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(IMDB)   Farker ProducedBy is having a "worst movie ever" party. Looking for suggestions. Link goes to an obvious choice   ( divider line
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2002-10-29 01:26:46 PM  
battlefield earth
mission to mars
2002-10-29 01:26:46 PM  
The first thing that comes to my mind is Tim Burton's Sucky Planet of the Apes.
2002-10-29 01:27:25 PM  
"Can't Stop the Music". It's the autobiography of the Village People and features Steve Guttenberg as a roller disco quee ... er, king. The horror of this film is beyond description. It is one of the most painful things I ever had to endure. Just a lousy film, makes "Plan 9" seem like genius.
2002-10-29 01:28:14 PM  
oh yeah and zardoz. whoa, what a movie.
2002-10-29 01:31:33 PM  
No contest; Manos: The Hands of Fate. Get the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 version, if you can; that's about the only way that this movie can be safely watched.

And Nemesis 4. You can't go wrong with golf-ball-in-navel "sex". (No, it's not porn.)
2002-10-29 01:35:26 PM  
Two words

2002-10-29 02:08:55 PM  
I'm with BatChild on "Battlefield Earth" but have to disagree on Mission To Mars.

The Stupids
The Haunting
Fifth Element
2002-10-29 02:14:35 PM  
Had a couple preloaded on picturestage for this thread:
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2002-10-29 02:15:47 PM  
I thought Something about Mary sucked hard.
2002-10-29 02:24:40 PM  
I would recommend doing a Shaq double feature.
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]

(incidentally, Shaq has producer credits on both masterpieces. so he is FULLY to blame)
2002-10-29 02:28:59 PM  
Two words:

Body Waves
2002-10-29 02:39:32 PM  
Uh, Ash216, while checking out Ice Pirates on IMDB, I noticed that the same director also did Mannequin 2... and um, Mac and Me.
2002-10-29 02:40:34 PM  
Sorry, "Fifth Element" is a classic, "I come in Peace" is a slock classic.

What stinks? That horrible Bill Cosby film Leonard Part 6 and that other bit of crap, MeteorMan. Last Action Hero is painful too.

"Fried Green Tomatoes" and "Beachs" will fill the bill as well.
2002-10-29 02:42:47 PM  
How about Mr. Accident, starring and written by Yahoo Serious. He actually got money to make two movies after Young Einstein.
2002-10-29 02:48:22 PM  
Laserblast. 1978
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-29 02:50:17 PM  
Watch it RepoMan, Ice Pirates is a classic. Next you'll be telling me that Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn is a bad movie(directed by Charles Band, also responsible for such gems as Trancers, Trancers II, the Dungeonmaster and Parasite).
2002-10-29 02:52:43 PM  
Oops, fergot the link...

Here it is

I was 8 when this came out, and I thought it sucked THEN.

I can't even visualize sitting thru it now...
2002-10-29 02:58:27 PM  
Ice Pirates was a great film but if any of you have not seen the one I've mentioned above I can tell you this without spoiling it:
It has Frank Burns sniffing coke in a pool and telling a girl "Take off your clothes and getindawater".

R.I.P. Larry Linville.
2002-10-29 02:58:30 PM  
hmm...just how many Farkers have had the pleasure of sitting through The Loch Ness Horror? Where else can one watch grown men and woman running in horror, and being attacked by a pool toy? If you want truly bad, this is it.
2002-10-29 03:01:42 PM  
I would also suggest the possibility of a Patrick Swayze marathon:

Steel Dawn
Road House
Next of Kin
Point Break
2002-10-29 03:05:21 PM  
Ash you forgot:

2002-10-29 03:05:57 PM  
Weekend at Bernie's Part 2.

European Vacation.

Coneheads (and any movie made as a spin-off of a SNL skit)

Caddyshack 2 (look for Chyna Phillips as the rich-biatch country club snob)

28 days (Sandra Bullock borish in rehab)
2002-10-29 03:15:40 PM  
Hehehe, Body Waves sounds pretty bad from the synopsis.

That Swayze marathon would make you sterile.

How about Collision Course with Jay Leno and Pat Morita. Directed by the guy who did the Rutger Hauer/Mimi Rogers masterpiece Wedlock.
2002-10-29 03:19:32 PM  
I'd like to nominate a really bad '50s SciFi delight, "From Hell It Came" featuring a walking tree for a monster. Here's a site with the poster.

That site (chop off the end of the link back to "cinema") is a wonderful resource for movie posters for those photoshop projects that call for one but the site is French and some of the posters are in French.

If hot linking works, here's a picture from the film.
[image from too old to be available]
They're looking at a skull-handled knife in the Tabanga's (tree monster) chest but from her expression you might think it's something else.
2002-10-29 03:21:17 PM  
My first two choices would be the classic Golden Turkeys Plan Nine From Outer Space and They Saved Hitler's Brain.
And Ice Pirates was definitely a classic.
Another amusing movie is The Terror of of Tiny Town - gotta love an average all-midget western.
2002-10-29 03:38:21 PM  
Bad movie = Santa with Muscles starring Hulk Hogan... so unbelievably bad.
2002-10-29 03:48:21 PM  
Speaking from experience (I'm an extra in this one): Shattered Dead.

Homosexual sex with angels, zombies and a lead actress who apparently is zoned out on heroin.

You can find it on IMDB.
2002-10-29 03:52:53 PM  
Feh. Make that Shatter Dead (not Shattered).
2002-10-29 03:53:49 PM  
How about The Thing with Two Headswhere a bigot gets his head transplanted onto the body of Rosey Grier.
2002-10-29 03:57:01 PM  
This is the original list of golden turkeys from 1978.
2002-10-29 04:18:14 PM  
Ishtar (obvious)
Anything with Van Damme
Meet the Parents
2002-10-29 04:30:36 PM  

[not the television show, the one with Kris Kristofferson and Cheryl Ladd]
2002-10-29 04:47:10 PM  
Taking the sex angle. (sorry, that's just what's always on my mind)

Flesh Gordon

[image from too old to be available]
Fritz the Cat

Anything with William George Zane, Jr.

2002-10-29 04:53:38 PM  
Sorry, it tossed my link to Flesh's box:

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available] Craig T. Nelson had a part in the movie.

2002-10-29 05:39:40 PM  
2002-10-29 07:05:59 PM  
This one is so bad IMDb didn't even have a poster:
"Tag: The Assassination Game"

And "The Reanimator" was so bad IMDb doesn't even have a listing.

If you want camp, go with this one, in the same vein as "Night of the Living Dead":
"Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things" (hope the photo link works)
[image from too old to be available]

Description: Six friends dig up a corpse named Orville. They use it in a satanic ritual to make the dead rise from their graves. Look out!!!

I mean, can you beat that?!?!
2002-10-30 12:58:48 AM  
I second SpaceButler's Manos Hands of Fate
2002-10-30 02:23:33 AM  
Uhm.... Yeah....

I don't really have anything else to say.... Its just really really bad...

2002-10-30 04:27:33 AM  
Monster Dog starring Alice Cooper
2002-10-30 06:16:23 AM  
Arrival II

But I gotta say I LIKED Planet of the Apes. Probably the only one who did. Also liked Battlefield Earth. So... am I lame or what?
2002-10-30 06:26:32 AM  
Hmm lets see, I know, lets beat the alien invaders using 1000 year old military equipment we know nothing about, that apparently still has fuel in it.

Battlefield Earth <------ Worst Movie ever
2002-10-30 06:27:05 AM  
Yor: The Hunter From The Future

It's so bad, you have to love it.
2002-10-30 06:27:35 AM  
Oh my gosh, someone else here has seen From Hell It Came. :0 My brother and I watched that during an old sc-fi fest that was on TNT over Christmas in 1993. That particular week of TNT also introduced me to Plan 9 From Outer Space. I would love to get From Hell It Came on DVD, just because it is so AWFUL it is hilarious; I want to torture my husband with it. I only saw the movie the one time in 1993, though... *sigh*

Random note: I wanted the tree to kill the stupid Americans scientists, darnit. :(
2002-10-30 06:29:09 AM  
What? Did nobody think that Dungeons & Dragons was a terrible movie?

About the only movie I ever went to that made me laugh so hard when it was trying to be so serious.
2002-10-30 06:30:53 AM  
Too bad Star Wars Ep 2 isn't out yet. That is a sure fire 'miss'.

Or maybe The Pledge, if you want to be board to tears.
2002-10-30 06:31:40 AM  
"Absolute Beginners"
"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (spare me your flames, I know some people love it)
2002-10-30 06:32:25 AM  
Star Trek 5, the one where the find GOD.
Howard the Duck
2002-10-30 06:34:14 AM  
most of the movies posted here are pretty bad, but they're all tolerable at least. if you really want a bad bad bad movie (so bad, it's the only movie i've ever seen people actually walk out of and demand refunds for (no joke)). check out (or don't) "eye of the beholder" with ewen mcgregor and ashley judd. this movie will truly cause you pain to watch. but be warned - if you do decide to watch it, and you want to turn it off because you think it might get better, turn it off anyway, because it doesn't. hope this helps.
2002-10-30 06:34:30 AM  
Warlock II : The Armageddon.

In which druids fight Satan (yes, apparently they do believe in him in this film) and every horror-movie cliche is performed to imperfection. Nothing like the first film, which was fun.
2002-10-30 06:36:33 AM  
1) The Jackal - Bruce Willis in a succession of stupid wigs and moustaches, Richard Gere playing a waxy faced talentless twat with the most ridiculous Irish accent since my friend Rob's Punjabi-sounding efforts, the lamest plot since Invasion Of The Saucer Men, and the idea that a highly successful pro-assassin would make a massive mistake every time he breathes out enabling aforementioned leprechaunian wanker to catch him.

2) Anything with Richard Gere in. Anything. At all. Yes, even that one. How someone so devoid of acting ability and looks became so succesful I'll never know. He makes Arnie look like a character actor to match Kevin Spacey and Sly like a Shakespearian orator. He even almost manages to make Bruce Willis look good in The Jackal.

But not quite.

A vote for me is striking a blow for gerbils everywhere!
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