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(Victoria's Secret) Boobies Get your Victoria's Secret 10 million dollar jewel-encrusted bra   ( divider line
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1053 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Nov 2002 at 5:39 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-11-04 10:20:28 PM  
You should at least be able to hit it if you buy that one. sheesh.
2002-11-04 11:22:27 PM  
'Do *you* come with the bra?'

'Oh you! Tee-hee-hee-HEE!'
2002-11-04 11:26:58 PM  
DAMN....wish someone would give me that bra as a present. I still wouldn't wear one....but I'd be able to retire
2002-11-04 11:39:05 PM  
Who give a damn, the thing is going to be on the floor in 30 seconds anyway.
2002-11-05 12:10:58 AM  
or even faster if the clasp can't handle the weight of all those stones
2002-11-05 05:44:06 AM  
I'd hit it!
2002-11-05 05:44:55 AM  
There goes 10m and a woman that you'll never see again.
2002-11-05 05:45:02 AM  
I'm just wondering why they used a diamond with a point on it. Knowing me I'd stab myself in the tit with the damn thing.
2002-11-05 05:45:36 AM  
LOL[nospam-﹫-backwards]BB­O***S­o­u­nds like my dad
2002-11-05 05:46:23 AM  
i'm not sure they come in my size
2002-11-05 05:47:01 AM  
what size
2002-11-05 05:49:27 AM  
You could've at least mentioned the matching panties,now it doesn't seem so unreasonable
2002-11-05 05:50:33 AM  
Two sizes: "10 year old boy" and "behemoth" as the only people who can afford this are anorexic and over privledged wives of millionaire businessmen / televangelists.
2002-11-05 05:53:15 AM  
2002-11-05 06:08:22 AM  
Makes her look cheap.

(cowers in shame)
2002-11-05 06:08:29 AM  
It's already been worn. Why would anyone buy a USED bra?
2002-11-05 06:08:42 AM  
How much for a spooge-encrusted bra?
2002-11-05 06:09:48 AM  
the problem is anyone who's able too afford it won't look good in it...
2002-11-05 06:21:27 AM  
Tinrobot ~ Don't forget the matching used panties!!
2002-11-05 06:30:29 AM  
Perfect for heavy flow days
2002-11-05 06:30:33 AM  
I don't know, I think adding that necklace makes it look a bit garrish.
2002-11-05 06:49:41 AM  
definite bukakke candidate!!
2002-11-05 06:50:26 AM  
Taking it off: Priceless
2002-11-05 06:55:57 AM  
does tyra banks come with it
2002-11-05 07:19:43 AM  
There's not even a link to add it to my cart. How am I supposed to buy it? Duh!
2002-11-05 07:27:59 AM  
Hey, I want to see the model sit on the $10,000,000 thong. Where does that diamond go?
2002-11-05 07:30:01 AM  
for $10,000,000 you could buy every bride on

- ask youself this - which would be more fun?
2002-11-05 07:32:39 AM  
But what if she has $20,000,000 boobies?
2002-11-05 07:50:41 AM  
For ten million dollars, could they not at least make it an attractive bra? It looks like the top half to a low quality mermaid costume.
2002-11-05 08:01:01 AM  
Didn't Miss Piggy wear this in one of the muppet movies?
2002-11-05 08:06:36 AM  
Already got one...on my head!
2002-11-05 08:08:20 AM  
It's pretty, but I would get way more pleasure out of a half rack of fat tire ale. less diamonds to choke on.
*chants in front of the mirror
"don't put shiny stuff in mouth"
2002-11-05 08:13:09 AM  
Orgasms are like diamonds, women are always happy to get them....and once they do, they have to be bigger and better than the last ones.

Just sayin'
2002-11-05 08:24:06 AM  
I have that catalog sitting right here next to me. Ill take an order of page 56-57.
2002-11-05 09:03:46 AM  
If I can buy that in 4 easy pay payments then I'll take it.
2002-11-05 09:13:54 AM  
I'd hit it.
2002-11-05 09:28:27 AM  
Hate to accidently have that go thru the washing machine...
2002-11-05 09:37:48 AM  
I'm more afraid of accidentally slitting my wrist trying to get that thing off.
2002-11-05 09:47:18 AM  
Kylie: I won't even ask you to model it this time..... unless you want to.....
2002-11-05 10:05:04 AM  
Talk about a rocket ride to nookie.
2002-11-05 10:17:50 AM  
Buy it for her and she might let you see her in it...once. Maybe.
2002-11-05 10:37:15 AM  
mmmmm...Fat Tire Ale.......
2002-11-05 10:37:55 AM  
Hey, knowing Vickie's, it's gotta be the best. :o) Their stuff really is good quality, BTW. Any other Farkettes hanging around in here, what's your vote on Victoria's Secret in terms of price vs. quality? Overpriced, or do you feel like you get enough for your money?

(Farkers, your votes don't count. I'm talking to the people who actually wear these things. And if you *do* wear women's lingerie, I don't want to hear about it. :o)
2002-11-05 10:43:38 AM  
They never have my size.

Thank god.
2002-11-05 10:45:28 AM  
Fark the bra. I'll take what's inside it.
2002-11-05 10:48:35 AM  
Ok... I give up! I must be old & dense... But what the fark is up with this whole "I'd hit it" crap? What does it mean & where did it come from?
2002-11-05 10:53:28 AM  
They never have my size either. I like the $8 bra i'm wearing now.....not as shiny but probably much more comfortable.
2002-11-05 10:55:52 AM  
It's used. How would you wash it? Can you wash it?
2002-11-05 10:56:21 AM  
Screw the bra, how much for the boobies inside?
2002-11-05 10:59:15 AM  
It means "I'd throw one in her".
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