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(MLB.com)   Johnny Damon hits baseball into beer cup. (video, middle of the page)   ( mlb.com) divider line
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2001-08-09 02:55:57 PM  
I miss you farkers!!!

(cannot watch video, as am on library shiat computer, and therefore have no comment)
2001-08-09 02:56:38 PM  
Hey, Rollergurl21!
2001-08-09 03:02:32 PM  
What are the chances of it? I think it should be called a foul because that was where it went in the first place. Wait, what am I saying? I don't know the first thing about baseball.
2001-08-09 03:05:16 PM  
What was the call?
2001-08-09 03:09:57 PM  
Drew! WTF! Articles keep on going bye-bye? I'm working on my submitter ranking dangnabbit!
2001-08-09 03:12:03 PM  
About time Johnny did something in Oakland
2001-08-09 03:14:47 PM  
Don't worry about it Sethor. I got 2 pulled today. No big deal.
2001-08-09 03:16:36 PM  
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? I think it's more
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. Think of all the beer that should have been in that cup.

BTW, I'd be interested to know the call too.
2001-08-09 03:17:51 PM  
johnny was a racecar driver
2001-08-09 03:19:00 PM  
It looks like the ump called it a double.
2001-08-09 03:19:42 PM  
I watched most of it, and when I quit watching they were contesting a call of "infield double".
2001-08-09 03:21:20 PM  
If it's in the cup, don't pick it up
Bizarre play leads to ground-rule double for Damon

OAKLAND, Calif. -- If you were wondering what happens when a baseball gets lodged in an empty beer cup on the field of play, wonder no more.

It's all covered in Rule 9.01(c) in The Official Rules of Baseball: "Each umpire has authority to rule on any point not specifically covered in these rules."

In other words, there's no rule for this. And don't expect an addendum to the rules, either.

Actually, nobody in either clubhouse at Wednesday's Red Sox-A's game said they had seen such a thing before. When Johnny Damon's drive to the right-field corner in the third inning rolled right into the formerly froth-filled vessel, it was new territory for everyone.

The call: Ground-rule double.
2001-08-09 03:22:55 PM  
It was called a Ground Rule Double, though, truthfully, it should have been a triple.

Anyways, GaidinBDJ, The beer cup was empty, which meant some lucky fan had drank it all! HOOODY HOO! NO BEER WASTED!
2001-08-09 03:23:39 PM  
They called fan interferance and awarded him 2 bases. Instead of an inside the park home run the a's were attempting to argue.

Yankees Suck.
2001-08-09 03:27:46 PM  
called it a double, BULLSHIATE!

Hey, if they right fielder too stupid to pull the ball out of the cup then Damon deserves the homerun!
2001-08-09 03:27:47 PM  
Rule 9.01(c): Each umpire has authority to rule on any point not specifically covered in these rules.

My copy of the rulebook (I buy one every year) doesn't mention balls in paper cups, so, there you have it, I guess.
2001-08-09 03:30:53 PM  
but why was there a cup on the field in the first place? jackass fans would be my guess, unless the guy sitting on the stool by the 3rd base line foul pole was suckin em down..
2001-08-09 03:36:22 PM  
You are entering a world of pain Obscene Pickle

That stupid right feilder is my boy Trot. If he could play that ball, it would of been an outfielder's choice (he's got a gun!) hehe.

Mark it dude
2001-08-09 03:37:07 PM  
Was at this game last night, funny.
2001-08-09 03:40:38 PM  
call at the game was 'ground-rule double'

BTW - the cup cost 3.00 with soda; 5.50 or 7.25 with beer.
2001-08-09 03:50:11 PM  
So was it jammed in the cup, like it would have taken him time to try to dislodge it? Or was it just sort of in there and the outfielder figured he'd take an advantage as it came? Thanks to the crappy wonder that is RealVideo, I couldn't really tell.
2001-08-09 03:56:15 PM  
yes, sadly, RealVideo sux arse.
2001-08-09 04:06:15 PM  
I had my two articles yanked...bah
2001-08-09 04:19:41 PM  
Who was the kid who caught the ball that let the Yankees win that game against the Sox a few years ago? I'd love to find a link to that story.
2001-08-09 04:36:53 PM  
Damon is always getting his balls stuck somewhere.
2001-08-09 04:37:56 PM  
The ball went in as it sped along the ground. The outfielder knew that it was a good hit, so he took a gamble on a 2 base ruling.

In the end he couldn't get the ball out, threw the cup and ball up to some kid in the stands.
2001-08-09 04:58:14 PM  
What is this... Beer Thursday?!? I think that most of the stories posted today have something to do with Beer. Kinda makes me want to go out and have a Heineken.

I can't wait till boobies Monday.

How about a beer tag for the frontpage?
2001-08-09 04:59:28 PM  
well baseball sux! but whats a "ground rule double" maen? I dont know therefore its not worth watching right?
2001-08-09 05:03:56 PM  
yankees suck!!!
2001-08-09 05:10:17 PM  
Clemens Sucks!
2001-08-09 05:27:49 PM  
Not as interesting as Johnny Dobson hitting a baseball into a beer, like I thought it said the first time.
2001-08-09 05:43:00 PM  
its a junkies game
2001-08-09 05:57:18 PM  
Still not as funny as the San Diego player who knocked over the Phillie fan's tray of nachos last night.
2001-08-09 05:58:17 PM  
It would have been a triple. He was just rounding 2nd base by the time the ball got "stuck". It would have been a close play to call if he would have made it home or not, but he would have been on 3rd. No doubt about it.
2001-08-09 06:02:22 PM  
do any of you play or watch a real sport like rugby? And dont say american football because its not a real sport! Just padded up pansies.
2001-08-09 06:07:15 PM  
what other sports fall into the "real sport like rugby" category?
2001-08-09 06:09:45 PM  
Itodd - fah, your buy trot couldn't field the ball if it was handed to him in a cup! ;)
2001-08-09 06:28:58 PM  
Real sport anything but glamourised polished up americanised crap.
2001-08-09 06:31:20 PM  
I just hate how sport has become today....... no-one plays it for the game anymore. Its all about the money. SHOW ME THE MONEY! SHOW ME THE MONEY! its like tiger woods - hes considered a walking billboard now, not human just an advertisment.
2001-08-09 06:54:02 PM  
Stevie, Rugby is cool. I watch sometimes on Fox Sports World. Even know a few players. I know the Tri-nations are on now. Fun to watch Jonah Lomu run over everybody. But American football is real football. :)
2001-08-09 07:02:23 PM  
yeah Legman it has its appeal for sure..but still takes too farking long to play and they swap the whole offensive & defensive teams so its just not a real test of skill I think. And what about the kicker who comes on to..oh, kick field goals only. what a sportsman.

I agree with Stevie, too much money in the game
2001-08-09 07:03:43 PM  
ha ha ha yeah na your the type of american that isnt all that bad - in fact after reading your little statement legman I quickly came to realise Im the w**ker I hate. Theres nothing wrong with american football and rugbys a great sport, Its just soo refreshing to actually hear an american say "hey I watch rugby too and american football isnt the be all and end all of sport".
You are american eh? ha ha
2001-08-09 07:07:57 PM  
Actually, since there are offensive and defensive specialists in football, that makes it a better game. I know in rugby, players play both offense and defense. I grew up with football so I think its a better game. But I also like rugby. Its true that all the ads on tv slows down the game. I'll admit that its great to watch 40 minutes of continuous action rather than interuptions every few minutes for tv timeouts.
2001-08-09 07:10:26 PM  
Actually, the coolest baseball video I've ever seen was the one during an Arizona Diamondbacks game. A dove got in the way of a pitch and lost most of his feathers... probably his life, too. Well, no one said entertainment was easy...
2001-08-09 07:11:54 PM  
or cheap
2001-08-09 07:12:19 PM  
I also watched the game, and even though I am a Red Sox fan, I thought it should have been a triple. It was the weirdest play I've seen in awhile, but it was pretty funny!!!

Itodd, re: Clemens, I really want to say he sucks too, but the fat bastard is having a great year. I hate that. I hate the Yankees even more. Best rivalry in baseball, though!!
2001-08-09 07:14:40 PM  
Henchman, wasn't that Randy Johnson that killed the bird?
2001-08-09 07:34:50 PM  
that's why we need more sports like this...

NSFTWWS (not safe for those with weak stomachs!)

2001-08-09 08:09:04 PM  
2001-08-09 08:15:54 PM  
When he throws the cup into the stands, check out the hottie in the black dress. She wants to be my girlfriend soooo bad.
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