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(Salt Lake Tribune)   Provo, Utah mayor: "It's not every day that 2 Live Crew comes to Provo -- and we're grateful for that."   ( sltrib.com) divider line
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2001-08-07 09:14:31 AM  
What, no key to the city? No "Mayor proclaims '2 Live Crew Day'"?

That said, I believe the Crew's "Me So Horny" is as good as anything Mozart or Bach did.
2001-08-07 11:19:59 AM  
Wow! I had no idea that 2 Live Crew was even around anymore! Just goes to show you how slow and backward they are over in Mormonville - they are just now finding an interest in rap!

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-07 12:09:03 PM  
And I was thinking Provo was made up from that "Majestic" game! :-P
2001-08-07 01:15:37 PM  
Ever been to Provo? Trust me, 2LC is pretty much worthless if they are playing in a town like that.
2001-08-07 01:17:13 PM  
Leopold Porkstacker:
Wow! I had no idea that 2 Live Crew was even around anymore!

Yup, 2 Live Who?

-he who porks.
2001-08-07 02:35:29 PM  
Wow they're still around, I guess that's why we haven't seen a 'where are they now' segment on them on VH1. Anyone remember the 2 Live Jews doing 'Oy It's So Humid'?
2001-08-07 03:00:46 PM  
I remember that, Pbsaurus.... It was from 2 Live Jews' album "As Kosher As They Wanna Be"..
2001-08-07 03:30:37 PM  
How many ads popped up for you guys? I counted 7 for Network Solutions.

(and no, I can't load ad software on my work pc)
2001-08-07 03:47:11 PM  
I've seen them on 'Rock's 100 Most Shocking Events' or whatever in the past couple months. Of course, that featured the same footage that VH1 used for another '100 Most...' show I saw part of.
2001-08-07 04:45:44 PM  
Damn I missed that one.
2001-08-07 05:54:33 PM  
There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING that is more important in this world than to

offend, discount, disparage AND DESTROY the MORMON Religion!!!!!!
2001-08-07 06:19:28 PM  
What about offending, discounting, disparaging, and destoying OcterCoctopus?
2001-08-07 06:20:25 PM  
Oops I meant to type a 'd' not a 'c'. Have you ever considered changing your name?
2001-08-07 06:21:13 PM  
The Post Before me is retarded . Yes it is.

you are quite welcome, you little Moroni!
2001-08-07 06:21:40 PM  
It is so wonderful to have you along for the ride!
2001-08-07 06:22:28 PM  
You're so sweet! I am neither a Doctor nor an Octopus!

Shouldn't you be in church?
2001-08-07 06:23:30 PM  
Where's Meat or ScrapingFetusOffWheel when you need 'em?
2001-08-08 04:15:46 AM  
sorry, ocdoc. down with mormons!
2001-08-08 12:58:03 PM  
OcD: TPBMIR is not religious, and it is funny how he really got your goat.
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