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6853 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Nov 2002 at 8:21 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-09 05:43:00 AM  
2002-11-09 08:25:16 AM  
Did the universe just end?
2002-11-09 08:28:25 AM  
Wait. I missed the not safe for work part.
2002-11-09 08:33:41 AM  
2002-11-09 08:35:15 AM  
Click on the link that says "And please, if you can't see the tongue-in-cheek humor displayed here, read this" - there's a picture of Kirsten Dunst picking her nose.
2002-11-09 08:39:41 AM  
Click at the top "Boobies to Florida"- some wet t-shirt stuff.
2002-11-09 08:43:48 AM  
I was not saying booourns
2002-11-09 08:48:37 AM  
So, is the money being raised is so his girlfriend can fly out and see him for her 30th birthday?
2002-11-09 08:57:29 AM  
There's an easier way to accomplish that...called getting a job.
2002-11-09 09:02:08 AM  
Not good.
2002-11-09 09:04:37 AM  
2002-11-09 09:12:10 AM  
where are teh b00biez?!?!!
2002-11-09 09:14:48 AM  
Direct link to the blogger boobies But all they are, are wet t-shirts or lingerie, and it's only boobies, no faces or anything else. Granted there are some nice boobies, but it seems to have left me wanting....

2002-11-09 09:31:16 AM  
*uh huh* The boobies can stay in Fla....
2002-11-09 09:36:10 AM  
Thanks, 3horn

Is it just me, or does Lauri have a REALLY hot rack?
2002-11-09 09:37:48 AM  
Lame. And not terribly clear what the point is.
2002-11-09 09:41:29 AM  
YAWN ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Someone please tell me how this is not safe for work...
2002-11-09 09:42:08 AM  
I liked Jessica myself, though Statia's are quite nice too. For some reason I've always loved that "cover my boobies with my hands" thing.

2002-11-09 09:45:25 AM  
Yeah, Jessica was good, too. I like the sheer black thingie.

Kittens will be slaughtered this day.
2002-11-09 09:45:39 AM  
I was about to say the same thing 3horn. Jessica all the way. I wonder if my Farkette could finance a long weekend in Mexico this winter? I have much better pics of her than that site offers. Hmm...
2002-11-09 09:49:13 AM  
Blow jobs for the needy!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-09 09:50:03 AM  
Excellent Galacticroot! That is funny.
2002-11-09 09:52:00 AM  
Pathetic, from all perspectives.
2002-11-09 10:21:41 AM  
this is about as unsafe as the Carmen Electra NSFW post a few days back...:(
2002-11-09 10:41:37 AM  
2002-11-09 10:49:48 AM  
If this is NSFW then you need to think about changing jobs.
2002-11-09 11:13:21 AM  

Please stop posting these retarded "donate to me because I am poor and lazy" links
2002-11-09 11:37:01 AM  
This should be entitled "Whore cock teases continue to be whore cock teases.
2002-11-09 11:44:57 AM  
I won't donate to that, but I will donate for a quality boobies link. I think the stile link is the only decent one we've had in past week or so.
2002-11-09 12:09:39 PM  
The money beyond the plane ticket is going to charity, and it's not for a girlfriend - it started off as a joke for a friend (who was going to be alone for Thanksgiving) among friends. The link got passed around. More people donated. So now it's going to breast cancer research. Whee.
2002-11-09 12:23:39 PM  

So the money given to her AFTER she gets a FIRST class ticket goes to charity.

*Note to Self*

1. Convince girlfriend to let me take pictures of breasts.
2. Create web page with paypal, create goal of 10,000 dollars for ambiguous charity.
3. Weeners picture, claim its for charity, say how much i want to raze for said ambiguous charity.
4. Collect money from sad lonely men.
5. Buy car, give whats left to charity.
6. Teach girlfriend to drive standard.
2002-11-09 12:25:12 PM  
Can't type p o s t or its changed to weeners?
2002-11-09 12:33:46 PM  
I don't see any Jessica on there.
2002-11-09 12:36:25 PM  
No, if you will read the comments with some of the photos throughout this event -- she isn't getting a first class ticket. The goal is to get the PRICE of a first class ticket. FRIENDS gave to FRIENDS to cover the price of the coach ticket -- everything else came after the got linked everywhere, and is not the participant's for the taking. Everything else is going to breast cancer research.
2002-11-09 12:53:55 PM  
Kinda funny to read the blog worshippers write about how they are "in love."

Always makes me feel good about myself to see such losers.
2002-11-09 01:06:59 PM  
Most of my money goes to breast research. Does that make me a philantropist?
2002-11-09 01:12:53 PM  
found this too. just fifty bucks to see naked boobies....


maybe next time, 50 bucks at a good pr0n site gets me lots of movies!!!!
2002-11-09 01:39:09 PM  
Hah, not sufficient for wanking... You know, I like that newfangled that I only found last week.
2002-11-09 01:40:21 PM  
Regardless, the donation can be claimed for taxes, or at least in Canada it can be.
2002-11-09 01:59:35 PM  
So do you have to pay to see all of the boobies? Or are those sucky pictures like the ones in 3horn's link all we get? Because those are pretty bad. We can't even see the girls' faces. What good are boobies if you can't see whose face they're attached to? I need a face to associate with while I'm wanking. I mean, they could be some butterface's!
2002-11-09 03:39:29 PM  
I think that FLA CHICKIE's website with Florida Titties (NSFW) is far superior to this shiatty post.
2002-11-09 03:40:23 PM  
sorry, florida titties NSFW

damn html
2002-11-09 05:01:58 PM  
This post and thread = trainwreck boobies.
2002-11-09 05:09:15 PM  
Yeah, this thread is definitely a trainwreck. As for the boobies, 100% natural goodness...sorry we're not siliconed enough for you lot.

2002-11-09 05:52:11 PM  
FLA Chickie:
"Fresh squeezed Florida titties..." heh heh. You crack me up.
2002-11-09 07:01:03 PM  
Yeah, this thread is definitely a trainwreck. As for the boobies, 100% natural goodness...sorry we're not siliconed enough for you lot.

You'll notice zero comments about size; every negative is about no faces showing...
2002-11-09 07:49:29 PM  
And you'd notice that if you'd click on each pair of breasts you'd be taken to the individual's homepage/blog where there are generally more than enough photos to pair the rack to the face. The focus of this campaign has been on the boobies and generating revenue from fellow bloggers (that already knew the faces that went with the breasts). Not a quick fix which most are looking for here...but rather a cure when the concept caught hold...
2002-11-10 01:06:57 AM  
Hey squidward, I don't know many men who are staring at a face when they jerk off, you jerk off! Breasts are magnificent on their own. It's not an A-class porn site, it's a blog raising money for charity and a few friends having a bit of fun. Get a life.
2002-11-10 03:15:56 AM  
why did I only click on the lowest donation ones...
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