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216 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Nov 2002 at 4:18 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2002-11-12 7:55:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-12 7:56:47 AM  
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2002-11-12 8:20:40 AM  
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2002-11-12 8:46:13 AM  
Grave Robbin' - Fun for the whole family!
karmma.comView Full Size
2002-11-12 9:08:12 AM Full Size

Plumbed things up for ya. Now your house is a little off-kilter, though. Nice work.
2002-11-12 9:18:12 AM  
phocusmusic.comView Full Size
2002-11-12 9:51:19 AM  
Jokestress - thanks for the inspiration...
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2002-11-12 11:39:29 AM Full Size
2002-11-12 1:47:58 PM Full Size
2002-11-12 1:59:11 PM Full Size
2002-11-12 8:40:42 PM  
Bloody Hummingcrabs!

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2002-11-12 8:53:00 PM  
Soon the saucer people will see it!

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2002-11-12 11:16:52 PM Full Size
2002-11-12 11:38:54 PM Full Size
2002-11-13 12:02:25 AM  
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2002-11-13 1:09:36 AM Full Size
2002-11-13 1:26:31 AM  
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2002-11-13 9:25:49 AM Full Size
2002-11-13 9:52:02 AM  
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2002-11-13 11:10:11 AM Full Size
2002-11-13 12:32:01 PM  
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2002-11-13 1:12:53 PM Full Size
2002-11-13 1:44:35 PM  
Tony and Christopher take care of Ritchie Full Size
2002-11-13 3:09:41 PM  
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2002-11-13 4:21:57 PM  
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2002-11-13 4:30:13 PM  
Sadly, the Johnsons failed to recognize the dangers of the "Chernobyl Home Lighting Kit" until it was too late.

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2002-11-13 4:32:24 PM Full Size
2002-11-13 4:41:11 PM Full Size

It's been awhile since I posted a PS, and yes, I still suck.
2002-11-13 4:43:03 PM  
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2002-11-13 4:43:14 PM  
Appologies to Prof. Bumhat Full Size
2002-11-13 4:43:31 PM  
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size

I got nuthin.
2002-11-13 4:44:41 PM  
Something about that kid...very elfish looking. I was going to turn him and shovel man into santa and an elf...but instead you get this. Full Size
2002-11-13 4:50:51 PM  
home.con2.comView Full Size
2002-11-13 4:54:46 PM  
I'll try again but if it doesn't work it is that the school won't let me host an image...

Anyone else think the kid looks like a chipmunk?

students.juniata.eduView Full Size

if that doent work go here
2002-11-13 4:55:38 PM  
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2002-11-13 4:58:38 PM  
Whoops. Vote for me.
2002-11-13 5:00:34 PM Full Size
2002-11-13 5:00:34 PM  
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My apologies for this lame image, but it just popped into my head.
2002-11-13 5:02:32 PM Full Size

Narnia bidness.
2002-11-13 5:03:26 PM  
csd.netView Full Size

uhm .. yeah.
2002-11-13 5:04:10 PM  
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size

Dammit Cherios!!! you beat me to it!
2002-11-13 5:08:25 PM  
Damn beat to the punch.

Aw well I put in no effort on this one anyway.

quaalude.netView Full Size

That is the second time today I have used the same pic as someone else. Strange..
2002-11-13 5:10:32 PM Full Size

Can you resize, kids? I knew you could.
2002-11-13 5:15:19 PM  
wow, surprised no one else got this one yet...

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2002-11-13 5:16:46 PM  
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2002-11-13 5:20:27 PM  
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2002-11-13 5:21:01 PM Full Size
2002-11-13 5:22:51 PM  
"Hey watch this" was the last thing heard at the richardson household before they plugged in their Supernova brand outdoor light.
quaalude.netView Full Size

bah. bored at work.
2002-11-13 5:23:32 PM  
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2002-11-13 5:23:47 PM Full Size

Yes... I'm going to hell.
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