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2008-03-11 01:17:14 PM  
3 votes:
I think he was there for a few thousand parsecs.
2008-03-11 03:36:35 PM  
2 votes:
rocinante721: I hosted a TFD on this.

Either Luke trained for about a week, or it took the Falcon about 6 months without Hyperdrive to get from detaching from the Imperial Cruiser to Cloud City, with the Fett in tow.

I favor the idea of it being maybe a week or two, for two reasons. One, when the gang arrived at Bespin, Han's hair and beard weren't significantly grown, and they were wearing the same clothes. Sure, maybe Leia could have cut Han and Chewie's hair along the way, and Han could have kept shaving and all, but if they were wearing the same clothes for 6 months, it would have tears, and sweat stains and whatnot. Han may have had spare clothes on board, but Leia certainly didn't.

The latter would explain the time needed for Luke's proficiency to back-flip over logs & levitate crap, as well as to explain the decent pre-planning Vader had in order to ambush Han & Leia at Bespin.

Consider that Luke already had an innate talent with the force, as evidenced by his performance with the training ball. Yoda merely taught him to focus it. When it comes down to it, all we really saw was Luke doing some parlor tricks. He didn't learn anything significant like force mind trick, and he wasn't able to lift the X-Wing. I liken it to if you have a person who's able to add double digit numbers together, it doesn't take so much effort to teach them to add 7-digit numbers together. As such, I don't think it would take him so long to learn to do the things we saw him do on Degobah.

I don't think the empire would have needed too much of a head start to ambush Han and company. Once Boba had a idea of where they were heading, he could send a signal to Vader, and a Star Destroyer would get there at warp light speed and be ready. The empire wouldn't wait 6 months to wait in ambush, when if they knew were the falcon was, they would just ambush it in space. Lastly, consider that the gang regrouped with the rebel fleet at the end of the movie. If they were really 6 months out from the evacuation of Hoth, the fleet would have moved on. Sure, they would have eventually found it again, but they couldn't have gone there directly.
2008-03-11 03:22:37 PM  
2 votes:
26 minutes.
2008-03-11 01:28:46 PM  
2 votes:
Well let's see:

He used the Force.

He picked up a box.

He lifted some rocks.

He stood on his head.

I'm going to say about 13 weeks.
2008-03-14 11:32:53 AM  
1 vote:
What always chapped my ass is that when Luke returns to Daghoba Yoda is walking around like nothing's wrong and then, for no apparent reason, just decides to lay down and die.
2008-03-12 12:30:36 AM  
1 vote:
Oddly enough, I was discussing this very topic the other day with a colleague. Here are some things to think about. Between scenes we have to assume some time has passed, but we are never sure just how much AND we cannot be sure if everything is in sync. (just because Luke is doing something does not mean that whatever just happened with the Falcon was taking place right then)

The Time Line: (I originally had a white board to illustrate)
Luke: leave Hoth -- Land Dagobah -- Train -- leave Hoth -- Land Bespin
Han: leave Hoth -- Chase -- land in Cave -- leave cave -- attach to Destroyer -- Detatch -- Land Bespin -- Luke Arrives

The Falcon left before Luke's X-Wing, but let's call it about even since Luke probably didn't leave that much later (a hour or two at most) since the Falcon barely made it out of the base as the Stormtroopers were taking over. Any later and the place will be crawling with troopers.

Luke's X-Wing has a working hyperdrive, while the Falcon does not. It is safe to assume that Luke gets to Dagobah way before Han gets to Bespin. That makes Han's timeline the long-pole in the tent that is holding everything up.

Minimum Time:
Day 1:
The "Chase" is not likely that long. However, the Hiding in the Cave could be. They could have been in there for days trying to repair the Falcon before the scene with the Minoch and the subsequent leaving of the cave. They land and start repairs immediately, but I would also believe that they would want to get some rest too. Also, the Empire had to have the time to find the asteroid they are on and then bomb enough of the surface at random to get close. By now, Luke is on Dagobah having dinner with Yoda.

Day 2: The Falcon leaves and gets chased again. This is also not a long period of time. Then the Falcon attaches to the Destroyer. Here again, we are not sure how long they are there. The only reference we have is the infamous quote "they must be on the other side of the galaxy by now". That's an exaggeration, but it does indicate that at least a little time has passed. But not too much, as you wouldn't want to piss Vader off by not doing anything for a day. Anyway, the Falcon detaches and starts towards Bespin.

According to Star Wars Galaxies, Hoth, Anoat, and Bespin are right next to each other with Anoat and Bespin very close. When Han said "It's pretty far, but I think we can make it." I believe he is referring to being found in transit rather than a question of fuel supply. However, before they can get there Vader has to show up to make "the deal" with Lando. By now, Luke has had his vision about the pain of Han and Leia.

Day 3: Falcon is still in transit to Bespin. Vader arrives in Bespin and makes the deal. Later in the day, the Falcon lands in Bespin. Again, I can only believe that they decided to get some rest now and clean up. 3P0 gets blasted. Then they have dinner with Vader. Han and Leia are tortured. Vader alters the deal. Han is frozen in carbonite. Luke left Dagobah earlier in the day and arrives in Bespin.

That is the absolute minimum. Luke has 1 day of training with Yoda. I don't think so. Yoda's good, but he ain't THAT good.

Lets say that Luke had a good 5 days of training. He arrives in Dagobah on Sunday evening, trains 12 hours a day Monday through Friday, then flies to Bespin on Saturday.

With a week timeline, that is 4 days beyond minimum. If it was 1 Day from Hoth to Anoat, it is less than that from Anoat to Bespin. In my thinking, the Falcon had to spend several days hiding in the cave. Otherwise, the chases just get too long to be believable. From that perspective, a week is probably the maximum.

So it's probably between 3-7 days, or around 5 days. That makes it look like this:
Day 1: Falcon and Luke leave Hoth, Falcon Arrive Anoat & Hide in Cave, Luke arrives in Dagobah
Day 2: Falcon still Hiding in Cave, Luke's first day of training.
Day 3: Falcon Leaves Cave chased and leaves for Bespin. Luke's second day in which he has the vision.
Day 4: Falcon Arrives in Bespin - 3P0 blasted - Dinner with Vader, Luke's third day.
Day 5: Luke leaves Dagobah, Han and Leia Torutured, Vader alters deal, Han frozen, Luke arrives in Bespin

Answer: Luke trains for about 3 full days.
2008-03-11 09:54:32 PM  
1 vote:
How did this thread get this full of Leia bikini pics and no one has posted the end-all, be-all of Leia bikini pics:

/69 (minutes), dudes!
2008-03-11 04:09:32 PM  
1 vote:
The pressing issue of the day:

How long will you all be living in your parent's basement?
2008-03-11 03:56:53 PM  
1 vote:
Doctor Funkenstein: What always bothered me is why Lando is wearing Han's clothes in Return of the Jedi...he had on his vest and shiat in the Falcon? WTF?

The poker game was also strip poker?
2008-03-11 03:26:25 PM  
1 vote:
LeiaFest - semi-SFW (new window)
2008-03-11 03:18:59 PM  
1 vote:
Jebus took 3 days so it took Luke about 30 minutes.
45 if you watch the extended version.
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