2002-11-14 10:01:11 AM  
I know that pubs in England have to close early. But isn't there some distinction where "clubs" can stay open later?

Yeah - clubs can get a licence that allows them to open until 2am. Places can open for longer with special, hard to come by licences. But you don't get clubs everywhere in the UK, obviously. Even in places the size of York, there's very few. And they're shiat. And you have to pay to get in.

Teh whole thing is teh suxor!

The great thing is the reason for all the licenced hours though. About as irrelevant as you can get.
2002-11-14 10:14:44 AM  
haha - suckers. the pubs here dont close until 1am,

go ireland!
2002-11-14 10:43:45 AM  
Well, the Massachusetts 2am curfew is complete *^%$, everyone just warmed up, wants to go on but can't.
Same thing goes for "No alcohol purchase after 10.30pm or on Sundays".
2002-11-14 10:44:15 AM  
what's the deal, people say binge drinking as if it's a bad thing.
2002-11-14 10:47:15 AM  
The whole no alcohol purchases after 11pm or on Sundays does suck. But I love the fact that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can buy alcohol on Sundays. What a farked up state I live in.
2002-11-14 10:48:47 AM  
Bingeing is bad for you. I try to maintain a blood alcohol equilibrium of 0.04.
2002-11-14 11:03:28 AM  
4 am in New York? Do you mean New York City? Because it's 2 am everywhere I've been, and the grocery stores stop selling beer at 2 am.

I love this kind of thinking, England.

Problem: Surge in crime and violence when all the drunks get out of the pubs at 11.
Solution: Never close the pubs.
2002-11-14 11:07:09 AM  
This is excellent news. Shame it doesn't kick in til summer 2004. When it doesn though i'm going down the pub for a 48hour drinking session.
2002-11-14 11:29:39 AM  
ElwoodCuse: It must just be New York City then. Some places will just close the doors for a half hour. And then reopen to start the new day.
2002-11-14 11:38:39 AM  
In New York State, it seems that the drinking laws regarding times of alcohol purchase differ by county. Around Rochester and Syracuse, the bars close at 2am, but around Albany, Buffalo, Long Island and New York City, the bars close at 4am. State-wide, last call is by law 4am.
2002-11-14 11:45:12 AM  
Got to love Great Britian-- a culture based on beer. You can have a big ass and still get laid there too.
2002-11-14 11:58:21 AM  
Yes but will this stop all UK's from biatching about American football, because we don't technically play it with our feet ? If not, then what's the point ?
2002-11-14 12:02:26 PM  
Indeed. You've got to love a country that celebrates excessive drinking.
2002-11-14 12:26:57 PM  
This is on because Bostonians finally found a city where the bars close earlier than in Boston.
2002-11-14 12:26:58 PM  
Come to any city centre (outside of London particularly) on a Friday or Saturday night....
8:30pm get to pub
8:31pm - 11:00pm drink as much is possible
11:20pm pubs chuck out
11:25pm dash for nearest late license club
11:30pm stand in queue with everybody else (very british)
11:35pm getting bored and aggressive with earringed "geezer" trying to queue-barge
11:40pm scuffles ensue
11:45pm last bus leaves
11:46pm decide have had enough of queue to get into crap club / get refused entry for some lame reason (I wish they wouldn't lie...if I'm too drunk to be allowed in...say so...lets not have this rubbish about my trousers being dirty or something)
11:50pm discover last bus has been missed
11:55pm "kebab time"
12:05am scuffles in / around kebab shop
12:15am pull some scrubber who is also eating a kebab and is in an even worse state that you
12:30am either watch big fight between two gorillas (usually over some nasty little loud-mouthed tart) OR it starts to rain
12:45am get in illegal & uninsured mini-cab - become life long buddy of pidgeon english speaking cabbie
1:15am home and hungry (again) - but minicab was so expensive no-one has any money left to go to the 24hr
1:25am pizza delivery is going to take over an hour
1:30am start playing "Jamie Oliver" with some SupaNoodles some very old cheese from the back fo the fridge and ketchup

1:45am watching very very poor TV...falling asleep....


not really sure what time - about 3 possibly
go to bed

7am - woken up with a bastard between the eyes and no water next to the bed..back to sleep...sweet beautiful sleep

10am feeling slightly more alive - but feel badly battered by the "Beer Monkey" last night (empties your wallet, smacks you in the head with something hard and heavy and shiats in your mouth)

repeat until children require trips to B&Q the following morning...
2002-11-14 01:35:00 PM  

"kebab time" -- now *that's* comedy! (btdt)
2002-11-14 01:40:58 PM  
Yeah I heard about this on NPR yesterday. Brits don't know what real binge drinking is.

Anyone here ever played "Beat the Clock" at Nickel's Alley?
2002-11-14 02:03:42 PM  
God this whole thing about altering licensing to affect drinking habits is so american. It shouldn't have anything to do with it, we're not trying to solve social issues here.

Alcohol is legal. As long as it is legal, let us buy it at reasonable times.

Simple as that.
2002-11-14 02:09:57 PM  
Actually, Mereflesh you seem to be saying that Tony Blair is so American.

The "YOB" problem is one reason he is addressing the binge drinking.

Are you a YOB? Take the quiz.
2002-11-14 02:12:23 PM  
So YOU may not be trying to solve a social issue, MereFlesh, but your contrymen ARE. trying, anyway.
2002-11-14 02:13:38 PM  
I'm in england right now and this is a great law if it passes. The crazyness that occurs around 11pm is really stupid. And the fecken tube closes at 12. 4am closing time in NY works and distributes the drunks throughout the night.

The pints are bigger over here though so all is not bad.

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