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82 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Nov 2002 at 3:59 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-08 04:39:53 PM  
yar... it's like that story about the NYPD, they had a guy who was a casual drug user, bought the occasion dope fix. Well, an undercover cop spent about 2 weeks trying to talk the guy into dealing. He balked and balked, but finally the guy talked him into agreeing.

*poof*, in rush the cops, and they arrest the guy as a drug dealer.

Justice served, right?
2002-11-08 04:40:21 PM  
When will these pediphilic creeps realize that there isn't a single 15 year old on the planet that wants to have sex with a middle-aged farkwit?

You'd be suprised. When I was 15 I only dated older guys, perhaps not that much older, but sitll.

Let's face it, in man years 30 is really about 18.

2002-11-08 04:40:32 PM  
Seems like there are entire divisions of cyber-cops out there. I get "offers" from underage folks all the time, or atleast people pretending to be undderage. My response is usually "no thanks officer".

I never understood how people can be turned on by someone who is 15 or 16. I see these kids when I am out shopping or seeing a movie, and they are incredibly young looking. Even when I go out to clubs and sometimes there are 18+ nights, the younger crowd is, for the most part, a mess.
2002-11-08 04:40:56 PM  
As I recall from Crim. Law, Johnc98, entrapment isn't all that common mainly because it usually results from poor police practice, not because it's hard to prove. In this case, and it's a bit unclear from the article, he's probably being charged with a strict liability offense (like statuatory rape), for which there is no mens rea requirement--so long as he committed a crime, what he was thinking didn't matter. So, unless you physically forced him into a criminal act, it's doubtful entrapment would be a valid defense.

Ah, Crim. Law. That was my favorite class.
2002-11-08 04:42:29 PM  
In "man years"... LOLOL
2002-11-08 04:42:30 PM  
Is it me, or do kids seem dumber now than kids the same age 15 years ago?
2002-11-08 04:42:31 PM  
How old are you now Abby? ;)
2002-11-08 04:42:48 PM  
I do the chatsex thing, but that's my husband and I spending the day teasing each other till he gets home from work. >=) You're right, though, I don't think I could do that not knowing who was on the other side of the glass.
2002-11-08 04:42:49 PM  
I wonder if he knows Mark Chmura?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-08 04:43:40 PM  
This kind of law enforcement is bullshiat. There was no real 15 year old. This is a thought crime. Reminds me of "Pre-Crime" from Minority Report. Very disturbing.

Vote Libertarian.
2002-11-08 04:43:45 PM  
Wompa1: I'll be 30 in 2 weeks.
2002-11-08 04:44:36 PM  
What do you wanna be you grow up?

A motherfarkin' COP KILLER!!!!

/ice-t and body count
2002-11-08 04:44:36 PM  
"So it is illegal to agree to meet for sex with a fictional 15 year old? Even though the person wasn't actually 15 and even though they didn't have sex?"

I was wondering the same thing. Or, what if it was a fifteen year old girl and they meet but they don't have sex? The fact of whether or not they have sex won't be determined until after the meeting but he never got that chance. Say he goes over there and decides he isn't attracted to her. He leaves. Was a law broken?
2002-11-08 04:46:14 PM  
Yeah dude! You like younger guys now? :-D
2002-11-08 04:47:46 PM  
Oh, and please don't misconstrue my previous post to sound like I'm trying to support this guy... this guy is pure sleeze to the core. I only like girls under 18... classy.
2002-11-08 04:49:04 PM  
Dwyer, who has arrested six other men since April on charges of soliciting children for sex through the Internet, isn't sure which chat room it was -- he goes to a lot of different ones: " 'I love older men,' 'men and boys,' " he tosses off, "special interests."

now thats just plain farked up.
2002-11-08 04:50:39 PM  
El_hueso - that's what i'm wondering about. we're steadily moving in the direction of prosecuting thought crime. if he didn't hit it, you must acquit it. i mean, there's a huge difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it.

kicking someone's ass - it's a crime.
thinking about kicking someone's ass - not a crime.

nailing underage mall tang - it's a crime.
thinking about nailing underage mall tang - not a crime.

rubbing out your company's HR manager - crime.
thinking about rubbing out your company's HR manager - not.

for all anyone really knows, he might've been planning to chastise the 15 year old for making a stupid choice by meeting old men on-line. could've happened.

i'm not even sure whether he agreed to meet a 15 year old girl or 40 year old fbi agent. i suppose it depends on your point of view.
2002-11-08 04:51:42 PM  
Why, oh why won't anyone think of the imaginary 15 yo girl's feelings? I mean, when her imaginary friends find out that she is really an FBI agent, aren't they going to make fun of her? I mean I imagine that as a 15 yo girl, the social stigma of such a discovery would be unbearable. Imaginatively speaking.
2002-11-08 04:53:13 PM  
Oh come on, if this was India she would already have been married 10 years and been working on here 4th kid by age 15...


I think anyone who prays on kids should be thrown away. One stike law.
2002-11-08 04:57:08 PM  
what the someone gonna post a new farking link or what
2002-11-08 04:58:34 PM  
Entrapment exists only if 1. the criminal design originated with law enforcemment officers and 2. the Defendatn was no predisposed to commit the crime prior to contact by the government. Merely providing the opportunity for a predisposed person to commit a crime is not entrapment.

It's a very narrow and difficult defense in court.

2002-11-08 04:59:14 PM  
Poor Poor Author, If only he had microsoft V@gina 2000. He would of been ok.
2002-11-08 05:00:32 PM  
2002-11-08 05:04:05 PM  
Please won't somebody think of the children!
2002-11-08 05:05:17 PM  
Chipaku: I agree. The cops who go on those things probably just want to fvck the underage cvnts they pretend to be about as much as the fvcking pedophiles they pretend to be. How do you think they're so fvcking good?
2002-11-08 05:18:38 PM  
i was going to make a comment about the whole entrapment bit but i see that's covered.

how demoralizing that agent's job must be. Posing as a 15 year old girl all day having internetsex with horny old men. They might as well be a phone sex operater with a badge.
2002-11-08 05:24:15 PM  
11-08-02 04:40:32 PM Dookster
I never understood how people can be turned on by someone who is 15 or 16.

Well, unless you're a pedophile, then I guess you wouldn't.
2002-11-08 05:34:25 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
I see this happened in Lantana, FL... home base of most of the grocery-store tabloids.
2002-11-08 05:38:04 PM  
I'm 16 and I understand.
2002-11-08 05:44:57 PM  
16 year old chicks are sexy. it shouldnt be a crime to bang them.
2002-11-08 05:45:38 PM  
I'm 24 and I think 15 year old girls are delicious. I would totally meet one for sex, and I don't think I would be committing a crime. I don't actively pursue sex with girls this young, but hey, they wouldn't have to ask twice. I'm also quite certain that I represent a majority of men, whether they'd admit or not.

They're old enough for sex when they desire it and when my cock will fit in their vagina. Get it? Got it. Good! Mmmmm.

The Christians are behind our country's draconian sex laws. You Bastards!
2002-11-08 05:45:46 PM  
If anyone has seen "Insomnia" yet, this is way too similar to the movie. Robin Williams would be the perv writer, in case you haven't seen it.
2002-11-08 05:52:46 PM  
I totally agree Jackin. 15 and 16 year old girls are already completely physically developed. A true pedophile would want much younger girls, the carpenters dream as it were. 15 and 16 year olds are just delightfully inexperienced. At least, most of them are.
2002-11-08 05:53:34 PM  
Suprised nobody has put up the obligatory Olsen twins "I'd hit it!" pic yet.
2002-11-08 05:59:44 PM  
Time for the devil's advocate... Err 15 or 16 was considered prime breeding age up until very recently (relatively speaking), and a female especially is well into puberty by 16.
What is it about 18 that is so magic that you suddenly develop enough wisdom to guide your future and choose to reproduce, to the worlds benefit or dismay, and yet you can't responsibly choose to drink, or play cards for some of the money you've earned. If a 15 or 16 year old is out prowling, via the internet or other method then you'd have to deduce that physiologically if not psychologically they are ready. Perhaps it is time we stopped hiding our heads in the sand and addressed the realities of the issue, education and knowledge, NAH let's just pass some laws and sue someone...Welcome to the land of hypocrisy. See this site for some worldwide numbers, seems like 14-16 is about the average.

and Canes, it would be REALLY hard to avoid the genetic pre-disposition for sex and reproduction. The answer for this problem is of course VIRTUAL PORN, or some very basic, deep alterations to about 50% of the male population's reptile brain. Somewhere beyond 11 or so, the instinctive behavior to protect a child, respond to those big huge eyes and hepless movements, gets cross wired with the most bascis drive, to reproduce.
Djerk, as a former police officer, let me tell you, a 15 year old girl with the right clothes and makeup can easily pass as 21. How do you think they get in all those bars. Surely no Bar owner in his right mind would let a $10K fine in just because she was cute.

"11-08-02 04:42:30 PM AbbyNormal
Is it me, or do kids seem dumber now than kids the same age 15 years ago?"
Not dumber just more conditioned by the media and TV to accept things as true because I saw them on the screen. I actually think most kids are smarter today, they learn algebra years earlier than I did. The grasp the size and scope of things much more eradily as well. Back to the if the computer shows it as true then IT MUST BE.

Woot, TGIF and /rant off
2002-11-08 06:02:25 PM  
Dude_man: I saw "Insomnia." I hope you saw the subtitled version and not the silly voice over version.
2002-11-08 06:02:58 PM  
First let me say, they should be doing this, catch the farkwads and castrate them. But to continue the conversation, if he plans to me this '15yr' old girl, and even goes to me her, what has he done wrong? I been planning to rob a bank, even went into the bank, but since I made no action to actually rob it, I have done know crime. He made plans to meet the girl. Has a rental car and a hotel. He goes to meet her. If its a real 15 yr old or an fbi agent, what did he do illegaly?? At what point did he commit a crime? If I sat at a red light and was thinkning of speeding to the next one, I even revved the engine, but when the light turned green i drove off normally, then what crime did I do? same contents. See my point?? Now go back and read my first statement
2002-11-08 06:07:44 PM  
I'm not sure, but I think Archfeld meant to link to this site in his well-reasoned argument above. If not, then he should have, because it bears him out.
2002-11-08 06:16:43 PM  
I_B_OTAY, they should be doing this, catch the farkwads and castrate them..."

Dude, I wouldn't want to have a beer with you. Give this guy a break! He's 61 years old. He'll probably be dying soon and is probably working on his last erection ever! Can't a nubian get one last hot piece of ass before he's DEAD!

The matter at hand is, what's wrong with a 15 year old girl having her spring garden tended to by a farmer of any age?
2002-11-08 06:17:53 PM  
OMG, nubian. Gay filters...
2002-11-08 06:32:23 PM  
2002-11-08 06:33:28 PM  
oh and Chipaku - it's not here in NZ
2002-11-08 06:42:30 PM  
I am thinking of the children.

Man, if there's a hell, I think God just filled out my one-way ticket.
2002-11-08 06:48:39 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-11-08 07:26:52 PM  

For those saying this guys' committed no crime: under 2002->Ch0800->Section%2004">Section 4 of Chapter 800 of the Statutes of Florida, Mr. Asshat can be charged with enticing "any person less than 16 years of age to engage in... any other act involving sexual activity."

That's right -- the glove *doesn't* have to fit, he just has to go shopping for gloves. And frankly, anyone who offers little girls candy to call them Daddy and go to a motel deserves that second degree felony.

Spiffy -- 2002->Ch0876->Section%2001">Communism is illegal in Florida.
2002-11-08 07:28:13 PM  
Rats -- the long URLs in the Statutes broke Fark's HTML parsing.
2002-11-08 07:31:18 PM  
Jeez, guys really are pigs. So what if 15-16 was once thought of as the ideal reproductive age, and girls were once thought of as old maids if they weren't married by 19 or 20? So what if some villages in third world countries marry off 11 and 12-year-old girls? In the first place, that doesn't make it right, and in the second place, that's not the world we live in. I'm not denying that young teenage girls have raging hormones; I'm not even saying they're wrong to act on them, as long as they're responsible (INSIST on a condom). As for age-of-consent, there's a huge difference between a 15-year-old wanting to get it on with her 19-year-old boyfriend and a naive teenager falling for a bunch of crap she's been fed over the internet by a horny geezer.

Who was it that said young girls are "delightfully inexperienced"? Ew. Seriously. Do all men have this weird fantasy of 'showing the way' to a virgin?
2002-11-08 07:38:29 PM  
Oh and cause it's in the lawbooks it must be morally correct. I'm so glad the government is here to tell me what to do so I don't have to think on my own.
2002-11-08 07:41:18 PM  
Incidentally, I don't think most young teenage girls possess the emotional or psychological maturity to have sex, but most of them are also dating guys about the same age, and it's all about experimentation, I was a teenager once too, blah blah blah.
2002-11-08 07:45:48 PM  
Gloomcookie manages a long paragraph of meaningless drivel.
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