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2002-11-09 01:57:04 PM  
nice and creative with the caption there ...
2002-11-09 01:57:41 PM  
"The computers will get input from carbon-14 results or data from ancient texts--cuneiform, not a Sim City expansion pack"

If only it were....
2002-11-09 01:59:20 PM  
But which version of Sim City? Will they call King Koopa to demolish the city if they get bored?

What about aliens. Aliens were always my favorite.
2002-11-09 02:01:00 PM  
that big spider thing was pretty cool.
2002-11-09 02:02:25 PM  
How in the world do I get in on this sort of research grant? That's a lot of money to program a game...
2002-11-09 02:02:38 PM  
porntipsguzzardo... that's all you can say man.

I wonder if the flying pig superhero will show up?
2002-11-09 02:03:01 PM  
I hate the fires. I'll always have fires in my industrial zones and the fire department will always get stuck in a traffic jam. By the time they get there about half of the distric is on fire...
2002-11-09 02:08:32 PM  
Government project. Bah! They'll just cop out and blame it all on Saddam.
2002-11-09 02:10:36 PM  
Oh those scientists. What will they think of next?
2002-11-09 02:14:45 PM  
What?... Ah I see. Sounds like a good idea, I guess, bit pricy tho.
2002-11-09 02:22:14 PM  
This strikes me as really stupid. Simcity is a simulation based on how a real city works. And these guys want to build a city, based on a simulation of a real city? Why don't they just toss Simcity and base it on a freaking real one? Am I missing something here or is this really retarted?
2002-11-09 02:29:50 PM  
I hope they remember the, put the shipyard/dock in the middle of the desert trick.
2002-11-09 02:30:13 PM  
Actually work into developing programs like these has been in the works for several years. They are in no small way far more advanced than SimCity ever will be, utilizing fractal dynamics to generate very realistic patterns of human interaction, hence the million plus price tag. There are several books on the market that describe nearly the same process being utilized to analyze the behavior or shoppers, although this seems to be a far more complex project.
2002-11-09 02:48:24 PM  

Its all yours Captain

/braincandy reference
2002-11-09 02:53:08 PM  
Will they speak gibberish and not be able to get in the same bed together?

Oh wait, that's The Sims.
2002-11-09 03:05:04 PM  
Allow me to point out that SimCity is and always will be the greatest game ever. I remember playing it on a C64 in Grade 5... it was "educational"

Too bad my comp doesn't have the beef to run the upcoming Sim City 4....
2002-11-09 03:41:04 PM  
Somebody tell the scientists that they can save some money by cutting their fire departments' budget to $0 and just bulldozing the land around where a fire breaks out.
2002-11-09 04:14:02 PM  
Not to mention the ability to stop time or change it's speed. And since it's a Mesopotamian city, there will be drag-and-drop ziggurats!

Sim City does verily rock.
2002-11-09 04:16:17 PM  
Boondoggle until proven otherwise.

Science? I thought *real* scientific experiments required a control. Do they really think they will find out why Mesopotamia grew to it's size and in that location, or do they realize they will be determining what the RPG can allow them to do.

This reminds me of Feynmann's comments about his experiences using marijuana in isolation tanks to delve into the inner workings of the mind. That's what everyone else was saying you could do. His conclusion (paraphrased as I remember it) -- a nice trip but certainly not scientific or informative in any manner.
2002-11-09 04:16:45 PM  
FotH Funny you should mention that, I played the original SimCity on a Pentium Pro in my eighth grade Industrial Arts class. I guess it was for some sort of municipal-type project.
2002-11-09 04:19:20 PM  
oh..they are doing it over in terroristan..
2002-11-09 05:32:56 PM  
Hey, look, nobody read the article!
2002-11-09 05:33:45 PM  
Oh, and the writer of the article doesn't seem to know from one moment to the next whether he's talking about Sim City or The Sims...
2002-11-09 05:34:33 PM  
"plan to model an ancient Mesopotamian city in much the same way millions of Sims gamers do"

Ummm... I didn't ever have a Mesopotamian city in my copy of the Sims.... ;)

This story is an example of stupid "voodoo science", all that is going to happen is that some "scientists" are going to build a system that confirms their assumptions.

Building computer systems are all about compromise and are unable to fully simulate all factors. That is assuming the designers are even aware of all the factors. In terms of principles, a computer program isn't going to tell you anything more than you programmed it to know about....
2002-11-09 07:01:26 PM  
Veracity..you should call this dude and explain to him why he is wasting his time. Could save a lot of money.
2002-11-09 07:48:07 PM  
And in other news, NASA has announced that it is now planning to run some space exploration simulations using ST:Away Team and Starcraft.....
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