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98 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Oct 2002 at 8:35 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-30 08:37:32 AM  
2002-10-30 08:38:24 AM  
2002-10-30 08:39:44 AM  
Move along now, nothing to see here.
2002-10-30 08:40:39 AM  
Trick or Treaters frighten French Military. Immediate surrender issued.
2002-10-30 08:42:09 AM  

Good point. . . .Who cares?
2002-10-30 08:42:29 AM  
How difficult is it?

I mean if we can understand Norwegian holidays know....that or traditions like....ummm.....that...thing they do...oh never mind.
2002-10-30 08:43:48 AM  
...besides, it's farking cold outside up there.
2002-10-30 08:46:41 AM  
Of course they understand, they go on a rampage until the middle of November, isn't that right?
2002-10-30 08:57:44 AM  
Er det rart jeg drikker?
2002-10-30 08:59:05 AM  
I was stationed in Germany for about 4 years, and would love it if Fasching (sp?) took off in the US. Basically, it's a month long (December-January I believe) Halloween party that pretty much just focuses on the adults. People go to clubs dressed up in costumes, and overall it's farking great.

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, so as long as we're swapping holidays with the Europeans how about if they throw Fasching our way?
2002-10-30 09:03:06 AM  
Whadda they got brain-freeze from living up in the cold?
2002-10-30 09:25:30 AM  
Big deal..

and I say good!

Chances are the holiday was only brought in to try to make money off it. At least that is what the Danes told me, when I was in Denmark during Halloween last year, as far as why they celebrate it

Now when they start celebrating Thanksgiving I will be pissed.
2002-10-30 09:27:46 AM  
Nei, nok en god grunn.
2002-10-30 09:49:50 AM  
You mean the Norwegians are on to that idea that "everything is about making money?" I guess the American plot to take over the world is in trouble in Norway.
2002-10-30 09:56:54 AM  
...and this didn't get and Obvious tag because...?
2002-10-30 09:59:26 AM  
How can the country that brings us the bulk of violent, satanic, facepaint-and-costume-wearing black metal not understand Halloween?

I don't understand Norway.
2002-10-30 10:06:59 AM  
That is exactly it - they think it is supposed to be terrifying and violent. Local Americans are saying it is cute and candy filled.
2002-10-30 10:15:57 AM  
Norwegian women.

'Nuff said.
2002-10-30 10:16:24 AM  
Why dont we just ban everything that offends everyone. Eating offends me, I would like everyone to stop eating.. It is a gross disgusting thing in where people toss nasty things into their mouths, causing crumbs, and nasty food stench all over the place.

While we are at it, I dont want anybody to go to the bathroom, because it stinks and bodily fluids are gross.

Also, lets get rid of speech altogether because some of the things people say offend me, and we cant have that.

The world is turning into a big stupid stupid place.
2002-10-30 11:43:57 AM  
It *is* true, however, that in the last decade or so Halloween costumes have turned from spooky to grotesque. I kinda miss the traditional garb of Halloween. I prefer a simple sheet for a ghost to some elaborate $300 mask of a deformed midget with an axe through his brain.
2002-10-30 12:28:30 PM  
Bomb Norway now!
2002-10-30 02:24:02 PM  
Whats with the people needing to understand halloween is only on the 31st. I'm an American and I'm pretty sure I have been at a halloween party every day this week. A few last week too. Basically halloween extends from october 1st through thanksgiving. Or at least as long as my hair will stay in these spikes without my reapplying any product. I am at three days now (with minor repairs after sleeping.) I would say they are about 4-6 inch spikes.
2002-10-30 06:13:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

They understand trolls, but don't understand Halloween?
2002-10-30 07:03:24 PM  
As someone who has no love for Halloween, what the hell is being whined about here? Either accept the holiday or reject is, watering it down misses the point. This isn't a holiday for sexy costumes and stupid children, it's for fright and possibly candy (although never violence).
2002-10-30 07:49:36 PM  
not for kids older than ten or eleven? Oh, Puh-leeeze. in
our neighborhood, we did it up 'til fifteen or so. it was
great fun, nobody got hurt, though most people came home
thoroughly egged, thanks to the war-wagons coming thru
the neighborhood every ten minutes or so. this holiday used
to be so much more fun than it is now, I mean, what's a kid
supposed to do with all those m-80's and shaving cream?
put 'em on the christmas tree?
2002-10-30 08:33:32 PM  
Speaking of shaving cream, does anyone know the lyrics to the shaving cream song? Someone posted them once but I was to lazy to copy and paste. something along the lines of

shaving cream, shaving cream
something, something,
something clean.

I dunno. Call me french because I surrender.
2002-10-30 10:35:32 PM  
The "trick or treat" tradition, going from door to door and "threatening" pranks if you don't get candy, is really cute and charming. It has nothing to do with frightening people out of their wits or vandalism," Daviknes explains.

Sounds like the Norwiegans understand it perfectly. It's some American ex-pats who don't have a clue.
2002-10-31 02:46:18 AM  
I thought this was the Sweeds .......

Their are just as stupid.
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