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2002-11-01 02:44:40 PM  
I have to buy 4800 of them?
2002-11-01 02:44:46 PM  
We're manufature farks in different size and style, and also made by wood.

Surrender to the engrish.
2002-11-01 02:46:04 PM  
And why do Farks burn?

Cause they're made ... of wood?
2002-11-01 02:46:05 PM  
That's classic.
2002-11-01 02:46:29 PM  
I didn't know Farks look like this [image from allproducts.com.tw too old to be available]
2002-11-01 02:46:34 PM  
Sounds kind of appropriate though, Ofoscope
2002-11-01 02:47:29 PM  
I can imagine the news guy now...

"In the news today, a man died in a tragic cafeteria accident when he stabbed himself with his own ... FARK? What the hell?"
2002-11-01 02:48:05 PM  
All your fark are belong to us.

Someone set us up a fark.
2002-11-01 02:48:10 PM  
We have all been visiting a website about wooden forks? How on earth have I been decieved for so long?
2002-11-01 02:48:16 PM  
All your fark are belong to us.
2002-11-01 02:48:46 PM  
2002-11-01 02:50:05 PM  
Hey, I'm no Drew Curtis, i couldn't handle my own FARK
2002-11-01 02:50:11 PM  
Fark is made by wood? I thought fark is made by magic interweb pixies!
2002-11-01 02:52:17 PM  
Hey, soldia boy, me farky farky you looong time!

Me so horny, me love you loooong time!
2002-11-01 02:53:09 PM  
* All finished products pass QC and non-poisonous, odorless & non-polluting proved.

Thank god. I'll never live down the time I accdentally bought lethal, stinky, polluted cutlery.
2002-11-01 02:53:14 PM  
Well I'm glad they're odorless and non-polluting, unlike most FARKs nowaday.
2002-11-01 02:54:33 PM  
If you turn them upside down, the clothes come off the lady on the handle.
2002-11-01 02:55:12 PM  
Anybody want to go halfsies?
2002-11-01 02:55:51 PM  
Thanks songfemme, I was rather proud.
2002-11-01 02:56:11 PM  
My Fark is hard. And Wood. Hard Wood. My Fark is also long, and twice as big as the average Fark.

You're dumb if you don't know what to do with your Fark.

Death by Farking.

The Farking Fark is bent. The Fark is mostly a handle, with a surprise at the end.
2002-11-01 02:56:38 PM  
Finest farks I even seen!
2002-11-01 02:56:43 PM  
Screw the farks, check out these bad boys.

Door to door gynecology, "At your Cervix!"
2002-11-01 02:57:54 PM  
Number 208 looks like a spork, I mean a Spark!!!
2002-11-01 02:59:08 PM  
Can Farking make you fat?

You use two Farks to toss your salad.
2002-11-01 02:59:34 PM  
Sometimes wood is made by FARK.
2002-11-01 02:59:55 PM  
Irascible: Screw the farks, check out these bad boys

Selling wooden far...er, forks and wooden cervical scrapers on the same site just ain't right.
2002-11-01 03:03:48 PM  
"Papper Mill and Shaker"
Are also available.

Stop playing with your fark before you poke your sister in the eye, and eat your dinner.

Why in God's name is all my farks outside in the dirt.

salad farks, dinner farks, shrimp farks.
2002-11-01 03:04:13 PM  
can i order a long fark? would it be free, because i don't pay to fark.
2002-11-01 03:04:32 PM  
boy, when they mean all products they mean all products.
2002-11-01 03:04:58 PM  

What the hell?

The "A" is for Attack.
2002-11-01 03:05:18 PM  
Screw these regular Farks. Where do you buy the TotalFarks?
2002-11-01 03:06:39 PM  
New banner: It's not the farks you eat with its Fark.com
2002-11-01 03:07:08 PM  
"There is no Fark."

...or should i say Spaan?

Anyway...yeah I'm surprised that farks are made by wood...I didn't know that wood could be animate.
2002-11-01 03:08:09 PM  
Another Fark in the road.
2002-11-01 03:08:44 PM  
Those look vaguely familiar...
2002-11-01 03:14:42 PM  
Ive fashioned my fark into a weapon.
2002-11-01 03:15:02 PM  
Then again there is this.

WTF is wrong with the Chineese? Sanitary Napkins were made for a reason.

Things that make you go ick.
2002-11-01 03:17:38 PM  
Jiah Chiiang: Julia Child's long lost Asian half-sister.
2002-11-01 03:17:46 PM  
2002-11-01 03:19:29 PM  
2002-11-01 03:21:02 PM  
Speak [image from sao5633.tripod.com too old to be available] mutherfarker!
2002-11-01 03:22:51 PM  
From Irascible link:

Ultra Fresh Anti-Germ Panty:
1.Lace V-shape design.
2.Comfortable underclothing.
3.Super-microfiber elastic fabric: light and soft; air passes through easily.
4.Ultra-Fresh anti-germ underpants: very effective.
5.In case of monthly periods, users don't need napkins.
(What the fark?)

Does that mean the ones I just bought are full of germs?
2002-11-01 03:25:18 PM  
Add leather straps and its a farkin toy.
2002-11-01 03:26:11 PM  

when i get married, i'm definitely registering for some nice farks.
2002-11-01 03:26:38 PM  
Description of the company that makes the ultra fresh panties:

We are the biggest supplier of the liquid sac for the water bra in the world, as well as its maintaining on the high quality in appreciation.
As the original manufacturer of the water bra, we are proud to present you our professional R&D Center since 1993, it is our main goal to ensure the quality strictly and to utilize the usages in materials to meet the requirements of MSDS.
For the liquid sac, our sac pads certainly are accorded with those various testifications for the reports of SGS and ITS, along with the patents licensed from several countries, and also with ozone-free guaranteed.
In order to develop the superior quality for the water bra, our outstanding technology has created a liquid perfume inside a sac pad. The perfume lasts at least a period of one year even after the numerous washings, and that has brought our water bra a big lit among our clients for the brassiere accessories.
2002-11-01 03:29:09 PM  
I bet this is the most popular wooden utensil site on the web today.

Kylie: It's definately Happy Hour time. Unfortunately, I have to work for another two-and-a-half hours...
2002-11-01 03:36:21 PM  
Why are we so quick to assume they're Chinese? I bet they are asshats from St. Louis.
2002-11-01 03:36:36 PM  
"Minimum Order: 4,800" Holy shiznat!
2002-11-01 03:38:20 PM  
It's like looking in a mirror!
2002-11-01 03:39:26 PM  
Mountain: You're Lucky, I'm two more time zones over. Only 3 hours left til Alaskan Amber and Absolut tho'.
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