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(ESPN)   Falcons quarterback fined for wearing red socks   ( divider line
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2002-11-01 01:53:54 PM  
Let him wear them! That means they'll lose!!!
2002-11-01 01:53:56 PM  
The only thing stupider than this is that he was fined for wearing red undersocks, and let his white socks slip down too far. Shouldn't NFLers be more concerned with passing the damn ball?
2002-11-01 01:54:11 PM  
oooh....but such pretty socks they were.
2002-11-01 01:55:31 PM  
They better not try that in Boston!!!!
2002-11-01 01:55:56 PM  
The should have a casual Sunday in the NFL.
2002-11-01 01:56:07 PM  
In other news, children around the world are starving
2002-11-01 01:57:52 PM  
Well, he hasn't had his shirt tucked in all season. The NFL is all anal like that.
2002-11-01 01:59:38 PM  
Apparently one of the commissioner's nieces needed braces. Good thing they are cracking down on these high crimes.
2002-11-01 02:00:22 PM  
"They got me,'' Vick said. "I can't believe it.''

yeah, it was pretty slick of those guys TO WATCH THE GAME!!
2002-11-01 02:04:21 PM  
Back in high school, girls used to be disqualified from cross country and track races because of BRA COLOR. On a relay team, all the runners had to be wearing the exact same thing - tights, hats, SAME BRA COLOR. I once saw girl disqualified on the basis of her SCRUNCHIE COLOR. Ridiculous. Oh, and you weren't allowed to wear gloves in a relay because it gave an "advantage" in holding the baton. Buncha stupid rules.
2002-11-01 02:05:51 PM  
That's why they call it a UNIFORM.
2002-11-01 02:05:53 PM  
Freakin' NFL. Mike Vick is the most exciting player in the league right now, they should let the guy wear whatever he wants.
2002-11-01 02:08:34 PM  
Maybe you could have protested and worn no bras CcSteff, just an observation that we all would have liked to have observed.
2002-11-01 02:10:19 PM  
Welcome to the No Fun League.
2002-11-01 02:10:29 PM  
Best non-political use of the Asinine tag ever.
2002-11-01 02:11:34 PM  
I can see it now, Vick will become the target of the NFL, just like Jordan with the NBA. Are those new Air Jordans, well you didn't report them $25,000 fine, or Pedro Martinez having to wear a different glove because the one he has on has red lacing in it. Just let them play the damn game and stop being so anal about everything!
2002-11-01 02:14:24 PM  
PILOT: (Over radio) We're commencing final approach.
MARV: Any clue as to his mood today?
PILOT: I'm sorry, I can't get a sense of his mood.
MARV: Sock color?
PILOT: Red Socks.
MARV: (Shouting down to a man at the bottom of the stairs) Red Socks, red socks!
PANICKY ASSISTANT: Red socks... (to himself)
--Cut to hallway leading up to elevator.--
PANICKY ASSISTANT: Red socks, red socks!
--People scurry. Some begin to roll up the blue carpet. Others bring out the red carpet and begin to unroll it.--
PANICKY ASSISTANT: Red socks! Okay, uh, le, let's keep going, yes, let's work together... (Elevator indicator is coming down from top) Keep going, that's very very good, c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon...
2002-11-01 02:19:43 PM  
Wow, is the NFL losing money or something??? They're fining people for the most ridiculous things... If they wanted to reap massive benefits, the NFL should just fine the Bengals for being god-awful.
2002-11-01 02:20:29 PM  
Should have had a pen in them, like Terril Owens....
2002-11-01 02:21:29 PM  
Nice Braincandy reference.
2002-11-01 02:22:33 PM  
not asinine at all.
the rule is there to prevent all the advertising and to
help owners enforce how the team presents itself.

turn the argument from "he's the most exciting player, let him wear whatever he wants" to "he's the most exciting player, why is he so worried about wearing red socks?"
2002-11-01 02:28:05 PM  
Stebain A lot of athletes are superstitious. Perhaps they were his lucky red socks that he's worn since college or something. I understand the desire to prevent advertising, but come on. That's ridiculous. Recockulous, even.

And shouldn't an athlete be able to wear whatever they're comfortable with (within reason of course)? I got into an argument with a starter who wanted to disqualify me for not wearing socks, even though I absolutely cannot stand running in socks. If it's not hurting anyone else, who cares?
2002-11-01 02:28:10 PM  
NFL players make Millions a year. They are also told repeatedly that they must wear their UNIFORM exactly as it was submitted in the begining of the year. The NFL signs their check and has a right to require that they follow the dress code to a "T". If the players don't like it they are free to quit and do something else.

5 grand is not a lot of money to any of those guys and they don't seem to be too upset about it.

If someone wanted to pay me 5 mil a year to do what I like doing anyway and then fined me 5 grand for letting my socks fall down my response would be: "I better figure out how to keep these socks up."

Some of these guys realize that they are very lucky individuals and I suspect Vick is one of them.
2002-11-01 02:37:22 PM  
Jefferson was guilty of wearing the wrong color shoes. Teams must designate their color before the season, and the Falcons chose white. Jefferson has been wearing black shoes covered with white tape.

NFL = Shoes covered in tape.

2002-11-01 02:49:55 PM  
She said "Recockulous" heh heh.
Is it the weekend yet?
2002-11-01 02:54:36 PM  
UNIFORM. Conforming to one principle, standard, or rule. Consistent with others.

Rather than a standard amount (i.e. $5,000) the NFL should fine players based on a percentage of their salary for ANY rules broken.

That'll teach 'em.
2002-11-01 02:59:08 PM  
i'd fine him just because the socks are stoopid looking..
2002-11-01 03:10:26 PM  
While we're on the subject of NFL fines - The fine on the Cowboy's Darren Woodsen for the ENTIRELY FAIR AND LEGAL tackle was entirely unwarranted and recockulous. They fined him SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS for a fair and legal tackle. I mean God damnit, do they want to play 2 hand touch or some shiat. Seriously. The video CLEARLY shows there was no helmet to helmet contact. Football is a violent sport played by modern day Goliaths. Unfortunately, people get hurt, that's why you make the big bucks.

Didn't mean to go off on a rant there.
2002-11-01 03:18:54 PM  
Havent you heard? You must have missed the memo...The NFL is turning what once was a great sport into a bunch of whiny ass pussies playing like they were in their mom's back yard.
2002-11-01 03:27:29 PM  
Lizardking: nope, in my mom's back yard we play tackle ball. This is worse than that.
2002-11-01 03:32:37 PM  
You know, the NFL is Asinine like that.

While the rest of us are watching the games, the NFL is looking for things like this. Who cares? I'm sure everyone watching the game didn't care or notice.
2002-11-01 03:40:34 PM  
That dude from SD that put the lick on Rice received a suspension [iirc]. Rice was ok, the hit was legal. That is asinine too.

And football had this rule in a long time ago. Why change it because of a new breed of gangsta-wannabe's?

Listening to David Fulcher talking about Chad Johnson of the Bengals and every week he is having to make him use the regulation stuff.
2002-11-01 03:42:02 PM  
Just one more reason that college football beats the NFL any day

But then again, the NFL doesn't have a retarded BCS poll.
2002-11-01 03:42:35 PM  
they should have fined him more. he's one of those kind of players who thinks he can do anything he pleases on or off the field, i.e. drugs, running traffic cops over, etc.

bet he's a democrat too - they don't believe in following rules either.
2002-11-01 03:50:59 PM  
Yeah, first red socks, next he'll be killing babies in the endzone.
2002-11-01 04:52:52 PM  
Woodsen's tackle was NOT a legal tackle. You can not hit people with your helmet, even if you don't hit them in their helmet. Brian Dawkins was fined 50,000 for hitting Hilliard in the chest with his helmet. When players hit head first, they increase the chance to injure their opponent and themselves. This is exactly what happened with Dawkins and Hilliard. Hilliard is out for the season, and Dawkins is questionable this week with an injured neck. Who would want to watch a league decimated with injuries and have to watch a bunch of scrubs playing because you allow this type of hit?
2002-11-01 05:11:43 PM  
Any rule that causes a Bronco to be suspended is a good rule.
2002-11-01 05:18:49 PM  
ike ick is NOT the most exciting player in the league. hat's exciting about watching an inept passer get flustered for three second in the pocket, pull it down and jog for 10 yards? What's excitihg about his drive wrecking over throws? What's exciting about a mediocre offense led by a young QB? I admit, he will probably be great someday, but not now. Give Favre credit. He is the most exciting player in ALL of sports, and has been for years. He can win a game by himself, and make others look great. And let me just say this, Vick does NOT have the arm of Favre.
2002-11-01 05:56:45 PM  

Vick will be the best qb in the NFL and football's answer to Michael Jordan.
2002-11-01 06:21:34 PM  
True, Vick is amazing. He's like tackling water and throws a dart.
False, he will be football's Michael Jordan.
Michael never had a 255 lb linebacker spearing him in the head.
Vick will have his day when he zigged instead of zagged.
Concussions will turn his brain "into a medicinal jelly."
He won't last long enough to be truly great.
2002-11-01 06:42:42 PM  
Total Lame Arse thing to do. Fines are stupid, fining players for stupid things like this are knit picky lame rod things peoople with no real job that has any meaning do cause they can't play or do anything that matters.
2002-11-01 09:03:25 PM  
Why won't the mods post my link to the article about ESPN's The Sports Guy taking a job with the Jimmy Kimmel show?
2002-11-01 11:32:02 PM  
The NFL's policy is very clear, and it's posted in the locker room of every team--complete with an illustration of a player wearing his uniform properly. I think it's great that the league disciplines their players over seemingly frivolous offenses. No matter who you are, you've got to wear your socks properly!

Anyone who thinks Vick will be the NFL's answer to Michael Jordan, say hello to Donovan McNabb. He's much more exciting to watch, and a better QB. But Favre is really better than both those guys, anyway!
2002-11-02 03:13:45 AM  
yo mamma's asinine!
2002-11-02 05:27:57 PM  
2002-11-02 08:45:35 PM  
2002-11-03 12:05:11 AM  
adolf hitler fined for wearing jew skin jacket
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