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2002-11-13 09:25:25 AM  
Gastric Bypass Surgery?? What a sissy!

I had the back of my mouth stretched and connected to my asshole. It's a rare surgery called "Digestive Bypass Surgery".
2002-11-13 09:37:04 AM  
Good for ol' al. Hes a microbrew lover too so id like to see him around a lot longer. anyhow how can you hate al? even tho hes a network shill he seems nice
2002-11-13 09:48:26 AM  
yeah, because if you're throwing a deck chair off the back of the Titanic, you're already in pretty deep...
2002-11-13 09:59:34 AM  
With that operation he'll probably drop several more lbs. too. Bariatric surgery is some scary shiat! Definitely a last ditch effort.

It's too bad, Hoopyfrood, that he probably seriously compromised his future enjoyment of microbrew and all things barbeque, etc.
2002-11-13 10:49:32 AM  
pussy! this is the same as the STOP EATING SO FARKING MUCH diet i used, down 70 pounds. no stapleing my fat farking stomach, this diet is for people with no self control, all it does is keep you from eating so damn much, willpower works just as well. anyone who gets this operation needs to be biatchslapped for not having enough willpower to stop eating so much. damn fatties
2002-11-13 11:12:46 AM  
Hellmann's REAL Al Roker:


Bring Out the Best!
2002-11-13 11:17:24 AM  
he told People magazine for its Nov. 18 issue. ''You think people will look at you like, 'You weak son of a pup.'''

WTF? I have never heard weak son of a pup before.
2002-11-13 11:36:33 AM  
I lost 100 pounds naturally. Exercise and willpower. The best thing about going from being obese to your target weight is you can make fun of fat people all you want forever and nobody can say anything about it.
2002-11-13 11:36:33 AM  
Gastric ^plastic Bypass Surgery??
2002-11-13 11:38:06 AM  
Hey!!! Anna Nicole Smith! You listening? Do us all a favor and get this surgery before you blind us!

(I'm goin' to hell).
2002-11-13 11:40:15 AM  
[image from jscat.com too old to be available]
2002-11-13 11:40:55 AM  
Don't laugh. Happened to me one time. Could happen to anyone who's 150 pounds overweight and lacks the willpower to stick to a diet so they decide to chop their stomach in half and hook up a new small intestine.
2002-11-13 11:40:59 AM  
thats a rude comment - have you seen the pictures of him, he looks much better.
2002-11-13 11:42:02 AM  

He's still fat.
2002-11-13 11:42:03 AM  
Technically, it was the RMS Titanic. It was a Royal Mail Ship.

If it were the HMS Titanic, then it would've been a warship.
2002-11-13 11:42:32 AM  
So, in my quest for an amusing "anorexia" pic, I came across this. SFW, but kind of disturbing.

My uncle had that stomach stapling done.. after knowing him as being overweight for all these years, he looks strange skinny.
2002-11-13 11:43:44 AM  
anyone . . . . needs to be biatchslapped for not having enough willpower to stop eating so much. damn fatties"

Is that how you felt about yourself when you were 70 lbs. heavier? Gee, it's so easy to look back on hard times and just say "Eh, that wasn't so bad."

One would think that the fact that you once were 70 lbs. heavier would make you sympathetic to those who face the same problem.
2002-11-13 11:46:35 AM  
[image from metu.edu.tr too old to be available]
[image from nyjosh.com too old to be available]

Who names their band "Anorexia"? Its like naming your band after your high school gym teacher.

(Lets see if anyone gets that little Classic Rock reference)
2002-11-13 11:46:45 AM  
Actually, I gotta disagree. Roker's looking GREAT.
2002-11-13 11:48:26 AM  
Faramir & Shiro, congrats on the weight loss. I bet the two of you look like a pair of sharpei puppies when your naked.
2002-11-13 11:48:52 AM  
I think regardless of how he looks, he's obviously healthier. If anyone watched the dateline special last night, he made a good point.

"My doctor told me I was morbidly obese. If you break that it down, 'morbid' is dead and 'obese' is fat. So basically, I was a dead fat guy."
2002-11-13 11:49:24 AM  
2002-11-13 11:49:57 AM  
lynyrd skynyrd?
2002-11-13 11:51:39 AM  
11-13-02 11:49:57 AM Please
lynyrd skynyrd?

We have a winner. Print out this thread, and take it to Dairy Queen for your free Blizzard.
2002-11-13 11:51:56 AM  
I read in another interview that he only weighed 4 lbs., 13 oz. when he was born. His mom used to cook with bacon fat and lard, and there was obviously a great emphasis on eating in his family. At his worst, he was 320 lbs. with a BMI of 50 - morbidly obese (as Phxtony pointed out earlier). He pretty much made a promise to his father (who was on his deathbed) that he would lose weight - so good for him. If this is how he decided to do it, and it's working for him, then I'm happy for him.
2002-11-13 11:54:07 AM  
I have to rant!

Disease? Give me a break. Tell the poor kid dying of cancer
your "disease" is you can't stop shoving 10 Jelly Donuts in your fat face every hour.
Tell the guy dying of heart disease who can't afford a transplant or medicine, that you just spent $50K
on a elective surgery so you can continue to inhale
10 big macs every lunch and shiat them out with absorbing them.
Tell the diabetic who has to monitor every thing they eat and take insulin shots every day about your "disease".

Poor, poor Al and his disease. Lets all say a prayer for him.

Fat pompous piece of crap.
2002-11-13 11:54:12 AM  

'I had the back of my mouth stretched and connected to my asshole. It's a rare surgery called "Digestive Bypass Surgery".'

So in other words...you're talking out of your ass again.

Sorry man...couldn't resist.
2002-11-13 11:56:01 AM  
Nice work on the headline, whoever wrote it.

2002-11-13 11:56:17 AM  
Stomach Stapling ?

Milton Waddams:" Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler."

[image from virtualstapler.com too old to be available]

2002-11-13 11:58:26 AM  
Dogfood: Apparently, you've never had a weight problem. Its a constant battle for some of us. At one point, I was about 40 pounds overweight...240 pounds on a 6' frame isnt a good thing. I tried all the stupid diets (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc).. but for me, it took serious dedication to the gym, and finally the Atkins diet worked for me as well. However, not everyone is that lucky. I would say obesity is as much of a disease as gambling, alcoholism, drug addiction, or any addiction for that matter.
2002-11-13 11:58:48 AM  
According to the Dateline story, the National Enquirer had the story with all the details just days after he left the hospital. He does look better.
2002-11-13 11:58:49 AM  
First of all, Mrs.
is a hottie.

Secondly, this was a sloppily-written story. His wife didn't bring it up again.
It was a promise to his dad a week before he died that he would lose weight
so he could be there for his kids. His wife was shocked when she saw him aggressively
researching the procedure online.

Thirdly, as a guy who spends every day heavier than Al ever dreamed of being,
I say, "Good for him." Yes, I lack willpower and focus. Call me a
pussy. Doesn't matter. Very few of us live our lives with an understanding of
where others live. I hate the way I look much more than anyone else does. And
I still tend to judge fat people as I know others judge me. Whether I get healthier
or stay heavy for the rest of my (probably shortened) life, the truth is that
it's just one small facet of life. Most of us are enslaved in some area life
that. But life is about much more than what we look like, who we score with
or the quantity and price range of our toys.

2002-11-13 12:04:31 PM  
awesome milton reference.

anyway, i was with the roke up until he had to come out with the "it's a disease" nonsense. my brother used to weigh 350 lbs. but he went on a diet and started working out. it took a lot of will power and time (over a year) but he lost 100 lbs. if people want to take the easy way out (which most of us can't afford), fine, but don't make excuses about it.

p.s. i know that morbid obesity is a diease.
2002-11-13 12:04:42 PM  
on the subject of weight. I was flipping through channels last night and heard a commercial on E! for an upcoming show......and part of it is on Oprah's new body after she lost weight? Is it me or should that egostistcal jerkwad NEVER be praised for her weight. She gous up and down more than hooker in Tiawan. If anything she should be maligned for be a crash diet artist and a quitter.

oh and also what is up with putting a picture of yourself on EVERY magazine about yourself?

(whew...done bashing Oprah...but a better person for getting it off my chest)

P.S. Al Roker is a cartoon.
2002-11-13 12:06:55 PM  
Oh big farking deal. So the fat fark has enough money to go get an operation cause he doesnt feel like eating rite and working out. Screw him, and all the rest of the celebs that think they deserve some kind of attention for spening alot of money and being lazy.
2002-11-13 12:08:52 PM  
Wow. I can't believe that some of you guys thought that the headline was funny. I think it is good for Al, or anyone, to lose 100 lbs, if they need it. For all of you who think its funny, it must be nice to be perfect.
2002-11-13 12:09:04 PM  
Good for him. He realized he had a problem and he did something about it.

Speaking of cancer, if you saw the Dateline story last night, his father died from it. A week before he died, his father made him promise to get healthy so he would be there for his kids. So he did it.

It's a good story. Too bad some people would rather ridicule him for lack of willpower than praise him for doing something about his weight problem.
2002-11-13 12:09:16 PM  
It's hard to lose weight when eating brings so much pleasure.

Thank God for good tasting soy burgers and wheat bread.
2002-11-13 12:11:38 PM  
I forgot to say, in my earlier post - Congratulations, Al. Also congrats to Faramir & Shiro.

As an ex-smoker, I wish the best of luck to anyone struggling to overcome their addiction(s).
2002-11-13 12:12:35 PM  
I'm sure I'll regret this but.........

Having recovered from anorexia I can honestly say; It's amazing how differently you are treated when your illness is the refusal to eat VS. the refusal to stop eating. People were kind, gentle and compassionate when I was so very sick. But look at an obese woman and see if people treat her with the same kindness and understanding. They don't. I woulnd't want to "go back there", but if I had to pick my poision, so to speak, I'd take starvation in a heartbeat, because people aren't mean to you when your hungry.
2002-11-13 12:12:44 PM  
I just heard that on the View. . man how lazy are some people
2002-11-13 12:13:36 PM  
great headline heh heh
2002-11-13 12:14:19 PM  
al roker = old & busted (cheated to loose weight)
rush limbaugh = new hotness (better overall diet)
2002-11-13 12:15:59 PM  
I'd take starvation in a heartbeat, because people aren't mean to you when your hungry.
Dllsgrlz: Tell that to the millions of starving Africans.
2002-11-13 12:16:53 PM  
Well Dllsgrlz you cant just go out and have an operation to overcome anorexia. He took the lazy, rich mans way out and people are giving him so much credit for it.
2002-11-13 12:17:48 PM  
Not only is GBS a last ditch effort, it is dangerous, too. For a long, long time and can fark up your nervous system somehow.
2002-11-13 12:18:52 PM  
Remember, Chug, it's the loudmouths around here that usually have the biggest "issues". All you gotta tell em is "laugh now, my friend, 'cause you ain't going to be 20 and tan with pretty teeth all your life...". It amazes me that you asshats can't think of anything positive to say here. Being a yuppie is an addiction. Needing that spiffy new little sports car? Addiction. Why don't you poke fun at him because he is a attractive and successful African-American? Ew...we don't like that word. So let's call him fattie and all giggle. Grow the hell up, Faramir et all.
2002-11-13 12:21:28 PM  
The thing that impresses me about Al is that he is willing to do this out in the open. After seeing Dateline last night, I think he is going to help a lot of people by doing what he is doing.

Pussy or not, he's choosing to save his own life. At least he's not too proud to admit that he's lost the battle. I think he's extremely courageous.

I'm a normal-sized guy if that makes any difference btw.
2002-11-13 12:24:18 PM  
11-13-02 12:17:48 PM FifthColumn
Not only is GBS a last ditch effort, it is dangerous, too. For a long, long time and can fark up your nervous system somehow.

Very true. Charlie Weis, the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots had GBS because he thought it would "improve his changes of becoming a head coach.".. He was so close to death, a priest came in to give him his last rites.
2002-11-13 12:34:31 PM  
I know that GBS can be dangerous. It is not exactly a minor procedure, but it is usually only done as a last resort. I have read about people, not all of whom are rich, who have had it done because they have been unable to lose weight on diets, etc, for whatever reason. I don't think it is the easy way out. I think it is the desperate way out. It must be sad and scary to be so desperate.
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