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(AFP)   Not news: "Model prisoner" allowed to go on unsupervised visit. News: To visit the pope. Fark: He disappeared and is still at large   ( divider line
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4048 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Mar 2008 at 6:43 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2008-03-18 2:29:52 AM  
It's Randy's fault.
He wanted to get them some ice cream.
2008-03-18 5:35:08 AM  
He'll get their eventually. All roads lead to Rome.
2008-03-18 5:35:45 AM  
And when I say their, I mean there...*sighs*
2008-03-18 6:46:24 AM  
Obvious tag broken?
2008-03-18 6:56:43 AM  
Twiggy? Naomi?
2008-03-18 6:59:56 AM  
He'd be easy to find if he were a minor.
2008-03-18 7:10:07 AM  
This case is in God's hands now.

/got nothing.
//yet I continue to post.
2008-03-18 7:10:36 AM  
oh wait.

I see what you did there.

img134.imageshack.usView Full Size
2008-03-18 7:13:43 AM  
I get it.
2008-03-18 7:38:44 AM  
the pope disappeared?!? is there NOTHING this man cant do?!

magic pope is FULL of win!
2008-03-18 7:59:34 AM  
pope hat ftw.
2008-03-18 8:54:39 AM  
Let me guess - he was two weeks away from his release.

*checks article*

Bah! Had to go for it.
2008-03-18 9:06:10 AM  
I would have thought the Pope going missing would get a newsflash.
2008-03-18 10:25:44 AM  
As someone who has recently been to Rome & the Vatican, I cannot imagine how you'd conduct a manhunt in that city. A billion places to hide. Hell, you could probably hide for a year in St. Peter's Basilica and even attend mass every week without being found out.
2008-03-18 10:54:53 AM  
Unreported, but relevant:
The prison official then announced his retirement, and drove off towards Switzerland in his new Ferrari.
2008-03-18 12:21:03 PM  
Did the Obvious tag also go to visit the Pope?

2008-03-18 1:42:57 PM  
WTF is up with Italy letting prisoners out of jail for weekends and holidays?! Didn't they lose the terrorist who hijacked the Achille Laro cruise ship this way?

And besides, prison is supposed to be 1) designed to keep you away from the general public because you are a menace, and 2) A PUNISHMENT. As in, go to your room. For a very long time. Because you've been especially bad. How the hell is letting prisoners out for holidays an effective punishment?!?!
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