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(Fox News)   Five killed and dozens injured in perfume factory fire. EAU DE HUMANITY   ( divider line
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3210 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Mar 2008 at 7:32 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2008-03-17 08:19:52 PM  
Bith Set Me Up: I believe we have another nominee for Headline of the Year.

For real and for true.
2008-03-17 08:20:23 PM  
img212.imageshack.usView Full Size
2008-03-17 08:22:15 PM  
BRAVO submitter. I bet you were waiting quite a while to use that one.
2008-03-17 08:22:35 PM  
+1 from me
-1 from my fiancee who is pissed that I keep on cracking up as she's trying to tell me something
2008-03-17 08:23:13 PM  
I ♥ subby.

Nice job!
2008-03-17 08:25:18 PM  
See you in the top 10 headlines at the end of the year subby
2008-03-17 08:25:59 PM  

That headline is 100% win.
2008-03-17 08:26:12 PM  
That headline needs to be nominated for "best of".

A+++ would laugh again. Full of comedy win!
2008-03-17 08:26:24 PM  
What submitter has achieved here is in effect a triple pun. Extremely rare, and as such, the kudos he/she is receiving are richly deserved.
2008-03-17 08:26:28 PM  
users.bestweb.netView Full Size

Smells like win.

2008-03-17 08:27:29 PM  
Third_Uncle_Eno: I think it's funny how the vast majority of the posts in this thread are regarding the headline, not the article.

btw, subby, good one.


There's an article too?
2008-03-17 08:28:24 PM  
Has anyone actually read TFA?

/Me neither
//+1 for subby
2008-03-17 08:28:38 PM  
I don't get it...
2008-03-17 08:28:46 PM  
great headline. would read again.
2008-03-17 08:30:14 PM  
I think someone just hit one out of the park.

And I was here to see it. Yay fark. Yay subby.
2008-03-17 08:32:21 PM  
Third_Uncle_Eno: I think it's funny how the vast majority of the posts in this thread are regarding the headline, not the article.

I wanted to mention that the injection of smoke/perfume into the atmosphere of Mumbai (Bombay) might constitute an improvement, but...
2008-03-17 08:34:01 PM  
Excellent job Subby.
2008-03-17 08:36:58 PM  
Wow. That's the second awesome headline I've seen in two days.
2008-03-17 08:37:44 PM  
I can't believe nobody has commented on how great this headline is!

+1 !
2008-03-17 08:39:35 PM  
Way to go subby, far and away the best headline this year...
2008-03-17 08:41:47 PM  
BWAHAHA! I am definitely going to need a ticket to Hell for that one. Way to go, subby!
2008-03-17 08:42:05 PM  
Damn, that's one outstanding headline, Subby.
2008-03-17 08:42:29 PM  
2008-03-17 08:43:33 PM  
Headline of the Year nominee right there...good job subby...
2008-03-17 08:44:38 PM  
Actually LOL'd.

Golf clap for submitter.
2008-03-17 08:45:51 PM  
+3 from the whole family. Headline of the year.
2008-03-17 08:46:28 PM  
Best one in quite a while, It reeks of win!
2008-03-17 08:47:09 PM  
Nicely played subby!
2008-03-17 08:49:18 PM  
*golf clap* Bravo.
2008-03-17 08:50:58 PM  
good one!
2008-03-17 08:51:06 PM  
Boobies not about the headline!
2008-03-17 08:51:15 PM  
This headline is comedy gold. COMEDY. GOLD.
2008-03-17 08:52:06 PM  
While I would like to read TFA, I can't bring myself to give Fox News a click.
2008-03-17 08:54:15 PM  
/(Here we are dutch ruddering the Subby and meanwhile 5 people are dead!)
2008-03-17 09:02:45 PM  
Heamer: It's just the internet, nothing more.

Truer words have not been spoken.

/Going in the profile if ya don't mind.
2008-03-17 09:02:52 PM  
I hope there wasn't too much damage to the olfactory.

/pun rhymes with fun for just this reason.
2008-03-17 09:03:17 PM  
Miggity: /(Here we are dutch ruddering the Subby and meanwhile 5 people are dead!)

/but think of how many kittens were saved!
2008-03-17 09:03:21 PM  
Subby is responsible for me being unable to do anything but grin like an idiot.
2008-03-17 09:04:32 PM  

This headline transcends hilariousness. The article doesn't matter, the thread doesn't matter. It has all achieved a pure state of absolute humor due to the headline alone.

/if being funny is wrong, then submitter will never be right.
2008-03-17 09:06:28 PM  
Simply awesome.
2008-03-17 09:09:11 PM  
i61.photobucket.comView Full Size
2008-03-17 09:15:57 PM  
hey, subby, die in a fire
2008-03-17 09:16:20 PM  
that was an awesome title.
2008-03-17 09:19:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2008-03-17 09:19:49 PM  
God almighty, that was brilliant.
2008-03-17 09:21:07 PM  
I salute you, Subby.

/late to this party, but since the kudos are still rolling in...
2008-03-17 09:22:46 PM  

2008-03-17 09:31:53 PM  
+1, subby. Bravo.
2008-03-17 09:38:58 PM  
Great job, subby. This is one of the best I've seen in a while.
2008-03-17 09:39:08 PM  
plus about 4 there submariner
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