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(Independent)   US army runs out of buglers. Coming soon: techno taps   ( divider line
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93 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Oct 2002 at 10:14 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-29 11:14:50 AM  
"Mother, your humming in no way corresponds to my fingering."
2002-10-29 11:31:47 AM  
Out of bugle players to play Taps... hmm... I smell a 'get rich quick' scheme!
2002-10-29 11:34:31 AM  
I think I'd have to actually hear this "digital bugle" before forming an opinion, although I am leary of it.
Recordings are an insult.
2002-10-29 11:35:31 AM  
Out of curiousity, has Neil Bush formed a company that makes electronic bugles?

(I couldn't help myself after reading Xieflow's comment).

2002-10-29 11:46:55 AM  
Techno taps?
"The system is down. The system is down."

/lame Strongbad reference
2002-10-29 11:49:28 AM  

lol, wasn't what I was getting at, but still pretty funny ;)

I had the idea of recruiting and training a large army of bugle players... and renting them out to funerals, MUA HA HA

or, just learning how to play 'Taps' on the bugle myself, and going to funnerals playing for lots of $$$
2002-10-29 11:57:44 AM  
I am out of buglers too. Need to roll up some more.
2002-10-29 12:01:53 PM  
If you get the privledge and honor of being burined at Arlingto National Cemetary, you get FULL Military Honors.

no boom boxes, or other shiat.

Every Military Post is required to have an honor guard for burial detail. Don't know about each of them having a band, but what the F|uck is wrong with having some soldiers who know taps on standby?

The problem with this decision NOT to spend the money for funerals with FULL MILITARY HONORS is that the peole who make these decisions already know they are going to be buried at Arlington, or are not eligible for burial with FMH.

If anyone has a loved one who dies and is faced with having no honor guard, or a boom box taps, call your local chapter of VFW or American Legion. I heard they may be able to help.
2002-10-29 12:03:12 PM  
I want the bugler to play Herbie Hancock's "Rockit" on the electro-bugle.
2002-10-29 12:33:01 PM  
This sounds like a job for THE SAXOPHONE!!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-29 12:37:29 PM  
Seriously, though: Taps really *shouldn't* be that hard for anyone to learn, being that the notes for Taps are the only nots that a bugle will play. Go ahead, try to play a bugle sometime. It's almost impossible NOT to play Taps. And I majored in classical trumpet performance for a year, so I can say this with some authority.

This is just
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2002-10-29 12:41:39 PM  
Went to a funeral last year at the Houston National Cemetary (this would be the one run by the Federal Govt.). There was a small, open air chapel area where we gathered. It came time for Taps and they guy from the funeral home went over to the wall and pushed a button and out the music came from concealed speakers.
I've gotta give the old guys at the VFW in Mt. Carmel IL credit. At my grandfather's funeral 10 yrs ago, they were there stuffed into their too-tight uni's, but they sure as hell had a live body to blow Taps.
2002-10-29 01:02:02 PM  
As a working musician, this is sad, sad, sad on so many levels. But it serves 'em right. This is what the government gets when they cut music out of the schools.
2002-10-29 01:13:35 PM  
Too bad these bugles will soon be illegal.
2002-10-29 05:11:47 PM  
Related article?
[image from too old to be available]
Cross-post, I know, but I couldn't help myself.
2002-10-29 05:46:20 PM  
Ok the whole point behind Taps and the Revielle were them to be EASY songs to play.. The bugle is a very easy istrument as well. The military planned it that way so they wouldn't have to do much training for people to play the bugle....
stupid, totally stupid...
2002-10-29 08:00:23 PM  
This is going to be the new Marines ad.
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