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(CNN)   #1 Highschool basketball prospect's games to be shown on pay-per-view.   ( sportsillustrated.cnn.com) divider line
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2002-11-12 01:20:59 AM  
wootage? Basketball sucks
2002-11-12 01:23:10 AM  
as long as people pay the fee, I have no problem with them offering the service. Good economics and all. I do however have a problem with the people who will pay to watch it. Have some self restraint. It is only a sport.
2002-11-12 01:24:04 AM  
this is just piss poor, can't they leave any sports alone or do they have to fark them all up at every level.... next, highschool bballers want to get paid
2002-11-12 01:24:14 AM  
No fair. How come freaks of nature always get on TV?
2002-11-12 01:24:36 AM  
tru. I'm a guy...but watching sports (unless it's something huge (superbowl)) is retarted.
2002-11-12 01:25:51 AM  
i was a fan of basketball back before the refs blew the whistle every time down the court, and teams were exactly that..teams. now the game isnt fluid, when it once was.

football hasnt ever been fluid, but i like it the way it is.. and i dont expect it to be fluid.. whereas basketball once was. go Celtics !
hockey changed the rules of the game because the game started to slow down too much, i wish basketball realized this problem and the problem of 1 or 2 man teams.

and dont get me started on overpayment of ahtletes.. oh lordy

NHL, the coolest game on earth
2002-11-12 01:26:18 AM  
Well he could of went to the University of Michigan we paid them mofo's well, don't know where he could go now.
2002-11-12 01:26:58 AM  
Yea, for some reason...it's all a big show now. Nothing athlectic (team wise) about it anymore. Pro basketball=crap
2002-11-12 01:27:41 AM  
Basketball needs to be full contact. Charging is such a crap call.
2002-11-12 01:27:53 AM  
Where is this "$4-$7 per person,per game" going exactly? If it goes to the school, then that's cool, they deserve so much of a success. If it goes to the god-damn cable company, then that's just sad...makin' a buck off a friggin' highschool team.
2002-11-12 01:28:26 AM  
just cuz you suck at it doesn't mean the sport itself sucks.
Pornosaur, don't worry. There's plenty of other places that pay top dollar as well. I doubt he'll go to college though.
2002-11-12 01:29:26 AM  
Word is that the Cavs dropped their top 3 scoring players just so they can give themselves room for LeBron James when he goes through the draft. They were already fined $150K for letting him practice with the team. Pretty crazy.
2002-11-12 01:29:33 AM  
watch amature wrestling. we don't charge much
2002-11-12 01:29:39 AM  
make basketball more like rollerball (the old one)
2002-11-12 01:31:55 AM  
How is this stupid? Games sell out but the locals still want to watch the region/states most interesting prep basketball story. PPV provides the service at a reasonable price. Everyone wins. Quit complaining you sports haters. This is just logical.
2002-11-12 01:33:23 AM  
amature wrastlin is the best, stack three cafateria tables, climb on house, bodyslam freind through tables, laugh, repeat
2002-11-12 01:33:44 AM  
I love sports, if you don't have a contract tho don't involve money
2002-11-12 01:42:02 AM  
lebron james is the heir-apparent to michael jordan. he could've been #1 in the draft as a junior in high school. he's going to be awesome.
2002-11-12 01:48:10 AM  
Oh yeah, no pressure kid. We just are gonna have several thousand people watch you now.

This'll go well.
2002-11-12 01:48:19 AM  

Amature wrestling is the way to go.

You are from Seattle? What H.S. do you wrestle for?
2002-11-12 01:56:33 AM  
ummm you pay to go to high school games and his will always be sold out and people want to see the greatest baller in a long time.
2002-11-12 01:59:08 AM  
James may live up to expectations but I'm worried he will develop a Kobe-sized ego.
2002-11-12 02:29:01 AM  
I wonder if he can read.
Oh nevermind, he won't have to know how to read. He will ride the gravy train because he can dunk a stupid round ball in a net. Plus he'll probably get a degree from a good college out of the deal that he never opened a book to earn. Or he will skip that education nonsense and go pro and make $30 million when he is 18.
/bitter rant
2002-11-12 02:43:26 AM  
Jesus, you can cut the non-athletic bitterness with a knife in this thread.
2002-11-12 03:03:48 AM  
I was going to say that the PPV venture was a good thing as long as it returned money back to the school. But .3 seconds later it dawned on me that Lebron James doesn't go to some random public school that could actually use the $, but instead to some absurdly wealthy private school that's endorsed by Nike.

They should give all the $ from PPV to the school Lebron James would've gone to had he gone to the pub school in his district.
2002-11-12 03:12:39 AM  
Lepus are you a small man, if you know what I mean?
2002-11-12 04:15:36 AM  
Not that this is going to over inflate someone's ego even more. Do I think this is a good idea? Yes, Do I want to just see 1 person? No. Show entire good teams play instead of just one kid's team. Otherwise it'll turn out like NBC, which is pretty much The Lakers Channel when it comes to professional basketball. I remember seeing commercials for them all the time growing up, and especially once Joran retired. Yeah they are a good team, but I would like to see some variety. Show an entire team that's good, and the top prospect's games once and a while.

We have enough athletes out there with super inflated egos and god complexes walking around, we don't need any more.
2002-11-12 04:18:36 AM  
Gawd. I'd pay to watch it. I wanna see the 12/12/02 game against Oak Hill Academy one of THE finest basketball schools in the nation, producing NBA stars like Jerry stackhouse, Rod Strickland and Ron Mercer.

I went to Whitney Young High school and I had a chance to watch Quention Richardson play. It was a public school but they too got sponsored by Nike and were treated like royalty.

http://www.highschoolsports.net/snteam.asp?SelSchool=00OH44303000&SelS​port=BKB &SelLevel=V&SelGender=B&B2=Season+Schedule&fdate=11%2F12%2F02&tdate=11​%2F19%2F 02&R1=season&SelSeas=2002
2002-11-12 04:43:41 AM  
6'7"?? and a HS senior, they are they feeding these guys?
2002-11-12 06:04:57 AM  
I watched him play in the ohio state basketball game and he did not seem that great...granted he was good but there were people from the other team that were over shadowing him. By the way they lost that game to my high school and half the team broke down in tears...asshats
2002-11-12 06:52:22 AM  
Well, I wasn't sure I'd be the first alum here. LeBron James attends my beloved alma mater. He is a pretty good student at a demanding college prep school, and would be able to play college basketball pretty much anywhere he'd want to.

The school is not "absurdly wealthy" private school. It is the merger of what had been two parish high schools near downtown Akron. For most of its students' families, the tuition - which is lower than most other Catholic schools in NE Ohio - is a real sacrifice. My wife and I both are alums, and she teaches at a girls' boarding school with full-blown equestrian facilities and tuition in excess of $20,000/yr. And even that school itself is not "absurdly wealthy", even if most of the students there are. The school is not endorsed by Nike. The boys basketball team has a deal with Adidas, which basically gives them shoes, warm ups and sweat bands, stuff like that. The other athletic teams - to say nothing of the whole school - are not.

The school and the cable company will make money off this deal, if it's successful. The difficulty in getting tickets - even though they play at a Div I college's arena - suggest pent-up demand.

Ohiostatepilot - your alma mater had a very very good basketball team last year, and deserved to win the title. James, though, was indisputably the best player on the floor that day. The 5 next best players were on your team, and that's normally going to be who wins. If you were there, you might recall that James was the first Irish player over to congratulate the deserving champions. Some of his teammates didn't handle the loss too well. A teenager who doesn't cry at a moment like that is either damned oblivious or remarkably composed. I only played in one championship game at any level of sports - and it was in Little League. We lost, and most of us cried. The people who were crying in the stands...well, maybe you'd have a point there.
2002-11-12 07:31:49 AM  
That's dumb.

Why couldn't I have a PPV special?
2002-11-12 07:59:40 AM  
[image from antseezee.sphosting.com too old to be available]
2002-11-12 09:09:42 AM  
Basketball hasn't been worth watching since this was still playing

[image from n-link.com too old to be available]
2002-11-12 09:29:04 AM  
I live right by that friggin' school, used to play in its band, and yes, everything there sucks. Just because one kid is any good dosen't mean the whole team should get coverage. Just make him sit alone or something... God, I'm still a moron aren't I?
2002-11-12 09:38:25 AM  
The only school PPV I'd watch is a columbine-style shoot out.

Come'n you know you'd watch it to!
2002-11-12 10:21:47 AM  
Dr Moron, maybe, but I think "Girls Locker Room Shower" would make more money.
2002-11-12 10:34:00 AM  
Elwoodcuse : uhhh....jordan?

[image from secsports.com too old to be available]

or are you waiting for the great white hope?
2002-11-12 10:42:24 AM  
Basketball still sux. America should embrace underwater basketweaving instead of B.ball. Such a boring sport to play and/or watch.
2002-11-12 10:44:57 AM  
There should be a minimum age in NBA. They should have to at least go through 2 years of college, none of this right out of high school crap. These punks already have HUGE egos, throwing millions of dollars at them when they are barely 18 and can barely read and write much less add is not good. There is already way too much emphasis on high school sports.
2002-11-12 10:46:35 AM  
Basketball sucks! Those sissies fall to the ground everytime they are 'bumped'. Play a real sport like Rugby or American Football.
2002-11-12 11:25:08 AM  
ohio state pilot - you wouldn't be talking about Roger Bacon would you? I almost went there, took the entrance test my 8th grade year, got invited to the wigwam... but ended up staying at my public school.

2002-11-12 01:03:51 PM  
if they shot everyone who bought these games on pay-per-view the world would be a much better place.
2002-11-12 03:00:35 PM  
2002-11-12 06:02:42 PM  
I work at the Arena were he is going to play, needless to say that getting paid to watch LeBron play is a hell of a lot better than paying to watch LeBron play.
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